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8 Reviews

For: I wanna kadai 03
You fight a dragon over and over, and each time the boss gets a bit harder. Up until level 30 it will add new attacks, buff them or add more hps. After it only adds more hps. I got past level 50, and I'm 99% sure the game is unbeatable.

The boss in itself is very fun once you figure out a consistent strat. You don't shoot at him, but instead throw bombs which you control the angle of. The shooting style was very satisfying. The boss is fair, except maybe for the healing attack. It's fun, but i'm not sure I'd recommend it.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 40 40
Aug 21, 2017
For: I wanna be the Simple
4 stages you need to clear in order to unlock the final one. All of them are very unique pieces of platforming, and they're all mediocre. Each stage ends with a boss, and they're also all mediocre.

Final stage starts off with a long segment where you must ride a path-following platform through the room, reminescent of the classic tempest secret item. You also don't move along with the platform. The rest of stage 5 is pretty hard and terrible.

Final boss has 10 hps. It will keep firing a weird kind of aiming-bullet on a set interval. Each hit triggers a really weird attack that is nigh impossible to read, so you must have a strat for each one of the 10 hits (everything is pattern). IT'S REALLY BAD

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Tagged as: Adventure Long Bosses
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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 20, 2017
For: I wanna 4Stage games
4 shitty platforming areas. One of them especially, with a density of 10 generic spike traps per save, diagonals overuse, fast conveyors belts and a required 1-frame. Another area is a reiteration of secret 5 with two corners on the last screen. Don't play this.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 85 85
Jul 31, 2017
For: I wanna be the はひふへほにゃらら
A fairly long avoidance/barrage featuring dot hitbox and infinite jump. Fight's decomposed into 3 phases :

First phase is Taiko phase ; it's pretty easy and won't kill you often after you've cleared it once.

Second phase is miku phase. It's a bit harder, more unfair, but still fun.

Third phase is Colonel phase. Very stressful phase overall, with hard but completely fair attacks. Fourth and last phase lasts for around 20 seconds and consist of a cat throwing every bullet sprites this game has to offer at you. Super stressful and clutch phase.

I definitely recommend this game if you don't mind some insta-gib deaths in second phase. Was a lot of fun.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 13, 2016
For: I wanna beat the Spikes 5
Difficulty rating is based exclusively on the final jump and doesn't include extra.

15 very precise single-jump rooms. Fine visuals, great music. the jumps themselves are really well-made and polished ; you'll always be given the good align. It may look like aids, but all of the jumps are interesting.
The final jump (15) is an Octocorner that requires a lot of frame perfect inputs. Was fun to learn.
There's also an extra that consists of a quadruple invert with a water block on the middle ; I didn't and won't bother giving it a go.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 92 92
Jul 13, 2016
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