I wanna be the evening spike

Creator: てお

Average Rating
2.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
24.3 / 100
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Needle (2) Short (1)


  • by WrathofAnubis
  • by WrathofAnubis
  • by WrathofAnubis

3 Reviews:

According to readme: meant for players of middle skill level, hard for beginners. Good players should be able to finish in 15 minutes.
In fact: easy game meant for beginners. Took me around 5 minutes.
Default block textures, one random song for bgm, a background that you could probably find by searching for "wallpaper" on google images, and boring spikes. Aiming to get cheap deaths from bad visibility and spike placement on screen change.

Don't play it.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 15 15
Apr 6, 2015
A short needle game that could have been solid if not for the awful combination of tileset and background. A dark patch renders some spikes practically invisible, and the platforming in general isn't particularly interesting. Might give a small challenge to newer players, but mostly because they won't expect the spikes that are conveniently impossible to see...not recommended. At least the music doesn't restart.

UPDATE: As of version 1.16, there's a harder difficulty unlocked after normal that's a bit more interesting. I'd rate it about 45, but it still suffers from the same poor visibility as the first segment (albeit slightly less egregiously since you're expecting spikes everywhere). Slightly more worthwhile now.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 30 30
Apr 9, 2015
Basically one of those needle games with random save placement, and an even more random spike placement. Screen transition spikes and spikes that can't be seen because they have the same color as the background turn this into a guessing game. To be fair, the music is actually nice, doesn't restart and there is no death sound. But these are the only good things about the game. Wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 28 28
Apr 6, 2015