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Joined on: Apr 17, 2015


My games DL link→https //1drv.ms/f/s!AiLwvLvQp938bYqFtQGwL3zYLjI

Making game..."None"
Made game↓
1"I wanna travel do or die"
8"I wanna travel do or die ~Into the many world~"
9"I wanna be the rain"
4"I wanna recover the quality"
7"I wanna recover the existance"
5"I wanna listen to electronic music"
"I wanna defeat the Surumeika"
2"I wanna celebrate the second anniversary ~Dear よっしー☆彡~ "
3"I wanna be the Blue coin mania saucer fulfill"
And more...

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I wanna be the Rain 21.3 8.4 12
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