UpRising The Mechanical Garden

Creators: 128-Up, Giest118, Neo

Average Rating
7.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
47.0 / 100
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  • by 128Up
  • by 128Up
  • by 128Up
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5 Reviews:

One of the best fangames (?) I've seen so far. While I still see some IWBTG on the later platforming, most of this game reminds me of...Super Meat Boy? Yeah. Whatever.
So, you have a character that moves in a way that doesn't resemble Super Meat Boy in the slightest, and you have to get through 5 worlds (Because it's still at beta) with 20 stages each, and if you get through a stage within a certain limit of time, you'll unlock a harder version of this stage on the Dark World...OK. Stop. This game is on the wrong wiki. Send it to the Super Meat Boy Fangames wiki, please?! Alright, I'll stop the jokes now.
All the worlds are incredibly well-made, and although the difficulty curve isn't the best I've seen (Stage 20 on World 2 is actually harder than any Stage on World 3 or World 4), it's still solid for the most part. The gimmicks are awesome, the way the stages are built is awesome, the bosses are awesome, everything in this game is simply too awesome. The only reasons why it doesn't get a 10 are the not-so-balanced difficulty curve and, well, Beta. Would recommend to anyone.

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[4] Likes
Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: 52 52
Feb 18, 2015
Shame it is a demo, wish it were longer.

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[2] Likes
Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 50 50
Mar 15, 2016
Very good fangame, even though not similar to the others.

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[0] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 24, 2017
there is no the kid!

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[0] Likes
Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 49 49
Jul 17, 2016
I don't think of this as a fangame. I would give it the same score even if I did see it as a fangame, however. It's not bad, but I wouldn't recommend it to people.

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[0] Likes
Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 44 44
May 31, 2015