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For: I Wanna Be the Chair 2
The second installment of the Chair series. I'll skip the intro and analyze each stage and boss.

Stage 1 (Grasslands) -

A good start to the game. Vanilla, chill, and not too difficult. Excellent overall.

Boss 1 (Tyrone) -

Not too hard. His I-frames are pretty much non-existent so you can spam away once he's far away from you. He does gain some invincibility when half of his health is gone, but after that, he returns to his normal state. The number of projectiles does increase slightly, but its not enough to wall the player (in terms of progress on the boss). His attacks are easy to read and dodge, so most players shouldn't have a problem with him.

Stage 2 (Fish)

Normal platforming with some water and vertical boost gimmick. Not too difficult. Metroid-like escape occurs once you clear the area, so you must backtrack through platforming you've already done.

Stage 3 (Caves)

More normal and water platforming followed by a boulder chase and survival room. Platforming was fun. Survival room was tedious due to the speed of the boulders and targeting of the darts. Chase was fun as well.

Boss 2 (Eggman)

Annoying, but easy boss. I wasn't too fond of the small projectiles that come from the raining rocks, but other than that, the first phase was nice. The second phase isn't too bad as well. The fire can be slightly hard to read at times, but after a few attempts its not too bad. Decent boss overall.

Stage 4 (Hell)

Fun area. Amazing music and awesome platforming. Perfect. However, not my favorite.

Stage 5 (Sky)

A stage dominated by an amazing gimmick. You teleport through portals in order to access different parts of a screen. They're integrated in a way that doesn't interfere with the platforming. Nice stage overall.

Boss 3 (Black Chair)

Not my favorite boss. The targeting is a bit excessive (not to mention fast) and can easily lead to errors in reading if not careful. The final phase is also tedious as the chair moves with plenty of speed, making it hard to hit the boss at all. Very tedious overall.

Stage 6 (Megaman with magnets)

Basically the same description as Sky Stage. Amazing gimmick integrated well with the platforming.

Stage 7 (Megaman with shooters)

Nice break from the gimmick/platforming section of the game. Was very chill. Enjoyed it. Loved the Yoshi Coin meme as well.

Boss 4 (Megaman Medley)

Hardest boss of the game. Many of the men's attacks go well together and make the fight more difficult. Slightly tedious as well. Overall, nice but difficult boss fight. Shouldn't be too hard if you can kill Cutman, Shadowman, Pharoahman, and the fast bomber man before starting with Gravityman.

Stage 7 (Kirby)

Unique style of platforming using Kirby's enemies as obstacles instead of spikes. While the hitbox caused a few problems with the walking waddle dees, it was a style of platforming that I came to appreciate due to how special it was. Was very fun.

Stage 8 (Outskirts)

Chill stage filled with triggers in gimmick form. Fantastic atmosphere. Loved this stage.

Stage 9 (8bit shit)

Tedious stage with somewhat annoying platforming. Spike box triggers seemed off due to the chair's hitbox so it was very hard to get them to move, especially on the conveyor belts found later in the stage. Probably my least favorite stage. Didn't like much about it in the first place.

Boss 5 (Billy)

Easy boss. Some attacks are difficult to dodge and learn, but overall this isn't too bad as long as you kill the boss quickly.

Stage 10 (Black and white)

Interesting gimmick with fun platforming. Player has to switch the color of spikes and plan jumps accordingly. Nice stage overall.

Stage 11 (Throwback?)

I might have fucked the order by now but I remember most of the stages. This one was fun except for the thwomp room. Hated that shit. Pretty much vanilla.

Stage 12 (Moon)

Best stage. Love TTYD, so seeing this was very awesome. Very nice gimmick with amazing platforming and song.

Final Boss (Chair Rebuilt)

Worst boss. Some attacks can gib, wall, or have the player say "what could I have done there?" after every attempt. After the first two phases, you do a screen of platforming that isn't too bad but is easily chokable due to the explosions occurring behind you, causing the player to rush slightly. There's a gray block trigger after the screen ends, so make sure not to go slow enough to where the explosions catch up to you before the black chair teleports you to the credits.

