I wanna be the guy! Flash Version

Creator: Guiaki

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0.7 / 10
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35.0 / 100
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2 Reviews:

The difficulty of this game arises from how bad the hitboxes are; it's remarkable how imprecisely precise they are (you die to stuff while standing a few pixels away from it, yet you can still do what I guess would be a 16 pixel).

You have no double jump (unless you run off a block and jump), and you have no variable jump height; furthermore, you have to jump with space, which would have been cool for me back in 2012 when I sucked at the original. There is a trap that I still don't understand visually, and the level design is overall just really bad. The final room is a choice screen--oh boy!-- where you have three holes at the bottom, and two of the holes kill you. I originally believed it was impossible because of how the hitboxes worked, but it's just really precise, and you'll probably spend more than enough deaths trying to figure out which hole is the right one because of this.

Save yourself the trouble and skip this.

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Apr 27, 2016
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Oct 9, 2016