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For: I want Yoruko to step on me
Habluka has brought us another nice, but difficult needle game in the form of I want Yoruko to step on me. The game was very fun and the reward for clearing was even better. I enjoyed it quite a bit, even though the precision was a bit much at times.


Overall, very difficult. Screen 1 sets the mood well with some more unique platforming surrounded by your typical corners and tbones. This same style is mimicked for the other 3 screens up until the clear screen; the only thing that changes is the typical jump. As mentioned previously, the first screen features tbones, corners, gates, and diags while the other screens up the difficulty with jumps like planes, super f's, one jump diamonds, gate diagonals, and ledges. To be more specific, plane jumps appear after screen 1 and are featured in every screen for then on, more corners appear as you progress, and the ledges and super f appear on screen 4.

In terms of the precision, the game expects you to know aligns (if not, there is an align chart provided to you via the backspace key) and requires the player to complete several frame perfect jumps/movements. Each save varies on its precision, but the general difficulty curve goes up as you progress (at least after screen 2, the difficulty dampens a bit after screen 1 but picks back up after).

As mentioned previously, I interpreted the game to use a mix of unique and typical jumps. Therefore, the "special" or unique factor is, to be frank, on the fence. While the needle artist does use plenty of typical jumps, the presence of the occasional "unusual jump" prevents the game from getting too boring. However, I believe the scale still leans towards typical. With this in tune with the difficulty of the game, it can get very frustrating if you become inconsistent.

Overall, the platforming is very hard, but not hard in a sense that makes the game bad. I found it very challenging and fun to play through. Although some of the saves were a bit too precise for my liking, I still felt satisfied when I beat the game (for more than one reason eheheheeheheheheheheehehehehehehehehehehe lewd clear screens are awesome)




I haven't played much of Habluka's games, but seeing his work with hyper sphincter leads me to believe his template is always monocolor. He chose the color brown for this game, which was slightly unattractive to look at after a while, but the overall atmosphere didn't really get in the way of how I enjoyed the game. The music was nice, but I couldn't tolerate the constant ringing every minute or so; that was very annoying. I'd recommend playing your own music instead.


Good game. Doesn't look good but I enjoyed the challenge. Would recommend to people who like precise needle. If you're not into that...

use the pantsu at the end for motivation. Wew lad, THOSE FUCKING THIGHS HOLY FUCK DUDE .

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 83 83
Aug 18, 2017
For: I wanna climb a strange tower
Forgettable tower game that features 5 stages of progressively increasing uniqueness up until the final boss.

The first stage features a gravity flipper gimmick. It does not feature the usual arrows we see in many other fangames. Instead, it uses lines to switch gravity. Once you hit a line, your controls become inverted and the screen zooms in very quickly. This stage lasts for around 3 screens.

The second stage is a looping screen puzzle that shares similarity to the 3rd stage in IW Call Me It. You touch lines until all of them have been touched. Once you finish the puzzle, you're greeted with the mini-boss.

The mini boss is a rainbow cherry ring. Each cherry has 6 HP and must be shot while dodging gray cherries that increase in density as more and more cherries die. This boss is very engaging and fun. Unfortunately, it is very short due to how easy it is so the fun is short lived.

After the mini-boss, you're greeted with a maze that flips after hitting blue triggers. You're tasked with collecting 4 yellow orbs while making sure not to trap yourself in the maze, as some triggers can make traversing the room impossible.

The next stage is 3 screens of needle that are shaded with a certain color. This color determines what effect is placed on the player while doing this screen. Red clouds the entire room in a red musk while leaving some sight near the player. Blue clouds the player. Yellow is a counterpart of red, surrounding the player with a giant yellow circle that masks the things around you. After these 3 screens, you're greeted with the second mini-boss.

The second mini-boss is a cherry that shoots projectiles at you while applying the same effects seen in the previous stage. It's nothing special. Easily first tryable.

The last stage is a 10 screen stage that applies a screen effect to each screen. This stage is the most unique of the 5 stages and I had the most fun here.

The final boss is easily the worst part of the game. It starts the player off with 5 lives and makes you dodge rng in a lime-like box while throwing the occasional gib your way. Most of the attacks are either tedious, precise, or unfair. The boss really brought the game down and sucked what fun I had playing the platforming.

Wouldn't recommend. It's not hard but it's not fun either.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 45 45
Aug 10, 2017
For: I wanna be the WAVE
Short, two screen "IWBT Strong" type needle (it looks aids as fuck but you're invincible) followed by an easy avoidance to one of my favorite luka songs out there. It was fun, but too vanilla and boring to recommend to anyone.

