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Mediocre player.

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300 Games

GameDifficultyUser's Rating
Jtool 0.0 10.0
Not Another Needle Game 65.0 10.0
I wanna run the Marathon 60.0 10.0
I wanna find my Destiny 58.0 9.8
I wanna be the Co-op 60.0 9.8
I wanna reach the Moon 50.0 9.7
I wanna be the hanamogeta 50.0 9.6
Christmas Deliveries 58.0 9.5
I wanna play Kiduija 35.0 9.5
I wanna qoqoqo 300 EasyVer 70.0 9.5
I wanna be the Overlord 50.0 9.5
Domu 58.0 9.3
I wanna kill the troll king 50.0 9.2
I Wanna Destroy the Needleverse 70.0 9.0
I wanna go the Jungle Adventure 66.0 9.0
I wanna Bread 35.0 9.0
I Wanna Kill the Kermit 3 77.0 9.0
I Wanna End My Growth 35.0 9.0
Jason Enjoys The Witch's Dangerous Dandies 50.0 9.0
I wanna QoQoQo 60.0 9.0
I Wanna Get Cultured 2 73.0 9.0
In Search Of More Dangerous Toys 50.0 9.0
I wanna CUBETECH 40.0 9.0
I wanna stop the MELTDOWN 70.0 9.0
I Wanna Travel the Night 45.0 9.0
I wanna be the Graverobber 40.0 9.0
I wanna be the Blocktroid 2 40.0 9.0
I wanna reach Heaven 60.0 9.0
I Wanna Conquer the Chaos Cave 50.0 8.8
I wanna be Abducted 56.0 8.8
I wanna solve color puzzle 35.0 8.8
I wanna be GENKI with you 45.0 8.8
I Wanna Poke The Dargy 60.0 8.8
I Wanna Enjoy the Stimulated Strawberry Lollipop Dandy 60.0 8.7
I wanna warp the worlds(共同開発) 50.0 8.7
I wanna be the Scribble 60.0 8.6
Super Kid Bros. 3 45.0 8.5
I wanna be Minimal 50.0 8.5
I wanna be the Micromedley 40.0 8.5
I wanna be the Steak Temple 57.0 8.5
I wanna shiver 78.0 8.5
I wanna climb the Witch's Tower 60.0 8.5
I Wanna Find a Cure 58.0 8.5
I wanna fall into the snow 55.0 8.5
I wanna be the 8bit 50.0 8.5
I wanna one attack in soul easy 35.0 8.5
I wanna gaze at the Horizon 80.0 8.5
I wanna jump the Shark 2 60.0 8.5
I wanna follow it 40.0 8.4
I wanna enjoy the Galvanized Peppermint Dandy 53.0 8.4
I wanna best the 50 floors 55.0 8.4
I Wanna Augment the Loon's Noodle 60.0 8.4
I wanna play the Needle game 60.0 8.3
Not Another Needle Contest 65.0 8.3
Jason's Journey 52.0 8.3
I wanna go the Ocean Wetventure 60.0 8.3
I Wanna Nostalgia 70.0 8.3
I wanna be the Kaleidoscope 40.0 8.2
I wanna be the Catharsis 70.0 8.1
I wanna clear the Fifty Floors 70.0 8.1
I wanna walk the Ceiling 40.0 8.1
I wanna be the Groovy 40.0 8.0
Endless Mirage Demo 35.0 8.0
I wanna try a Collab(共同開発) 60.0 8.0
I wanna be the aq spike 55.0 8.0
I wanna sheep 100 55.0 8.0
I wanna clear 50 neon floors 55.0 8.0
I wanna suspend in the sky 2 50.0 8.0
I wanna be the Red coin mania IIDX 2 Praxia 42.0 8.0
I wanna be the IWD spike 30.0 8.0
I wanna rely the Needle 4 40.0 8.0
I wanna be the Arcfox Needle 70.0 8.0
I wanna be the continuity 60.0 8.0
I Wanna Spook Jam 49.0 8.0
Serial Experiments Kid 45.0 8.0
I wanna try a Collab 2 70.0 8.0
I wanna find another test player 50.0 8.0
I wanna be the knight of shining armor 41.0 8.0
I wanna wanna 25.0 8.0
I Wanna Classic Adventure 40.0 8.0
I wanna qoqoqo 2 73.0 8.0
I Wanna Rely The Needle 4.2 31.0 8.0
I wanna Give and Take 54.0 8.0
I wanna feed Your Escapism 50.0 8.0
I Wanna Kill The Meat Boy 50.0 8.0
I wanna Go Ahead!(共同開発) 45.0 8.0
I wanna be the G 48.0 8.0
I wanna Walpurgis 45.0 8.0
I wanna escape the mansion 35.0 8.0
I wanna Kill the Sacred C3 2 25.0 8.0
I wanna be the 0x00FF00 63.0 7.9
I wanna pass the 32px game 50.0 7.8
I wanna be Friends 40.0 7.8
I wanna go the Jumple Refrenture 70.0 7.8
I wanna be the 8possible(一般公開版) 25.0 7.7
Flames Needle(共同開発) 75.0 7.7
I Wanna Temporal Spire 40.0 7.7
