I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3

Creators: Influcca, Kamilia, どるっぴ, こあら, サイバー, ルキト, LunarMagic, Betty, Shi.Yu., ヨーヨー, ところてん, あお, ThenewGeezer

Average Rating
7.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
91.3 / 100
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Needle (3) Avoidance (2) Medley (15) Boss (4) Long (4) Crimson (1) Taisa (2) Destination (2) Difficult (1)


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82 Reviews:

Actually this game is pretty good.

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Tagged as: Medley Long
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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 95 95
Jan 15, 2016
Even if the boss rush "isn't that good", most of the game is really well made and fun to play. There are pretty nice ideas and, except the bossrush, the difficulty curve is well made. The musics are good, most of the screens are well chosen. The bosses have too much RNG imo but they are by far some of the best bosses I have ever seen. And the achievements are funny!

This is not one of the best game of the wiki but I just wonder why it has a rating as low compared to some fangames which aren't that good at all imo.

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Tagged as: Medley
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 90 90
Dec 15, 2015
Stage 1: simple, but sometimes has some tight jumps (half diamond on the first screen for example)
Boss 1: mushroom rng and final avoidance are the only hard thing about it
Stage 2: small difficulty bump. Wouldn't recommend going to secret 2 tho (Cancel jump into plane? Hell no!)
Boss 2: looks hard, but it isn't
Stage 3: first half is simple and fun, even secret didn't take much time. Second half is hard as hell (especially RZ and guy tower)
Boss 3: BENZEN is the only hard thing about it
Stage 4: as hard as second half of stage 3 or even little bit harder.You need to cancel jump to get through some saves. Since the beginning of this stage I stopped going to secrets.
Colonel: curving and platform were the only ones difficult for me
Dotkid miku: get through the yai yai part and get good RNG at the end and you are DONE
Emperor miku: learn phase 3 and 4. After that you just need to get through RNG on phase 5 and 6
Piano: slow attack is an abomination.
Boss 4: the beginning and K2 references are random. Other stuff is a pattern
Kamilia area: minesweeper is easy, simon says sucked and maze was amazing
Lunarmagic area: worst boss so far. 50% of the boss is just unfair RNG and 25% is rythm stuff. Really hated this one.
Betty area: had a lot of fun doing saves, except the last one. The last jump is insane (Cancel into corner? Secret 2 flashback? oh no...). Really liked other stuff tho.
Doruppi area: pattern festival basically. There are only 3 (or 4 including mikus attack end) random attacks during whole boss. Amazingly well made, except flower attack and last RNG (which I somehow cleared on my first try).
Rukito area: each save has at least one difficult moment. Hated 5th save because of the drop. 6th save was unique. Compared to Betty, this one didn't spam traps and meme jumps like corners or one jump diamonds, though there is a requiered floor gate on 3rd save.
Cyber area: Pure RNG. First half was really neat and simple, however it all started going downhill since the beginning of "like this" attack. Boss becomes RNG dependant. However it gets even more unfair on last 2 attacks (AKA spooky shiny ghost and final). Hardest boss yet, though took me like 7 hours (extreme luck?)
Influka area: we are officially non-fangaming now. It's a gradius segment. The intro is really long and gets boring after some time. However after intro begins the boss. First phase is pretty much free, though sometimes you can get really bad RNG (especially on meteors attack). However the true fight begins on 2nd phase, also known as "Kamilia's balls". These "balls" have 4 types of bullet hell attack, which are chosen randomly every time. Neat boss overall, though intro is quite troublesome.
M-stage: The gimmick here is time pressure and waiting (last screen). We have all kind of common jumps here: planes, corners, half diamonds, ledges, f-jumps... Though it looked impossibly hard, it went fast and I had a lot of fun, but save 8 ruined this stage. Much harder than Rukito.
Final boss: definitely the hardest segment in the game (on any% at least). Even though it was absurdly hard (21 hours to clear...) I didn't really hate it (well, except random on final phase and figuring how the final works). Here's review for every phase:
Phase 1: pretty much a free phase, except for random at the end and in the beginning. Uses ikaruga gimmick the right way. Neat patterns.
Phase 2: this is where the true boss begins. This phase consists of 10 attacks with last one being a little bit longer. The ikaruga gimmick usage lacks here A LOT (only attack called "insects" uses it). Really really hard to get through it first time, though after a while you start to get constant >5% succes rate.
Phase 3: I'm speechless... It's supposed to be epic and mostly possible phase. However it turned into a grindfest after a dozen of tries for me. Begins with blue-red orb pentagons aiming on you, slowly (make sure you know any strats on how to aim them, otherwise you gonna spend another dozen of attempts figuring it out). The geometry is insanely tough to get through, but it's mostly possible. Patterns were neat (I never died to them). However final sucks in the worst way possible. I'm still not sure about it, but it looked like the circles depended on your position before getting through them. You'll die mostly on this one crazy attack. And after that you need to do the beginning of 2nd cycle, including beginning of geometry (amount of shapes varies based how much hp boss have left). I chocked once, but it was because of bad orb strat (with wall (corner?) strat orbs become literally free on 2nd cycle).

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 95 95
Nov 15, 2015
i LOVE k3, but its one of the most hardest fangames

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 94 94
Sep 13, 2015
could say that kamilia 3 is one of my favorite fan games to pezar of its so high difficulty, you just enter and you have a great intro of fund and achievements which will give you great satisfaction unblock them, jumping a little review of the stage flandre scarlet is one of my favorite bosses both in stg and in the fan games in k3 is quite fun to pezar that it costs you enough to complete the first few times you arrive to the hatsome miku avoiddance "crime and punishment" after that in stage 2 you have a great soundtrack and you start with vanish needles funny fangame where the speed is first to complete it then you have piyopiyo trap, personally this presses you a bit to make 2 screens without saved and its so to speak medium difficulty, air ... funny and quite easy, buy the crayon, adjust the mechanics of speed somewhat different to what you are used to by luck does not surpass your difficulty with complicated jumps to exception of the final bundles of the second screen, payment well just patience even more if you go through the portal, saving some time I do not describe all the fangames in stage 2, approximately 27 hours of play and I am here, in mr.bright and mr.shine I almost always finish this boss but the die mechanic seems to punish me a lot with numbers like 5, 8 and 9.
and well, with that I end my review.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 95 95
Dec 7, 2018