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Currently trying to speedrun defeat the january (cause it's january)
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For: I wanna be the Guy(本家)
Okay, first I have to state that I don't love the game because it's the original, only because this is a great game by many aspects. I can't judge it by its engine (which is crap), but gameplay. Platforming isn't that bad really, it wasn't too hard or too easy I guess and I absolutely loved Mecha Birdo and Dragon Devil. Also people say the boss difficulty was unbalanced. It is in fact true, but which game has all boss fights on the same level of difficulty? The further you go, the harder bosses get, deal with it. Honestly, IWBTG was actually a challenge for me all the time - from the beginning to the end. I gained skill through levels as they were getting more tough, just like it should be.

However, I can't say it was flawless. The last chapter (except The Father) was pretty disappointing and some secret items were remarkably too easy to achieve (basically all of them except the third item, that was a bitch!). No fullscreen mode was a drawback, too. But we need to remember that this is the platformer that started the whole idea behind fangames, all the traps, humor and mechanics, and you should still respect that.

The review is based on Hard Mode, which I consider to be the 'normal' mode. btw I'm not good in writing reviews, just as you can see.

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Jan 29, 2016
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