I Wanna Be the Chair 2 58.0 7.7
I wanna be the Neon 2 50.0 7.6
Untitled35 50.0 7.5
I wanna enjoy the Electrified Butterscotch Dandy 53.0 7.5
I wanna rely the Needle 3 45.0 7.5
I wanna Diminish the Colors 60.0 7.5
I wanna be the NMN II 55.0 7.5
I wanna Weave Through the Witch's Needle 70.0 7.5
I wanna rely the Needle 2 54.0 7.5
indigo needle 32.0 7.5
I wanna best the needle 2 50.0 7.5
I wanna Thank You Thenewgeezer(共同開発) 65.0 7.5
I wanna Traverse the Neon Rainbow 50.0 7.5
I wanna best the needle 3 37.0 7.5
I wanna be the Make Hardest Fangame 62.0 7.5
I wanna get Cultured 57.0 7.5
I Wanna Make the Marathon Needle 2 70.0 7.5
Kid World 35.0 7.5
I wanna rely the Needle 45.0 7.5
I wanna colorize the needle 50.0 7.5
Summer Feast Needle Bliss 68.0 7.5
I Wanna Kill The Blue Mage 2 62.0 7.5
I wanna be the Breather 55.0 7.5
I wanna be the 3200min 40.0 7.5
I wanna challenge 100 trials!! 25.0 7.5
We Live Under The Stairs 10.0 7.5
I wanna jump the Rainbow(共同開発) 73.0 7.4
I wanna make some short needle 59.0 7.3
I wanna walk the Ceiling2(共同開発) 40.0 7.3
I wanna best the needle 4 50.0 7.3
I wanna KeyPick 100 50.0 7.2
I Wanna Rid The Black Mist 40.0 7.2
Untitled15 60.0 7.2
Shiz Nits 48.0 7.2
I wanna be the Vidro 30.0 7.1
Chill Needle 45.0 7.0
I Wanna LoveSpike 30.0 7.0
I wanna Now or Never 42.0 7.0
I Wanna Make the Marathon Needle 50.0 7.0
Untitled53 48.0 7.0
I wanna dreamy state of mind 25.0 7.0
I wanna Advent 53.0 7.0
I wanna go across the Crimson Rainbow 65.0 7.0
I wanna go the Trap Way 2 35.0 7.0
I wanna visualize the Needle 50.0 7.0
I wanna be far from home 70.0 7.0
I wanna beat the Anhedonia 45.0 7.0
I wanna enjoy my yellow shoes 2 52.0 7.0
I wanna Roll Around 53.0 7.0
I wanna be the Kaenbyou 20.0 7.0
I wanna be the Mason 55.0 7.0
I wanna destroy the pluto 57.0 7.0
I wanna eat the Rori Girl 20.0 7.0
I wanna be the Neon 50.0 7.0
I cannot but go ahead through the way of the starlit sky 20.0 7.0
I wanna play an Adventure game 55.0 7.0
I wanna be the Strongest Fairy 30.0 7.0
I wanna be the Dotneedle 55.0 7.0
I wanna scrape my face 39.0 7.0
I wanna Go the Run! 30.0 7.0
I wanna break the Neon Miku 42.0 7.0
I wanna escape the Colorless Dimension 60.0 7.0
I wanna PP 100 35.0 7.0
I Wanna Uhuhu Spike 2 50.0 7.0
I wanna Survive 31.0 7.0
I wanna see the sky 48.0 7.0
I wanna hab the Luka 53.0 7.0
I wanna Magical 58.0 7.0
I wanna hold the Needle 50.0 6.9
A Minimal Adventure 40.0 6.9
I wanna get Freedom 25.0 6.8
I wanna qoqoqo origin 36.0 6.7
I wanna be the Mascarpone 40.0 6.7
I wanna HumyaaPunpun 40.0 6.7
I wanna give Q to play 60.0 6.5
I wanna be the Neurosis 60.0 6.5
I wanna destroy the mercury 40.0 6.5
I wanna be the M-God 50.0 6.5
I wanna descend the 69 67.0 6.5
I wanna be the うまい人 25.0 6.5
I wanna be the Math Major 2 N/A 6.5
I wanna Descend Past Hell 40.0 6.5
I wanna Become the Vegetable 30.0 6.5
I Wanna Defeat the Discord Makers Kela Side 2 40.0 6.5
I Wanna Win The Miku [Official Release] 45.0 6.3
I wanna take turns 70.0 6.3
I wanna be the Sicher Beste 2 55.0 6.2
I wanna be the Four seasons 45.0 6.2
I wanna be the Archfoe 67.0 6.2
I wanna reach the Ark 40.0 6.1
I wanna escape the Cave 40.0 6.1
I wanna not to miss you 41.0 6.1
Untitled55 40.0 6.0
I simply wanna find a cute cat girl 70.0 6.0
I wanna be the AM03;00 25.0 6.0
I wanna Grow Up 50.0 6.0
I wanna be the Great mind 38.0 6.0
I wanna be the Sapphire 42.0 6.0
I Wanna Wave 39.0 6.0
I wanna be the Inferno 50.0 6.0
I wanna trial the simple needle 33.0 6.0