The avoidance is 90 percent pattern, so consistency will not be a problem. Additionally, all rng appears at the beginning, so it's an easy clear once you learn everything. Learning the patterns isn't hard since you can treat every attack like rng and sightread it. Overall, an above average game that shouldn't take too much time for any player. Would recommend to beginners.

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 40 40
Aug 10, 2017
For: I wanna see the Moon At Night
Next time you make a game, try making sure it doesn't freeze for a few seconds, remove anything that would make the game unnecessarily difficult (like cancelling, since I quit on a required 1-frame), and crash after 5 minutes.

I got to a required 1-frame on the second screen before stopping; spending two hours trying to grind out a 1-frame on a laptop is a fool's errand. It's ridiculous to see how bad a game can become when a few choices regarding design of a game are made (or in this case, a lack thereof).

In terms of gameplay and aesthetics, the lag ruins the flow of the game to a point where you're resetting just waiting for a good attempt. It's basically like playing an avoidance. The aesthetics are not special at all; gray blocks, normal spike sprites, and a stagnant, black, and borderline boring background all contribute to a boring and unfun atmosphere. The music is chill, but that doesn't excuse the poor design choices/performance flaws. The stupid difficulty also contributes, as some jumps from games like Hades make their way into this game. Also, valign dependent jumps are also used in this game as previously mentioned. Overall, its a fucking terrible experience, no matter how you look at it.

If you come upon this casually, don't pay any mind to it since it is not worth your time. If you roll this during a streak, I'd skip it. If you can't skip, make sure you have a good PC, can 1-frame without cancelling, and be aware of valign tricks (since there is a valign dplane placed at the end of screen 1). Keep Jtool handy; you'll be needing it for some saves. Lastly, be more patient than I was. I know I'm not the best at natural 1-frames (mostly due to my keyboard) so make sure to stay diligent if you are 100 percent sure of your abilities as a needle player.

I have no idea if the game ends after the 2nd screen. I know I'm breaking the sacred "beat the game before review" rule, but I don't wanna spend anymore time killing my hands and hating myself for deciding to play such a terrible game.

Don't play it. Trust me, you'll be better off for it regardless of how good you might be at platforming.

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Rating: 0.5 5       Difficulty: 79 79
Aug 10, 2017
For: I wanna be the Math Major
Glad I'm a Psych major. Rating based on the math itself.






IWBT Math Major is a special game made by one of the most recognizable figures in the fangame community in TJ. He himself is quite the math whiz and you can definitely understand why he'd make a game like this. In terms of the gameplay, you as the player are tasked with completing 8 "stages" (40 questions) of math that progressively get harder and harder with each passing stage. Stage 1 eases the player into the game by asking you to solve introductory problems most elementary students should be able to solve. As you pass through each stage, the question difficulty gets slightly tougher until you're tasked with completing secondary to graduate level problems that you won't see until your senior year in high school/undergraduate or graduate level courses in college. Once you reach stage 5 or 6, some players will probably hit a wall and require some sort of assistance. In fact, I would advise some sort of help since these problems get very difficult. Treat it like an actual math test; it'll teach you something new and help with some concepts you might've forgotten.

Personally, I started to have real trouble around the Calculus/Higher level probability questions. In general, I consider myself a good student, but only after high school. Before college, I was very bad when it came to studying, yet I managed to survive all of my classes with A's and B's. However, I am terrible at retaining information so I tend to forget most concepts over the summer. For Calculus, I retained little to none of the information I learned during my senior year in high school and would like to take another class in college if I can. For probability, I have no experience whatsoever when it comes to the subject so I had no idea what to do or where to start.

Nevertheless, this game helped me remember and learn plenty of conceptual and general concepts regarding higher level math. I never really regarded myself as a great mathematician, but like most things, give me enough time and I'll damn near master it. For the people who have mastered it, I commend you for mastering such a difficult and comprehensive subject. I have a newfound respect for those who take this career path.

Would I recommend this game? I do think if you're into math, you should check this game out. While it was frustrating not knowing how to do some of the higher level questions, some patience, and a open and studious attitude will help to make the game a bit more fun. Again, you might end up learning something like I did. If you're like some people and wish math's utter demise and destruction, you probably wouldn't enjoy this game. All in all, you'd be better off playing something else, but do give it a shot if you're genuinely curious or want to learn something new.


Looks nice. Great song picks. Would've like something more mellow but I wasn't annoyed by the music. Still enjoyed it.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 79 79
Jul 31, 2017
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