I wanna be the Plumeria


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7.7 / 10
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38.8 / 100
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Adventure (2) Trap (1) Gimmick (2)


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Short, but nice adventure game.
It consists of 3 stages.

Full review:

Game starts with a easy stage with modified tiles of DAREJAR. It has a lot of traps that are nice and some of them well-made, there are also enemies from Mario.
The boss is a fruit. The attacks are pretty easy, there are some hard ones but the boss don't have very much HP, so it's easy.

Second stage is a temple. And is where the game gets harder.
This time, there are less traps, it focuses more on gimmicks.
Boss is a lava monster, harder than the first one. Most of the attacks are easy, though there are some RNG attacks.

Third stage is a kind of castle, that haves a gimmick that is a platform you can grab if you press up key. The problem of this stage is that the gimmick glitches somethimes, that makes that The Kid can't grab on it. I didn't really enjoy this stage for that, but besides it's a good stage.
The last boss is Remilia, touhou-themed boss. It changes the attack once you have damaged the enough HP. Some of the attacks can be precise, that makes it hard to avoid.
Once you defeat it, you came to the last phase.
It's surviving 30 seconds of barrage, it's easy but you need to be careful, otherwise, you'll die.

It's a nice game with great production value, traps are nice and most of the music choices are great. Recommended if you can manage the gimmick from third stage.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 40 40
Sep 10, 2017
So i was rerolling, trying to find a new game and i came to this game, saw it wasn't rated and i thought that this isn't a very good game and was about to reroll, but i managed to see the screenshot which made it seem like this is not a bad game, so i decided to download it and thank god i did. The game isn't the best, but for it to not have a review or rating, especially since this is the author's first game, was astonishing for me. So I decided to write it a review. I will be talking about the game's content next so unless you're having problems somewhere in the game, i suggest playing the game before you read this.

The game itself is quite good: It's a 3 stage adventure with each having a boss at the end. In the first stage the game mostly uses trolls and normal mechanics. In the second the author stops using traps as much as before, but increases the difficulty overall. Now the third stage is where i had a problem with the game. In the third stage the author introduces a new mechanic that's hard to explain, but it's basically a rope which you can hold onto with the up key. Sounds good, but the rope is very buggy, since you can be in different parts of the rope not just one. If this was a rope you could climb this wouldn't be a problem, but here you use it to grab onto it and then jump off, no climbing. This meant that if you jump from below onto the rope, even when you're holding up, you could fall off or when you tried to jump, it would feel like you hit a ceiling and if you were expecting to do a normal jump you might've stopped holding up you would fall. This is pretty hard to explain unless you actually play the game, so my suggestions are these: jump on the ropes from the top and if you see yourself not on the higher part of the rope, try jumping once or twice to correct yourself. And the creator: please fix the ropes so you could only be in one part of it, because it's really frustrating when you have been trying for 15 minutes to get to the next checkpoint and you fall at the last rope jump for no reason.
Well I haven't talked about the bosses yet so let's begin: The first boss is very easy, since i beat it first try. If you somehow beat the stage and can't beat the boss, i have no words. The second boss is a bit harder, but not by much. The only 2 difficult parts of the boss are learning the fireballs across the screen pattern and dodging the hardest attack of the boss: the fireballs from the bottom corners. If you can do both, you'll be fine. The third boss is the hardest, but still isn't too difficult. It's a touhou boss, which uses touhou type attacks. She probably has a name, but I don't know much about the story of touhou games, so i don't know. The boss reminded me of the secret bosses in I wanna be the coop, which were better, but this boss isn't far from that.

This is probably everything i wanted to say about the game and for a first game it's pretty good, so i hope to see more from this creator, even though I'll probably never come across his new game if he makes it.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 40 40
Jun 4, 2017
Very nice adventure game, which consists of 3 different stages.

Game starts with pretty easy stage, which little bit reminds of I wanna be the hanamogeta theme, where is quite a lot traps, hanamogetish design and style and with really nice music, which doesn't restart, which wasn't the thing in hanamogeta. There is some interesting enemies from Mario, interesting gimmicks and as boss of this stage, you have fruit, which change its colour after the time. Some attacks are pretty easy, however some could be harder to understand (like yellow one), but you don't actually have to survive every attack, and you can defeat boss faster. Overall very easy stage.

From second stage things gets harder. Stage 2 is secret temple zone, where you have less traps and harder gameplay, but overall it doesn't have too many confusing gimmicks, which should be grinded quite a lot. Boss is little bit harder, than first boss, but is pretty easy compared with platforming of second stage. Boss is some kind of lava monster, which have bunch of random attacks, and you can only deal 1HP damage to it in the beginning of each attack. It have some harder to read attacks, but it won't take too much time.

Things gets even harder in the last stage, which is strange world, which is some kind of magic world (it have some magic fire-balls, some magicians and other stuff), here you will have one main gimmick, which sometimes works very strange - platform on which you can hang on if you tap 's'. Problem is that it sometime glitch on, and kid won't hang on. Here is some annoying parts, which are totally unfun and little bit too confusing. Almost every save should be grinded and if you are beginner, then it can take quite a while. But totally different is boss of this stage. If platforming is quite annoying, then this boss is very fun, however pretty hard. It is Touhou boss (I guess it is Flandre Scarlet, right?), which have attakcs in Touhou style (total of 5 different attacks), which means you can get to next attack, in only certain amount of remaining HP. Some attacks can be very precise, and can take quite a while. But the main reason, why this boss is even harder, is that when you defeat boss, you have bonus phase, where you have to survive given time (it was something like 30 second or so), but in the same time, you have to avoid random bullets, which are quite a lot on the screen, and need to be very careful and even lucky to survive it, since it is very chokable and pretty hard. But even that doesn't make boss annoying, no, it still is very fun boss, which have good music too. Overall, it is the hardest and the most fun boss in this game! Only thing, which wasn't in this game, but should be, is credits, which could be in this game, and would be very fitting.

To sum up, game has very high production value, have very fun bosses and some very fun platforming parts, but, still, gameplay for second and third stage could be changed, because for now they are pretty annoying and mostly unfun. Other thing, which should be in the game is credits, which aren't in this game, but would be very fitting for such game. These are the main reasons, why I didn't give 'favorite' for this game. Other fact is, that game in the beginning could look, like other games, which are very similar, like I wanna Zero game or I wanna be the hanamogeta, but it is still very different and still feels unique. Would recommend for everyone!

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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 39 39
Sep 10, 2017
Was a good game, I really enjoying this game, it's good to new player and I promise, you will loving this game ;)

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 30 30
Sep 2, 2017
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 26, 2017