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i make needle

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I Wanna Be The Sock Needle 80.0 N/A

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socktard [Creator]
For: I Wanna Be The Sock Needle
Despite the title, this is not a meme game. It's a 6 screen somewhat challenging needle game involving very minimal gimmicks to attempt making something i personally consider to be fun with the limitations i had, i hope you'll find the same joy i found in the game :)

(New Info)

Gotten a little concerned about the lack of activity, wanted to give my difficulty estimate so it's clearly shown!

Apologies about the (cursed) 326 megabytes that the game takes up, I've addressed the issue and requested an update with the new and optimized Sock Needle which is a little over 39, no need to explain why : )

Thank you again to Mastermaxify for helping me along the way.

Yes .

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 80 80
Nov 19, 2020

1 Game

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I Wanna Be The Sock Needle 80.0 3.8 3
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