I wanna be the Potpitpo easymode 55.0 6.0
I wanna annaw I 60.0 6.0
I wanna reach the needle N/A 6.0
I wanna Unicorn Dustboxxxx 50.0 6.0
I wanna randrandrand 50.0 6.0
I wanna be the Little runner 15.0 6.0
I wanna be the Phallophobia 53.0 6.0
I wanna be the Onelife 30.0 6.0
I wanna be the Fresh day 40.0 6.0
I wanna TKTU spike2 41.0 6.0
I wanna be the Emerald 45.0 6.0
I wanna get Lively 45.0 6.0
I wanna uhuhu spike 3 55.0 6.0
I wanna Connect 58.0 6.0
I don't wanna Worry 40.0 6.0
I wanna have a good winter holiday 70.0 6.0
I wanna see the Sky 2 43.0 6.0
I wanna make you ya 2 65.0 5.7
I wanna whisper in mirror 60.0 5.5
I wanna be the Friendly Needle 50.0 5.5
I wanna experience the Two Colours 52.0 5.5
I wanna meet the Image of music 40.0 5.5
I wanna Farc spike 65.0 5.5
I wanna gensoukyo 43.0 5.5
I wanna be the 書き換えられた設計図 36.0 5.5
I wanna be the STY 45.0 5.5
I wanna enjoy the Birthday of King 4 57.0 5.5
I wanna Radii 58.0 5.4
I wanna recover the Quality 25.0 5.0
I wanna practice Climbing 35.0 5.0
Lover in the Dark 30.0 5.0
I wanna be the dazzle N/A 5.0
I wanna Espina 30.0 5.0
I wanna be the Hypertrophic Lobotomous Coalescing Bumblebee 55.0 5.0
I wanna be the ]-[│/34<#! 82.0 5.0
I wanna 64 35.0 5.0
I wanna punch Pieceofcheese in the face 50.0 5.0
I wanna get used to Needle Game 25.0 5.0
I wanna be the Flower frozen 30.0 5.0
I wanna hate isaac because he's gay 52.0 5.0
I wanna feel pain 55.0 4.9
I wanna make the Easy Game 1 60.0 4.8
I want to find you 40.0 4.8
I wanna avoid a cherry 63.0 4.7
I Wanna Conquer the Discorder 60.0 4.5
I wanna capture the Labyrinth 35.0 4.5
I wanna be the Fidelity 55.0 4.5
I wanna eat Sheep spike 2 35.0 4.0
I wanna konspike 50.0 4.0
I wanna Jumpjumpjump!!! 60.0 4.0
I wanna be the Professional(共同開発) 45.0 4.0
I wanna flutter like a Swallowtail 35.0 4.0
I wanna be the Koramune 60.0 4.0
I wanna play the ILispike2 50.0 3.9
I wanna Festival 30.0 3.5
I wanna NNS 40.0 3.5
I wanna be the N&P(共同開発) N/A 3.5
I wanna be the Limp Noodle 55.0 3.5
I wanna be the white and black world2 45.0 3.5
I wanna be the 初級者 10.0 3.5
I wanna be the Outer Side(共同開発) N/A 3.0
I wanna huwahuwa spikes 50.0 3.0
I hate the TA 50.0 3.0
I wanna be the Churatch 50.0 3.0
I wanna be the Easy needle 30.0 2.5
I wanna be like Brassen 60.0 2.5
I wanna be the ADHD 75.0 2.5
I wanna be the Hand 70.0 2.5
I wanna σ(=^・ω・^=) 10.0 2.0
I wanna go the Parallel World(共同開発) 59.0 2.0
I wanna kill the Maker 60.0 2.0
I wanna give you an Easy Game 2 35.0 2.0
I wanna An elementary game 35.0 2.0
I don't wanna be the Kira 30.0 1.5
I wanna be the Adventure 30.0 1.5
I wanna make the Everyone's bridge! 60.0 1.0
I wanna be the Line 60.0 1.0
I wanna be the Ned 2 35.0 1.0
I wanna be the 斜め針祭り!いろは 12.0 1.0
I wanna be the NT 20.0 1.0
I don't want to be Guilty 35.0 0.5
I wanna do the Save Jump N/A 0.5
I wanna kill the MASSACRE IS FEATURED 80.0 0.5
I wanna be the 5th world(下西アリスさん作) 30.0 0.5
I wanna be the coupon 5.0 0.5
I wanna be the 水中SGGK&鬼畜配置練習 N/A 0.0
I wanna be the needle gamer 3 N/A 0.0
I wanna beat the Difficult Jumps 100.0 0.0
I wanna be the Engine Miniwa v2 N/A N/A
I wanna be the Reincarnation N/A N/A
I wanna be the Dies Irae N/A N/A
I wanna be the Roman N/A N/A
I wanna be the Feng N/A N/A
I wanna be the Stilette N/A N/A
I wanna be the Oceanus N/A N/A
I wanna be the Red N/A N/A
I wanna get the chocolate N/A N/A
I wanna be the Lethargic N/A N/A
I wanna daze the Gets N/A N/A
I wanna be the Ocean Princess N/A N/A
I wanna go to origin N/A N/A
I Wanna Ponder N/A N/A

