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Needle (1)


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8 screens of really difficult needle and three extra screens. The main portion of the game begins somewhat reasonable, but really spirals out of hand with screen 4, but then tones back down from then on.

There is a considerable amount of one-framing required in this game as a whole and the last room requires jump cancelling. Extra 2 requires jump cancelling. I have no idea if extra 3 can be done with one-framing, as it's without a doubt the hardest portion of the game (I currently have doubled my death count on it and my PB is about 2/3 of the way through the jump--I think it may be possible, but it's incredibly difficult to carry out; it's by far the hardest single jump I've ever attempted); if I were to include it in the difficulty rating, this game would have a 98 or so.

I had fun once I figured out how each jump worked, but I'd only recommend this to people who are pretty skilled at needle.

Edit: Extra 3 requires 4 1-frames all carried out at equal intervals, and they all have to be done within half a second; it's absolutely fucking stupid, but at the same time I'm having fun with it for whatever reason.

Edit 2: After watching Kefit try to do screen 4, as well as literally everyone in chat trying to do the final jump as well, I've concluded that I got really fucking lucky doing this; the jump is v-align dependent and there's no consistent way to set it up, so it's pure luck getting it. It really isn't worth it if you don't get lucky early on.

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Feb 18, 2016