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IWBTG fangames player and creator.

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32 Reviews

For: I wanna KeyPick 100
Interesting puzzle game where the main thing is getting keys to open the doors, similar to the stage7 of Gaze at the Horizon(and for a good reason, since this is made by the same maker).
There are gimmicks involved when you go further, all of those being pretty interesting and somewhat creative.
About the difficulty it's easy when you begin, it gets hard when you get to 60, and insane when you get to 80-90. Not so hard as Gaze at the Horizon was, but still hard.
Something that hands this game down is that the rooms are mostly repetitive, sometimes using the same design as already used before, and can get so boring, since it does that more than 3 times, the "walking back" screen being usually the thing i have seen the most in this game.
There's also a boss at the end, which is pretty easy compared to the rest of the game.
And there's also an extra, though definitely not worth playing since it's just the same annoying concept as Gaze the Horizon did.

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Tagged as: Boss 100_Floor Puzzle
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Rating: 6.3 63       Difficulty: 56 56
Nov 27, 2018
For: I wanna have fun in 2018
updated http://www.mediafire.com/file/yj74ddy7yhyjzge/I_wanna_have_fun_in_2018_%257E%257E_ver1.2.zip/file

Added more screens and traps. If you already played it before it's recommended to play again.
Btw some of the visuals got changed, so some of the screenshots wouldn't match the actual version of the game.

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Tagged as: Trap Gimmick Boss
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 23, 2018
For: I wanna bigger penis
Amazing game with funny traps. I laughed out loud at the amazing creativity and humor the game had, since it's something i never used to see in a trap fangame. The game also comes with a gimmick, which is cool(and also funny) and used well. The bosses are just fine, nothing pretty special to say about them.

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Tagged as: Trap Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 41 41
Nov 19, 2018
For: I wanna defeat the Pixel
Kinda nice adventure game with a story, the story is like most of the stories of adventure games, you're the hero, you defeat the villian and all that.
About the game itself, it's not bad, the production value is great and the gimmicks are great(design is bad though). My main issues with the game are the bosses, they have way too much HP and some of the attacks are hard to react, lava boss was the one that most hated imo.

Besides that, i still recommend it.

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Tagged as: Adventure Boss
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Rating: 6.1 61       Difficulty: 53 53
Nov 3, 2018
For: I Wanna Defeat The Pixels
Nice game with an amazing production value. The enemys are really cute, and i like the fact that most of them do different attacks. There are also some gimmicks trowed in, they're kinda cool, i guess.

The game is unfinished and ends very quickly, but so far looks pretty great.

Also, a fun fact is that this maker already made a game with the same name, maybe this is a remake or something, idk.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Puzzle
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Rating: 6.6 66       Difficulty: 33 33
Nov 3, 2018

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I wanna birthday to alejo old 51.5 4.0 4
I wanna enjoy a Merry Christmas! 40.8 7.8 6