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For: I wanna try a Collab 2
Collab 2 is an above average game that succeeds in enthralling the player with diverse, unique, and fun needle/avoidance/bosses but suffers in keeping a consistent and steadily rising difficulty curve. Some of the stages felt completely out of place due to certain rooms or fights that stuck out. It seemed as if some rooms were really free while others were unnecessarily difficult. While I did enjoy some of the game, I had trouble being patient with the game for many reasons.

Aside from issues in game, my biggest issue with the game was the sheer size of it. This isn't saying that the game is too long, but the sheer amount of attention to adding seemingly unnecessary sprites and other content that caused my computer to lag constantly eventually led to me quitting the game at Mr. Bones' Wild Ride. I bore with playing the game with constant fps fluctuations and actually enjoyed most of the rooms that did contain some lag. However, the deaths that were because of such lag stacked up and eventually ran my patience thin. Rooms like xElectic Mountains and the room with the Eye from Super Mario 64 were borderline unplayable due to the amount of sprites and general shit on screen and other screens took WAY longer than they needed compared to any average player.

Yes, it is unfair to criticise a game for a hardware issue. However, I cannot have fun with a game if it cannot run properly. I hoped to see a light version release in order to quell my frustration with the game; alas, it never came and will probably never come. Thus, I saw no need to play the game if it meant playing the game on a fluctuating frame rate. Regardless of my issues, the game is decent and can be good with some balancing and difficulty nerfs (which have come and might surface in the future) but in my mind, its a borderline subpar game that has its bad things outweigh the good. It's unfortunate to see that I cannot finish what is to many a great game (and with no frame issues, I probably would've given the game around an 8) and see what else each maker had to offer, but when I'm limited like this, I only have so many options. I'm patient with most things in fangames, but if the game's performance suffers, then there's no need to be patient in the first place.

Nonetheless, I would recommend this game to all players who have some experience in fangames and implore all who do play to play as many stages as possible. You will enjoy it as I did before lag became too much to deal with.

Edit: I had heard recently that a light version was going to be released but will not due to how much of a workload that would be. I appreciate the consideration and understand that its not really worth if it helps 1 or 2 people. Thanks anyways :D

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 70 70
Oct 9, 2017
Good game. Has its flaws, but I still enjoyed it.




Fun avoidance that has its share of patterns and rng. The main gimmick with the fight is that each attack seems to "reverse" after a certain time. Basically, you do the same attack in a different direction. You'll have to play to see for yourself. The patterns are pretty simple but are not free; I had trouble with the red triangle and curving white and black bullets located halfway through the fight. The rng becomes more dense as the fight goes on, so naturally you might run into some walls or constantly die because of bad rng unless you're lucky. Aside from that, I had fun with the boss and did not feel any high level of frustration after some of the more unfair deaths.


Simple. Good song, typical arena. Nothing too excessive.

Overall rating:

Good. Once again, rng can be unfair and the patters located at the half way point of the fight can be pretty tough. It still succeeds with its flaws, so its a nice game.

Would recommend.

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 55 55
Sep 30, 2017
For: Domu

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 65 65
Sep 23, 2017
For: I Wanna Conquer the Chaos Cave
Pretty good game. Hope mole makes more games in the future.


Normal platforming is not too difficult; it is around 7 screens long and slowly gets harder as you progress. Most of the platforming consists of unique jumps surrounded by the typical jump you might see in any other needle game. I would say the creator strikes a nice balance between uniqueness and simplicity, which improves the experience and makes the needle more fun to play. Some saves later in the game deviate slightly from the established difficulty curve and the uniqueness of the needle in general declines at times, so I couldn't say it was "perfect" needle. It was pretty damn close.

The hard needle is the same length and uses the same screens but with buffed jumps. Once again, the balance between uniqueness and simplicity is struck well and the increased difficulty offers an additional challenge. The variations in difficulty do stand out more here, which made some saves more frustrating than others, but once again it did not take away any enjoyment I had with the game.


The avoidance utilizes the infinite jump gimmick and gives you 3 lives (if you want to unlock hard more, clear the avoidance without getting hit) . It is around 3 minutes long (I might be overestimating but I'm too lazy to check again) and is 100 percent RNG. The sophistication seen in the needle transfers itself over to the avoidance, as the creator makes the projectiles do pretty unorthodox things while remaining fair and somewhat easy to read. Additionally, the avoidance does some other unconventional things with some attacks seen later in the fight, as the laser attacks are something I had not seen before playing this. Balancing is a bit off, as the hard attacks are somewhat scattered in the fight. Other than that, good fight.

In terms of the actual attacks, you'll usually be dodging in the middle or edges of the screen. The first few attacks are simple enough to dodge and are easy to get consistent at. The boss slightly picks up around the 1 minute mark with some decently difficult to read curving that comes from the center of the screen. Once that attack ends, the first laser attack (which is in the screenshot above) starts and lasts around 30 seconds. After that, the boss slightly picks up in difficulty with an "K3 earthlike" attack, a bouncing attack, another laser attack (which was the hardest for me due to how fast the lasers shoot, you've gotta be quick if you wanna avoid getting hit), 45 seconds of rng from each angle of the screen, and the final attack. The final attack will probably be the hardest for most players if you don't know where to dodge; I found that the lower left corner was good enough for me. In terms of flaws, the 2nd laser attack was pretty tedious due to how fast the lasers actually shoot. I felt like I had no time to react before I got hit.


The game looked great. The graphics were reminiscent of IWST Meltdown and I definitely felt as if I was back playing that game while playing this. Nice unintentional nostalgia. The music picks were also great. No complaints overall.


Great game. Make more of them Mole. I really enjoyed this one and hope you do decide to in the future.


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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 60 60
Sep 9, 2017
For: I wanna Scroll My Mousewheel Downwards

™ 2015

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Tagged as: Meme
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 35 35
Sep 3, 2017
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