Overall, good game. While the platforming and gimmicks were perfect, the bosses brought the game down due to their tedious nature. With some balancing/attack fixes, this could easily be the best game of 2017. In its current state, its a great adventure game that could be perfect if the bosses weren't so annoying. Of course, different players will have different opinions which will lead to a different experience, but this is how I feel.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this game. I would recommend to any player looking for a fun and unique adventure game. I hope to see much more from the creator in the future.

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Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 62 62
Jun 26, 2017
For: I wanna be the Reversible Campaign
The maker of the fantastic Whimsical Mercy avoidance now brings us a cool pattern boss that runs along with a fantastic song that many in the community have been waiting to see used. Although it's used in a type of avoidance not many people might like including myself, I still enjoyed learning the patterns and playing the boss as a whole. Learning some of the patterns took a bit longer than I expected, but that usually rides along with the overall difficulty of the game. Also, the Big Kid seemed really out of place for an avoidance of this type, but it was unique since most 9-platform fights have the boring white background, dull platforms, and overused Miku sprite. I wouldn't call it a breath of fresh air, but it was something different and I appreciate that.

Overall, a great pattern boss. I would recommend it to anyone looking for one to play.

P.S. I don't know if it's an issue on my end (it probably is) but I did experience lag while playing the game. Just a warning for players who have potato PC's like mine.

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 72 72
Jun 22, 2017
For: I wanna be the Nuclear Fusion
Decent game.


I'm conflicted about this game. On one hand, the "one room, one jump" theme is one I've come to love in fangames; as they always say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. However, the needle itself is anything but sophisticated. In fact, most of the platforming was either extremely vanilla or ripped from another game (looking at you, hades screens). I enjoyed playing through this, but the overly vanilla style and varying precision and difficulty were a bit too much for me to excuse. Nonetheless, IWBT Nuclear Fusion is a decent needle game that tests everything from your low input consistency to you ability to move in between spikes. It might not be a masterpiece, but I wouldn't of played it if I wasn't interested in something within the game. In terms of the actual platforming, the needle progressively becomes harder as you pass more screens, testing the player with more and more precision. Specifically, you go from gates, diagonals, and single spike jumps to corners, upward and downward planes, hyper-precise drops, and double/triple diamonds. Overall, it's quite the challenge. If you cannot naturally one frame in any circumstance (regular, in water) and cannot cancel, I wouldn't recommend this game. If you're determined to get past the monotonous visuals, can naturally 1 frame or cancel, and don't mind a few cancer saves, I'd put this behind some games and tell you to play it. Once again, this isn't a masterpiece and it is definitely not a must-play, but if you are willing to try it and believe you can beat it, give it a shot. The vanilla atmosphere might be a bit boring and the length might lull you to sleep, but the challenge is definitely there.




Good music. Terrible visuals.

Side note: I'm not sure if it was just me, but it felt like this Nuclear Fusion remix was speaking to me. It felt as if I was hearing voices while playing; it was pretty unsettling.

Overall, decent. Wouldn't recommend unless you can beat all of the jumps listed above and don't mind the length and somewhat boring atmosphere. In any circumstance, I wouldn't recommend; there's plenty of better one room games and plenty of better needle in general. I enjoyed it, but I know that's not what everyone will/does think.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 78 78
Jun 11, 2017
For: I wanna be the Lucky
The name says it all.

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Tagged as: Avoidance Lucky_Series
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 90 90
Jun 11, 2017
For: I wanna K
Since I spent almost 6 hours playing this monstrosity, I thought I'd review it since it was still a challenging, yet fun experience for my second l-game. This review will consist of analysis of each save since each one is super short and can be explained in around a sentence. Overall, this was a good game, but I had some issues pertaining to design and difficulty balance.

By the way, I'm not too keen on pointing out jump heights just by looking at them, so if I get something wrong, don't hate me. It's either what it did while playing the game or how I felt the jumps were.


Save 1: This save consists of a upside down squished tbone done from the floor followed by what I believe to be a required 1 frame rejump. I had no success 2 framing the jump as I would always clip the right edge of the half double spike formation. This save is a nice start to the game, as most l-games require the player to perform low input jumps at will. Nothing about this save felt unfair and the final jump is not difficult. Overall, this save was nice. Once again, good introduction to the game (if that makes any sense).

