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For: I wanna be the Fish
King penis.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 90 90
Apr 13, 2018
For: I wanna be the Lucky2

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 95 95
Dec 21, 2017
For: I wanna be the Airexa
IWBT Airexa is a fantastic production that features a very flashy (in a good way) and awe-inspiring aesthetic alongside the somewhat typical setup many players witness in fangames: that is, needle + avoidance. It is a difficult game that features a semi-long segment of needle followed by an amazingly produced avoidance that places itself amongst the best I've played. There's nothing too special about the needle; it's pretty normal and doesn't feature anything, so I won't go into much detail about it.

For the avoidance, I will describe each attack and how I felt about it.


Just look at the intro thingy above.


Hexagon: The intro to this fight is a great indicator of how hard the fight will be; it is one of the more intensive attacks due to the white orbs. The formation of the hexagon and the orbs it releases are pattern, but the white rng will make it so you don't do the same movements over and over again. Once the song gets started, the double hexagon begins to form and more pattern comes your way. This pattern lasts for a short bit before transitioning to the next attack.

Ready?: This is my favorite pattern in the fight. While it is the hardest pattern to learn, I had plenty of fun learning it and was extremely satisfied with doing it for the first time. After that point, I had no problem with the pattern and have no resentment towards doing the same thing over and over again. After the pattern, you dodge a mix of pattern and rng for about 15 seconds before one of the most unique attacks in avoidance.

The elevator: I love this attack. While the attack can give you impossible rng, I saw past this flaw and the precise movement as fun. In terms of the attack, the pattern and rng freezes in place and the floor lifts you up towards the upper half of the screen. Think of it like an elevator except with deadly orbs and kunai-like projectiles blocking your way up. One thing I did not like about this attack is how the Kid jumps at the end of the rise for no apparent reason. This unnecessary hop did kill a few attempts, but it wasn't enough to make the attack unreasonable (at least in my opinion).

Insane rng: Like the title says, the next segment of the fight features an extremely dense attack that curves after a short amount of time. The projectiles come from the left and right sides of the screen, curve, then move to the top and bottom of the screen before the transition to the next attack. This attack was very hit and miss for me; sometimes it was readable and other times it featured me jumping like a lunatic trying to get 5 lucky dodges in a row. If you have trouble reading dense attacks, this one will be a tough one to get past. If not, its very fun and get the blood a' flowin'. Does require some luck at times, but does not 100 percent require it.

Zoomout (or as I like to call it Lagout): This is probably the easiest part of the fight. You basically jump in or near the middle of this box 3 times. It does require some good timing, but you get used to it after a while.

Side note - Lag.

WHITE: This is probably the 2nd worst rng in the fight due to the movement restrictions. The attack is a simple center platform with rng from all angles sort of attack. The restriction comes in the form of rng that comes from the floor and pretty much takes half of your platform, making dodges more tight if rng is bad. If I were to rank this attack based on luck, it would probably have to be 2nd.

WHITE 2: Another easy pattern. Nothing special.

WHITE 3: The worst attack in terms of luck. Think of the "bum bum bum" before the under platform attack in I Wanna Lo-Fi-M and magnify the density by at least 2. The speed of some bullets can snipe if you're in mid air. In general, reading the attack can be pretty difficult and thus requires a somewhat decent amount of luck if you're caught in the air.

Cosmo-esque: Basically the final attack of COSMO but more fair. RNG can be sketchy here but I felt really consistent at this attack. As long as you can react quickly and find spaces big enough to read around you, its not that bad. I would still consider it a hard attack, but one that you can be consistent at.

Diamond collapse: Easy pattern.

Final pattern: The hardest pattern. The attack begins by spitting out bullets from the center of the screen. These bullets are pretty compact, so your movement and jumps have to be near perfect. After about 3 or so seconds, the source of the bullets go to the edge of the screen and send bullets towards the center. At one moment in time, you must predict this transition while making sure to fit in the right gaps and jump at the right time. Once you predict the timing, the "inside" portion of the pattern is easy enough to jump in one spot to ensure the clear. I will warn you though, the inside portion is easily chokable.

