I Wanna Stop The Rogues

Creator: Endogemy

Average Rating
1.1 / 10
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25.4 / 100
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Needle (5) Boss (4)


  • by growking2000
  • by Endogemy
  • by growking2000

12 Reviews:

First I would like to premise that multiple people told the creator on Discord about the problems this game had but he didn't really care about feedback, even though he would ask for it and while this review is certainly not out of spite, it is my honest opinion.

Here are the main issues I have with this game:
Very generic, with not a lot of variation in terms of anything.
Save blockers go from all over the place to non existent.
The jump sound is so awful that I had to mute the game literally 30 second into the game.
The creator in a lot of rooms gives the player multiple ways to the portal, but there is always one way that is much easier than the others, making the others pointless.
No screen transition saves (and while not a big issue) would help.
The bosses are boring and consist of 2 - 3 of the same attacks over and over again with i-frames.

In this games defense, by the end of the game, you can easily see an improvement when it comes to needle design, but it still doesn't make it fun or worth playing. The background animation is nice though, thanks to Patrick. Overall I would say dont play it and hopefully the creator can take the advice given and make a better, more fleshed out game.

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Tagged as: Needle Boss
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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 35 35
Aug 13, 2017
Most of the game wasn't anywhere near as bad to me as the reviews made me think it would be. There are three stages. The first two are as straightforward as it gets. They make clear that the maker has no sense of difficulty balance, and the jump sound might get on your nerves after a few minutes, but that's about it. The platforming is basic needle, with no particularly precise jumps and a generous amount of saves (With a few exceptions I can think of). It doesn't stand out in any way, but I didn't hate playing any parts of it either. Breezing through the screens without even paying attention to 90% of it was enjoyable in a way. It's what I classify as "Likeably mediocre", which is the kind of game I usually rate as 4.5.
The third stage has invisible warps, though, and these threw me off a bit. There are multiple routes, and, mainly on the first screen, it's hard to tell just by looking where the warp is supposed to be, so you have to go around jumping everywhere, as if you were looking for a secret.
The bosses aren't particularly easy, but they aren't particularly difficult either. They only have two attacks: Fast aimed projectiles and fast projectile bursts (Usually circle-shaped). The first two were OK, the third would be OK as well, were it not for the horrendous unskippable intro. This boss, along with the stage it belongs in, made me lower my rating a bit.

In the end, just "Mediocre" is enough to describe this game as I see it. It's even enjoyable, to some extent. It's more than I can say about anything I consider legitimately bad, for sure. Still, "mediocre" is still a pretty bad tier to have your game ranked as, for sure.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 39 39
Oct 25, 2017
The entire game feels unpolished, uninteresting and uninspired. All of the rooms are bland and boring with the occasional trigger you need to activate. A lot of the rooms feel like filler just to kill time. Speaking of killing time the final boss has a 22 second unskippable intro. There's no reason to play this game, not even as a meme.

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Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: 10 10
Aug 17, 2017
This game doesn't deserve all the hate it gets because of who specifically made it. So many people were probably rooting for this game to be bad. It is, but it isn't offensive by any stretch of the imagination. I hope Endog takes the feedback from these reviews into consideration and at least turns his next game into a 1.5 out of 10. With that being said, this game is still really bad, but I could sense some improvement in the level design by the end.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 20 20
Aug 19, 2017
Alright, I'm sure most people reading this will get the idea from the other reviews and/or the general behavior of the maker in discord but I'm gonna take it upon myself to go over every single sin this game commits design-wise.

So right off the game opens with an altered title screen. That's basically the maximum effort put in. The menus contrast horribly; the file select and options menus look completely different. Also the select sound is this awful ping noise which tells you right off the jump sound is changed.

The game begins and the very first thing you see is this terrible stretched windows XP desktop screenshot. People say that first impressions mean everything with gamemaking, and boy does it show here. First couple rooms of actual platforming have multiple saves in segments where literally nothing can kill you. Like, what's the point there. Plus you get the lovely visual style of default megaman tiles on a completely black background. Oh there's also those neat numbers what float up from the floor but those were made by someone else who was uncredited so I'm discounting them from the review. Anyway the needle's really easy and generic but somehow the maker managed to fuck up tiling on multiple places, with invisible blocks and tiles laid over each other in an ugly fashion. In a few screens you can just walk over to the right edge and fall into the screen transition object off-screen. Also one screen makes you search for a trigger to make vines appear and the location looks like a screen transition so that's cool. From here there's a simple boss that moves up and down and shoots aimed apples from (0,0) on its sprite every so often with an occasional apple ring. Also it's an antivirus for some reason? even though we're trying to stop viruses. whatever.

Stage 2 looks marginally better, aside from more tiling errors (seriously come on now). Still generic easy needle, and there aren't even triggers anymore so it's more boring. There really isn't anything to say about the platforming, so let's look at the boss. It's a simple boss that stays still and shoots aimed apples from (0,0) on its sprite every so often with an occasional apple ring. Also it's an antivirus for some reason?...Yes, it's the same boss as before! Only it's even easier. Faaaaaantastic design.

Finally we get to the last stage, which is even uglier than the last two. Great! Difficulty ramps up a bit here, but it's nothing too difficult especially given that there's still hardly any save blockers. Oh, I didn't mention that did I? Yeah save blockers are endangered in this game. Pretty sad. A few rooms in this stage are particularly notable because you basically have to guess where the transition object is! Hooraaaaaay! Also last screens have kind of a transition gib because if youre holding right when you enter the last screen you'll walk into the apples and die. This leads to the crown jewel of this masterpiece: the last boss. Oh boy, I've got many things to critique here. First off, when activated you're treated to a 20+ second unskippable cutscene where, you guessed it, and antivirus program rises up from the floor very slowly. It's obviously meant to be a rip-off of Solgryn, but it's so godawful in its execution, especially since the boss sprite is layered on top of everything except The Kid. Including its own projectiles! Speaking of, this boss has one more attack than the last two: 15 speed RNG! And it's the first thing in the fight! Absolutely splendid. After a bit of that you get to shoot the thing, then it flies about doing the other two attacks from previous bosses. Then another platform appears to the left and the boss behaves similarly to the first boss. Except there's no screen borders so there's a chance you can try dodging something and just end up falling around the platform to your death. Whenever the boss is at a shootable height, nothing happens, by the way. Meaning you have alternate sections of minor dodging and mashing Z, rather than actually having to put in any form of effort consistently. Also it still spawns everything from the top left corner of the sprite. Because who needs to look even remotely professional? Oh and one final fuck you to the players is that the game doesn't auto-save when you get to the clear screen.

Overall this is a massive pile of shit that should have been released in 2010.

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Rating: 0.4 4       Difficulty: 26 26
Aug 17, 2017