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Needle (1) Gimmick (1)


  • by kurath

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Review based on medium ('easy') mode. I'm neglecting to give it a difficulty because it clearly wasn't intended to be played on medium mode (though I'd put maybe a 25-30 for medium).

Its 7 stages, each one focused around a basic gimmick (triggers, moving spikes, pathed objects, platforms, vines, water, needle). There's some pretty decent design in a lot of places but with no explanation of what difficulty to pick you get 4 stages in and then realize that medium was just an afterthought. For two of the worlds rather than scaling it down for medium he just made all the spikes not kill you, completely trivializing them to the extent it should've just been skipped.

Essentially the further along you went, the less effort was put into making medium a proper experience so my recommendation (which I'm not taking myself since I committed to the route) is play it on hard instead. From what I did look at it was a much more fleshed out experience.

Where there was effort put in it was good except for the fact that he dug up a terrible background/foreground visual effect and refined its awfulness the whole way through. If he had bothered polishing off the experience correctly this could've been really good but there's still a couple solid stages of medium.

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Feb 19, 2017