Side note - Due to lag, the timing of the transition changed almost every attempt, so I died to this pattern a lot. More than I would like.

As for my thoughts of the boss, its one of the best I've played. It's very flashy, but the effects do not infringe on the experience or increase playtime in any way whatsoever. I would call it perfect, but the lurking presence of luck does not make it so. Still, its fantastic.

I'd recommend the game to seasoned avoidance players and/or any player who wants a hard, but fun avoidance to chill with. It's not a must play, but its close.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 84 84
Oct 26, 2017
For: I wanna Figure
Bummer once told me to review a fangame as if it were an anime. I will fulfill his wish with this review.

God bless me. It's so late and I'm pretty sure the end of the game fucked my brain. Good luck to me.



Fuck. The platforming is the primary star of the game, as it presents itself as a somewhat strange xfloor game. By strange, I mean that the maker gives you little to no hint as to how close you might be to finishing. In terms of content, the game takes the typical xfloor genre and sprinkles in a few typical gimmicks like vines and gravity switchers in order to add variety into what can be a very mundane genre. The platforming itself features a mix of typical jumps and unique jumps, with the typical jumps taking the favor ( across a myriad of different floor types (types being distinguished by the gimmick, music, and skin). The difficulty of the needle varies across each set of floors but does not fluctuate much from the 90 I gave it. The beginning of the game starts off pretty tame compared to future platforming and steadily rises at least until 3X.

Personally, I enjoyed most of the platforming. Some of the saves were a bit too hard for my tastes and the sheer amount of typical jumps were factors that contributed to my dislike for the game (I use dislike lightly here, it was only for certain saves or jumps. I did not dislike an entire area). Otherwise, the use of gimmicks was exceptional and fit well with the style of needle within each area. Each area in general offered a definite challenge while remaining somewhat fun at some point. Overall, decently fun.

The game is not perfect; it has its fair share of flaws. For any xfloor game, difficulty balance can be a big issue. This game is no exception. Some floors and saves felt too free for a 90 difficulty game whereas plenty of other saves were too brutal for my taste. Yes, difficulty is subjective and I do present myself as a slow, inconsistent player who will definitely take more time compared to needle veterans, but I feel as if there's enough in the game to where something in the game will feel much harder than it should be/harder in general. The use of typical jumps was another issue I had; there were just too many damn diagonals and gates. I won't lie; it made me sick.

Overall, the platforming was great albeit its slight annoyances. It's very fun and unique enough to keep the player engaged while challenging him or her with very tough screens.


Avoidance in the form of bosses and barrage take a backseat to the platforming but offer a nice break for players who might be tired of the hard needle. Bosses appear after every few areas up until 3X where a boss appears at the end of each area. The bosses are very basic and offer nothing special effect wise, but the simplicity does not take away from how nice the bosses can be. Each boss up until the final barrage features a central attack or gimmick alongside some sort of pattern or rng that really defines the boss and relates back to the area that precedes it. For example, a boss at the end of the gravity stage at 3X features gravity flippers with some aimed bouncing. The bosses each have around 10 hp and should not take more than 30 minutes to clear (with 1 or 2 exceptions).

I enjoyed all but one of the bosses. The reference to the area in the boss was very nice and the simplicity really reinvigorated a love for said simplicity that is not really present in fangames anymore. The bosses do vary as you pass from area to area, so none of the bosses will really get boring unless you spend >30 minutes on them. The bosses are usually fair, so you don't need to worry about unfair rng that much...

until and only until the jungle area boss. This boss, without a doubt, was the worst thing about this game and the worst thing I've played in a fangame. I won't go into detail, but I will say it requires luck. And a lot of it. Once you do clear it, boss difficulty will not exceed what is seen in that boss, so it should be easy going from that point on. Still, the inclusion of that boss was a serious flaw with the game. While it is the only flaw in terms of the bosses, it is a severe and unforgivable flaw that will push most players away from the game. The readme does warn players that the game is very hard, but luck should not be an indicator of difficulty, requirement for clear, and present instance in any game whatsoever. I love wonderful's work, but this was one of the worst things I've seen him do. I hope he will avoid mistakes like this in the future.