269 Reviews

For: I Wanna Wave
Short 5 screen straight needle game with no gimmicks. Simple clean aesthetic and a decent, quite open style of jump design. Its enjoyable for the few minutes it lasts.

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Tagged as: Needle Short
[0] Likes
Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 39 39
Dec 7, 2018
For: I wanna be the Math Major 2
Its a solidly made math quiz game at probably the correct difficulty level (up to calculus) for someone considering becoming a math major with some fangame humor spread throughout.

Kid's a bum though if he can't get a job with a math degree, its not like its philosophy or literature or something.

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Tagged as: Math
[2] Likes
Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 5, 2018
For: Summer Feast Needle Bliss
It averages out to a decent needle game. However, that's only part of the story.

It contains stages from 5 makers, followed by a final tower made by Ghost as the organizer of the collab.

Infernoman and Wolfiexe's stages are great easier stages, mixing in some of their classic styles/visuals with a lot of platform-centric stuff. Both of these have nice clean aesthetics and flow great. Following this is Sunlaoqq's stage which also matches his style. This stage looks great but the block graphic doesn't seem to perfectly align with the actual hitbox which felt a little awkward. Gameplay wise, its a throwback to his standard - longer saves, loopy rooms, minimal gimmicks. Decent, but not exceptional.

After that the game really gets a lot harder - Lucien's stage has a lot of precise stuff but generally shorter saves with a lot of interesting water usage. Some saves were much harder than others and it felt a little off but for the most part was pretty fun.

FailJGuy's stage I hated. Felt like some mediocre trash from several years ago. Mostly 32px, tons of generic jumps (in fact, it seemed like it basically only went off 32px grid to jam in 16pixels, the best of all obstacles). There wasn't a single save that was positioned well for the first jump, save balance was awful, visuals were bland and much of the stage required precise setup jumps with a black background to make it more tedious to see your setups. This plus one other thing (detailed later) pretty near ruined the game.

Ghost's stage was neat. It was much easier than the previous stages with a weird style, and a layout reminiscent of the Don't Wanna Be A Gay tower from Cultured 1, featuring a long upwards climb with lots of empty space, highlighting the various community members along the way. Overall it was enjoyable - the needle wasn't really exciting but its a nice concept to showcase a lot of members from other communities I didn't know well. Ghost did a good job with production throughout, except for one thing.

