I wanna be the Mage

Creator: XpMonster

Average Rating
0.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
45.0 / 100
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3 Reviews:

I wanna be the Mage is a huge piece of garbage that isn't worth anyone's time.

The game features probably the worst physics I've ever seen ; z and x controls, you can only full jump, double jump is the same height as a normal one. The extremely slippery physics will make you feel like all you're walking on is ice blocks. Player's hitbox is also fucked.
Saving in this game is also one hell of an adventure. They're always in akward places and shooting them is a pain. You'll never meet any saveblocker.
But I believe the worst thing about that game is that saves save your momemtum/number of jumps when you die. Half of the time you can't double jump if you save on the ground.
You're not even able to close the game using escape.
Last thing to say about the save system is that you can't shut down the game before the second half or you'll just restart at the beggining. Same thing goes for the second half.
horrendous water physics and vines mechanics that took me a whole 10 minutes to figure.
You can literally softlock yourself at every screen of the game due to the horrendous save-system.

Level-desing itself is all you can except from such a game : speed = 15 cherry triggers, transitional ganks, fucking invisible blocks maze, Guy ripoffs, direction = 270 spike triggers, no BGM at all, cancer inconsistent visuals, confusing where-the-fuck-should-I-go riddles, obvious traps, 48px grid, ect...
The bosses were the most playable parts of the game. Still cancerous and unfair, but playable.

I'll give this half a point because you can see the dude actually tried, and because there's a plot. The game is also unfinished and the final version probably will never see the light of day. Oh, and this version ends in the middle of nowhere, in a transition from one screen to another you'll get an error message. Totally worth the two hours I spent getting there.

Don't even try to play this to see how bad it is ; you'll get frustrated or softlock in the first few screens. That said, I think I wanna be the Mage is the worst fangame I've ever played.

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Rating: 0.5 5       Difficulty: 45 45
Jul 13, 2016
Some of the worst physics I have ever played with. It is so glidy and hard to control (plus it uses z and x), and everything else like the apples are way to fast when they trigger. EW.

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Jun 2, 2016
Game uses different physics, z for jump, and x for shoot.

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Jun 2, 2016