The bosses were nice. As an avoidance player, I had a lot of fun playing most of them and the end barrage was a nice finale (even though I died to the last 30 seconds or so too many times, a trend I really hope does not carry itself into other games but will not hurt the game's enjoyment in any way). I have said what I want to say about the white red cherry boss, so I will not go further into that. Very nice job.


Simple. Wonderful's aesthetic is known by most everyone in the community by now, so its no surprise to see the same in this game. I enjoyed most of the songs and the tilesets did not bother me at all. A real strength to this game and all of wonderful's games. It's not flashy in any way, but that doesn't mean the game suffers as a result. Very, very good.


Excellent. Would recommend to fangame gods or anyone looking for a challenge that will help you improve as a player. Do keep in mind the game is meant for experienced players, so don't get your hopes up if you mean to play to clear. Just go a few floors at a time and go as far as you can. Don't grind this out if you're not ready for it. I waaaaaaaaaaarnnnnnnnned youuuuuuuuuu. :^)

I hope to see more from wonderful in the future. He has definitely become one of my favorite creators so any work of his is a definite play. This one, again, is no exception. Well, kinda.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 90 90
Oct 17, 2017
For: I wanna try a Collab 2
Collab 2 is an above average game that succeeds in enthralling the player with diverse, unique, and fun needle/avoidance/bosses but suffers in keeping a consistent and steadily rising difficulty curve. Some of the stages felt completely out of place due to certain rooms or fights that stuck out. It seemed as if some rooms were really free while others were unnecessarily difficult. While I did enjoy some of the game, I had trouble being patient with the game for many reasons.

Aside from issues in game, my biggest issue with the game was the sheer size of it. This isn't saying that the game is too long, but the sheer amount of attention to adding seemingly unnecessary sprites and other content that caused my computer to lag constantly eventually led to me quitting the game at Mr. Bones' Wild Ride. I bore with playing the game with constant fps fluctuations and actually enjoyed most of the rooms that did contain some lag. However, the deaths that were because of such lag stacked up and eventually ran my patience thin. Rooms like xElectic Mountains and the room with the Eye from Super Mario 64 were borderline unplayable due to the amount of sprites and general shit on screen and other screens took WAY longer than they needed compared to any average player.

Yes, it is unfair to criticise a game for a hardware issue. However, I cannot have fun with a game if it cannot run properly. I hoped to see a light version release in order to quell my frustration with the game; alas, it never came and will probably never come. Thus, I saw no need to play the game if it meant playing the game on a fluctuating frame rate. Regardless of my issues, the game is decent and can be good with some balancing and difficulty nerfs (which have come and might surface in the future) but in my mind, its a borderline subpar game that has its bad things outweigh the good. It's unfortunate to see that I cannot finish what is to many a great game (and with no frame issues, I probably would've given the game around an 8) and see what else each maker had to offer, but when I'm limited like this, I only have so many options. I'm patient with most things in fangames, but if the game's performance suffers, then there's no need to be patient in the first place.

Nonetheless, I would recommend this game to all players who have some experience in fangames and implore all who do play to play as many stages as possible. You will enjoy it as I did before lag became too much to deal with.

Edit: I had heard recently that a light version was going to be released but will not due to how much of a workload that would be. I appreciate the consideration and understand that its not really worth if it helps 1 or 2 people. Thanks anyways :D

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 70 70
Oct 9, 2017
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