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gamers making games for other gamers.. beautiful

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20 Reviews

For: the real 50 stevenjocker area
I think the maker meant to call the game "the real stevenjocker 50 area", or maybe "50. The real stevenjocker area", cause "the real 50 stevenjocker area" is a bad google translate or something idk. Decent beginner needle

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 30 30
Aug 13, 2022
For: I Wanna OMAKENO Stroke
This game just got me into avoidance.

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 65 65
Jul 19, 2022
For: I Wanna be the AIW
As an atmospheric needle enjoyer, this was good for me

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 60 60
Jul 10, 2022
For: Panasonic Bluray
I knew this one was gonna be a banger after the save select music, but nothing could have prepared me for this game. Great atmosphere, funny story, and the silly characters all combine to make this x_floor needle fangame a must play, and it's also very accessible for its beginner/intermediate difficulty. It really feels like every detail in this fangame was handpicked and carefully curated, and it all just comes together and works beautifully. Not only that, but some of the songs in this game are straight bangers. Lost of fangames have a save select song that's so fire you'll feel a need to just listen for a while before actually playing the game, but the Opoona song chosen for this game actually is a 10/10. I literally played the playlist to this game at a party. The moon stage stuck out to me as the most memorable and best overall, with both incredible flavor and a great platforming gimmick, while the dark tower section stuck out as the best pure needle platforming. The quiz is a miss though, especially for a newer player... It is short and easy enough to just brute force, but its still a blemish in my opinion. The final boss is considerably more difficult and memorable, and is a great final hump to conclude the game.

AND the game opensource!!! what the heck!!!
This game is inspirational. it makes me want to make games.
That being said, I had to nerf rating, because good music isn't enough. still one of my favorite games tho

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 50 50
Sep 9, 2021
For: I Wanna Be The GBC
This game is crazy.

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Rating: 9.1 91       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 2, 2021
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