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For: I wanna be the LoveTrap
You don't actually get to see a "Congratulations!" screen until EX Big Kid is defeated, which is humanly impossible. And when you do, there's not even any text. It's written badly in cherries and it cuts off to a second line at the L. Same as with Big Kid 1, there is also a narrow corridor to a warp, which sends you back to the beginning. neatne

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Rating: 2.9 29       Difficulty: 99 99
Aug 26, 2016
For: I wanna kill the Guy
Rating is based off of the first 4 chapters, since chapter 5 is forever unfinished. (Edit; Also, Chapter 5 is trash.)
OH GOD. This was an emotional roller coaster.
(There are many spoilers below this point, but I'm pretty sure most everyone in the community knows this game so idc.)

As is the case with many fangames, the bosses are EXTREMELY hard compared to the platforming areas. Except in Chapter 1, where everything is free.
Chapter 2 is slightly less free (Piranha plant took me a while)
Chapter 3 was intense (ItsBoshyTime BabyRage)
Chapter 4... oh god.
Chapter 4 is tbh the only finished chapter with legitimately hard platforming (that or I'm a needle pro).
Big Boo took me a lot longer than it should have, because the first time I got there, I didn't realize you could up+shift to throw the blocks upward. I spent a long time waiting for the RNG to stack the blocks so that I could throw them at a good height. Even after I looked at a video in order to find out that you could throw the blocks straight up, the boss was still a chaotic RNG festival, and if it weren't for this, I might have given this game a 9.x.
Geezer was INCREDIBLY fun to fight, as I was constantly thinking "Oh, I got to make it to the survival phase, I got to make it to the survival phase, YES I made it to the survival phase, NOOOOOOOOOO" I actually spent a long time not being able to get to the survival phase. (especially because of the ridiculous RNG dependence on the 1st Zelda phase). My first attempt on the boss actually made it to ~16 seconds left on the survival phase. I hadn't made it that far again until I died at 6 seconds a while later. The attempt right after that won.
The production value is fantastic.
The boss design is professional-like and exciting.
The gimmicks are fun.
It's not too easy, but not insane either.
I loved it.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 52 52
Aug 16, 2016
For: I Wanna Kill The Happil 2
TBH I wish there was still a working download link for this so that I could see how bad this game really is, allowing me to provide an actual review for it.

But well, I don't know. If I can't even beat Boshy, how can I expect this to go.
EDIT: Thanks a Bundo sunderkeenin for PMing me a working download link.

also, does humanly impossible really count as "impossible"?

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Aug 11, 2016
For: I wanna disable the Steak
Steak used to cost an arm and a leg.

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Tagged as: Steak
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Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 11, 2016
For: I wanna be the Ultimatum!
Upon starting up the game I saw the first screen with no music and the kid not in it. I pressed R and was immediately greeted with the Game Over screen. I still couldn't see the kid. Upon looking closer i saw that i had spawned at x=0,y-0.0. There was no way out of this that I could find.
*slow clap*

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Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 10, 2016
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