In the original version, saving was problematic as it seemed to bug out and stick the player in the block. Thankfully this did in fact get fixed (though sadly I hadn't realized it before finishing). If you encounter this problem - make sure to redownload the update.

I'd say unless you're hard up for needle to play, do the first couple stages for a quick chill experience and then proceed until you find something you dislike. There's some pretty different styles here which can have mixed results.

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Tagged as: Needle Collab
[0] Likes
Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 68 68
Dec 2, 2018
For: I wanna KeyPick 100
(Review mentions extra, rating does not include it) An interesting one, for sure. This guy has demonstrated a penchant for puzzles and I'm a fan of that. Having played through the vast majority of Gaze though, I felt that the keypick stage was far and away the worst thing in the game so this intrigued me - either it was commitment to a mistake or a chance to redeem himself. In this case, it was the latter.

Unlike the keypick stage in Horizon, these puzzles are much more compacted and actually use some interesting and complicated concepts instead of 'how many doors and tedious timesinks can be jammed into a single screen'. In that regard, the design is much improved.

Unfortunately, instead, this game suffers from the classic 100 Floor syndrome though, seen in a lot of games of the genre. I would flag roughly about half of the floors completely meaningless and repetitive. The solution in these are either basically the exact same as a previous, with no interesting concepts and no real difficulty. Fortunately there's a number of good ones along the way, as he certainly adds a lot of depth to the concept compared to the horizon stage. Unfortunately it also suffers from a bit too much complexity jammed into a little door, and can frequently make it difficult to tell exactly whats going on. I imagine the in-game instructions help with that, but they are all in Japanese so be aware of that.

Overall its a good puzzle game - I wouldn't say ever gets very difficult though some rooms get long enough that they become tough to get through if you don't want to plan it out. The platforming is basically non-existent, and to some extent detracts from the game as there's a ton of walking back and forth in empty space just from one spot to another, frequently in layouts where its not optimized for convenient paths. Finally, there's a nice little boss at the end - very easy but serves as a nice finale for the game.

There is an extra that requires finding shiny keys. Some of these are okay, most of them are just stupid. There is a guide available [url="https://pastebin.com/X7Y0KqX7"]here[/url] if interested (credit to whoever posted it, it wasn't me). That said, extra is just a re-hash of the tedious Horizon stage, so not really worth the trouble.

I'd recommend this if you like puzzles and want to take it easy as you'll have a lot of time just walking back and forth to not stress yourself out. The puzzles do not get too difficult (much easier than Ponder or Horizon's), so it's probably a decent intermediary choice between something like Design or Solve Color Puzzle in the scope of Fangame puzzle games before the aforementioned harder ones.

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Tagged as: Boss 100_Floor Puzzle
[3] Likes
Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 50 50
Nov 24, 2018
For: I wanna go the Ocean Wetventure
The third game in Piece's reimagining of classic gimmick series, this time its all about the water.

It had a high standard to live up to, and from a design and production standpoint it definitely did. The level design is great, maintaining but improving the style of the traditional gimmick needle with weird interludes between them to add flavor. Visually, it continues to improve and there's a lot of nice polish and effects in this one.

That said, I probably had the least fun with this one. There are (as you'd imagine) many types of water and they're certainly designed around well, but the choices for the water gimmicks left a little bit to be desired for me. Whereas jungle/jumple both offered variations that let you do things you wouldn't normally do and allowing the player a sense of freedom and style (as these air-time based gimmicks are known to do), the choices here felt a lot more limiting. While they changed the way your approach obstacles and the inputs to overcome them in interesting ways, many of these water gimmicks felt like they limited the players ability rather than amplified it by removing or hindering control schemes.

Nonetheless, its still a really good gimmick needle game and worth a play if you liked the previous and like something a little spicier than regular needle. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys gimmick needle as long but with the caveat that if you hate gimmicks like ice or conveyors and such that force the players movement in specific ways, to expect a bit of frustration with this. Also worth noting this is probably the easiest of the trilogy, which worked well, and given there isn't a necessity to doing them in any order is a perfectly viable starting point for the series.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick
[2] Likes
Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 60 60
Nov 22, 2018

2 Games

GameDifficultyAverage Rating# of Ratings
I wanna be the Ocean Princess 68.7 9.2 20
I Wanna Ponder 71.8 9.9 16

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