Save 2: This save sucks. Whatever benevolence and simplicity existed beforehand is now gone as the player is tasked with doing a squished carrot jump that I'm 75 percent sure requires you to have a certain align (I'm not sure what to call it, you just jump into a jump diagonally and fall down diagonally, maybe a squished double diagonal?) followed by a platform grab that requires extreme precision. The last jump of the save was weird as well; with the spike under the platform, I assumed that spamming would not work so a quick and very precise platform grab was necessary. After that, you do another upside down squished tbone. This save was a real grind and was definitely more difficult than the last. I did not enjoy it at all.

Save 3: Another bad save in my opinion. The player must perform a 1 or 2 frame stutter and then land into a 16 px, do a short rejump, and land into another squished upside down tbone before landing onto a block. After that, the player must perform a low-cancel (I'm not sure if a 1-frame is possible with this, didn't test) into a squished diagonal and then exit another squished diagonal. With the last save, this save continues the theme of "hard first jump followed by less hard but still hard jump" and the precision required for this save was very tedious to get used to. Overall, extremely annoying and difficult.

Save 4: A much needed break from the difficulty. If you were tired of squished tbones, get ready for more!!!!! The player must land on a nerfed ledge but not before performing a double corner followed by a sudden twist into the squished tbone mentioned earlier. After landing on the ledge (and running into the spike a few times), you must jump into a 16 px and land on what looks like a 16 px gap. After that, you must perform a required 4 frame followed by a 1 frame rejump (how I did it anyways, didn't test any other strat). Although this save strayed away from the difficulty set by the 2nd and 3rd save and caused some inconsistency in terms of overall difficulty, it was a nice break from the precision seen in those two saves. I much appreciated the break; the save was perfect overall.

Save 5: Another somewhat easy save that did take some time. From my experience, the jump felt double frame perfect. The first jump must land in a specific spot in the gap set by two misaligned spikes. The second jump must have the player land inside a squished sideways gate. The jump after is free, but that didn't stop me from choking to it on two separate occasions. Once again, this save is more of a grind than the last, but its brevity lowers the difficulty a tad and the choke jump adds to said lack of difficulty. Nice save overall.

Save 6: At this save, the game throws the sink at you. The difficulty rises a bit in preparation for what's to come. Nonetheless, the player is tasked with performing a required 1-frame followed by a frame perfect rejump into a plane. Once the player is in the plane, the player must come out of the plane and then jump towards the save. Without the walkoff align (which is given) this save would've been very tedious as the downwards plane was extremely precise. With the walkoff, you can either low cancel from a certain position or 2-frame bonk to get yourself out.

Save 7: Infamous. The hardest save of the game. Saying what the save consists of will be enough for this one.

Corner, position dependent platform grab, 16 px w/ fast v-speed, full v-speed downwards plane that requires a specific cancel, 16 px. What the fuck.

Save 8: A unique save. It's not as difficult when comparing it to Save 7, but what you have to do is just as hard to figure out. The player must first perform 2 squished diagonals in one jump. Sounds simple, right. Well, it's not. The second diag requires a frame perfect stutter (or stutters). After the diags, you must land on a ledge and then perform a nerfed one jump diamond, a 16 px mini drop, and a required cancel with a frame perfect rejump. While the difficulty doesn't compare in terms of Save 7, this save still requires tones of precise movement and an immense amount of patience. That squished diag/ledge combo is lethal and will take some time to do.

Save 9: Thanks Mq.

Save 10: A nice finish. Jump through a sphincter, into a 16 px hidden inside a block corner, a full cancel f-jump, into a really precise full jump. Probably my favorite save, besides save 11 :^)

Overall, difficult. Very difficult. Insanely difficult, but also fun. I loved the challenge and the l-game genre, while riddled with terrible games, is starting to warm up to me. Yes, the genre receives criticism for its compact nature and somewhat spammy/excessive design, but even a genre with such disgusting flaws has some merit. The challenge of performing short, but very difficult saves is somewhat entertaining. There might be a hint of masochism in regards to the previous sentence, but the challenge is attractive for some reason.



Aesthetics: Like most l-games, the tileset is very murky. Hard to see where you are when trying to perform position-dependent jumps. The music was nice; if I'm correct, it's a remix of a Flandre Scarlet Touhou track. I could be wrong though since most music from the Touhou series is popular.

Good game. Hard, but fun. Would recommend to anyone willing to grind it.

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Tagged as: Needle L_Game
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 80 80
Jun 10, 2017
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