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Venezuelan iwbtg player.
Sorry if my english is bad, i also suck at reviews.

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6 Reviews

For: I wanna be the Corrupt Game
best game

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 17, 2017
For: I don't wanna download this game
I've already won Kappa

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Rating: 0.1 1       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 15, 2017
For: I wanna break the White world
Nice adventure game with 3 stages. The traps are pretty amazing, some of them being pretty funny.
There's also bosses after each stage, the first one is the hardest in the game, while the last one is the contrary.
The stages are pretty nice, stage 2 was by far my favourite. It also uses a nice gimmick where you can shoot at cherrys.
The music is pretty nice, i actually liked most the stage 3 one.

But this game is not perfect, it also has some bugs.
The block traps can get stuck due to kid's blood and the walljump at stage 1 don't work sometimes.

But that don't ruin the game, it's still nice. I'd really recommend.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 33 33
Nov 6, 2017
For: I wanna be piece of the game ver.Easy
Decent fangame. It starts with a hub with 3 stages, then after you beat it you unlock the last one, traps are bad, some of them being funny and nice, but the rest is just bad.
Most of the bosses are bad or pretty simple.
But the stages aren't so bad, they're good, i also like the save effect.

First stage is a fanmade of a game called "Heart Star", platforming is kinda nice, altrough some traps just ruin it.
There are a mid-boss that is a gun...i guess. The boss it's just bad and most of the attacks are RNG. The boss is Kracko, but it's pretty bad. Even the thunder sound is too loud that makes it worse.

Second stage is a Assaulted-themed stage, and it's not bad, it's actually good and the best thing of the game. I like most of the traps (mostly the penalty room ones, altrough it can get a little annoying). There's also a second section that it's actually nice, there's also not penalty rooms anymore.
Mid-boss it's a copy of "I wanna exit from here" last boss, it's somewhat bad and it uses a megaman background that makes it a bit worse.
The boss is not only a boss, it's like 3 bosses in one. (?
The first one is umaru, a joke one. If you shoot at him it dies instantly. The "Not Item" trap was funny, though.
The second one is a avoidance, it's somewhat good, the music is nice. Some of the attacks are RNG, there's also one that can get annoying. It finishes with a troll that if you die there, you'll have to do the avoidance again.
The third one has two phases:
The first one is a girl toy...? It's pretty easy, with a music that makes it look like a joke boss.
The second one is pretty nice but you can get stuck in blocks, that makes you to instantly die depending to the attack. Some of the attacks are not bad, but some of them are RNG.

Third stage is, as readme says, a "original stage". The music is great, but the traps could have been better, some of them are bad.
There's only a boss, it's actually good, and is a girl. The attacks are also great, some of them being rng but the rest is good.

Last stage it's divided in 3 segments.
First one is a fanmade of "I wanna be the Boshy"'s last stage, and maybe the worst part of the game. The traps are way too annoying and most of them are bad. There's also one that it's PRETTY loud, so i recommend you to turn the volume down.
Second one is a Bad Apple themed one and it's not bad. It's cool and it doesn't have too many traps, almost none. It also haves a boss that it's great. The attacks are not bad(almost).
Third one is a fanmade of the last tower of "I wanna be the Boshy"(yes, that game again), while pacman is chasing you. There are also traps, some of them being annoying as i said.
The last boss is bad, the attacks are not good and some of them being RNG, but the intro was nice.

There's also extra content, like secret items, the boss rush and a extra avoidance.

The secret items are hidden(Obviously, who wouldn't know?), and there are in rooms that are the same rooms but they are buffed. The third and last stage don't have secrets too.
The boss rush are all the bosses(almost, the last boss wasn't there) in a harder version, it auto saves after every boss too.
The extra avoidance room starts with a platforming room that it's kinda bad and uses the same visuals and music of the second stage. There's also a mid-boss that it's just so annoying, because if you die there, you'll be sent to a penalty room, so i recommend you to use autofire.
Then it comes the avoidance. It's good but most of the attacks are pretty hard to avoid, they are well made, but others are bad. It also uses a good music, and the visuals are not bad.

There were good and bad parts, that makes it hard to think if this game is good or bad. I enjoyed it, altrough the difficulty is somewhat hard, and it's the easy mode so i don't want to think about the original one. It's not bad anyway, i'd recommend.

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Rating: 4.8 48       Difficulty: 50 50
Nov 6, 2017
For: I wanna get the Shooting Star(共同開発)
It's great, except for the horror stage.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 37 37
Oct 21, 2017
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