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58 Games

GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I Wanna Escape Heavenly Host 43.0 10.0
Chungo's Gauntlet 31.0 10.0
Guy Tower Defense 2022 20.0 10.0
I Wanna How Many Bottles of Coke Zero Can Badlands Chug in 3 Minutes? Watch & See! 65.0 10.0
New I Wanna Be The Weegee 73.0 10.0
YoYoYo Engine (Verve Edition) N/A 9.5
I wanna be the ちんちんとさせて申し訳ないです 61.0 9.3
I Wanna Save the Ship 45.0 9.3
I wanna combine the 2 forces 67.0 9.1
I wanna gameover 49.0 9.0
I wanna Go Frantic N/A 9.0
I wanna go shopping N/A 9.0
I wanna revolve the moai statue N/A 8.8
I wanna break more traps 2 40.0 8.7
I wanna be the as7h69dj8ewfhce93 N/A 8.0
YOU ARE NOT THE GUY (Breaking Bad Remix) N/A 7.5
I wanna funny minions 26.0 7.0
I wanna be Weak 52.0 7.0
I Wanna Are These The World's Most Crispy Fries 75.0 6.9
Not Another Needle Contest 2 51.0 6.5
55.0 6.0
DaYe?ZhuBi!? OttoThief! 56.0 5.6
I wanna be the Beginner's Gocchan 25.0 5.0
Wathet 60.0 4.7
I wanna know my retribution 77.0 4.5
I wanna be the ♂ 45.0 4.5
i wanna be the exvoary 62.0 4.0
I wanna be the Yellow 68.0 3.9
I Wanna Be The Sock Needle 75.0 3.8
i wanna make a game for pancake cups 34.0 3.5
I Wanna Beat The Tomodati N/A 3.5
i wanna escape greeen cave (初心者用) 30.0 3.4
I wanna try the 114514 tomodatis N/A 3.0
I wanna show the boku no hero 42.0 2.7
i wanna insert sasaki マミーポコパンツ 事故 N/A 2.5
I wnnna climb the mountain 10.0 2.5
i wanna 白くん 43.0 2.5
Oh, I'm a Gummy Bear (yes) I'm a Gummy Bear Oh, I'm a yummy, chummy, funny, lucky, Gummy Bear I'm a jelly bear Yes I'm a Gummy Bear Oh I'm a movin', g 51.0 2.3
アイワナのような何か N/A 2.0
I wanna go to the store to buy milk 45.0 2.0
i wanna nagito!! N/A 1.6
I wanna bounce on a giant trampoline N/A 1.0
aiwana w 30.0 1.0
I wanna sniff the Cock 25.0 0.5
i wanna enjoy the winter N/A 0.1
i want to delete this disgusting fangame N/A 0.0
iwanna this is an easy game(Eric) N/A N/A
I wanna bounce on a giant trampoline again 0.0 N/A
23 Wanna 23 The 23 Engine 23 Edition v23 N/A N/A
エリナもう強くなった! N/A N/A
guess what N/A N/A
東方愛罠夢【Nomal】 N/A N/A
I wanna keep my roulette streak N/A N/A
ぶるぶるぶるぶる N/A N/A
I Don't Wanna Be Game Maker N/A N/A
I Wanna Kill The Crazy Frog N/A N/A

42 Reviews

For: I wanna go to the store to buy milk
Man I love games made in Scratch. Banger soundtrack tho.

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Tagged as: Scratch
[0] Likes
Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 45 45
May 5, 2022
For: Chungo's Gauntlet
The production value, what the fuck. It's not really the I wanna be the guy fangame, but screw that, this is a masterpiece. Everything is really well made, the funny stuff is actually very funny. The only annoying thing is the one height jump, but this is still 10/10 for me. I really recommend this one for every trap/adventure game enthusiast.

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[4] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 31 31
Apr 28, 2022
For: エリナもう強くなった!
I would say it has potential, but there's so many problems with this game. The save balance is all over the place, one screen is completely free, other one is just a pure bullshit. I understand it's a rabi-ribi/I Wanna fangame, but Erina's sprite doesn't work with a needle game in my opinion. I didn't finish playing this game because of the difficulty spikes, but this is still a cool and original first game and I hope the creator will fix the problems or create something new, but not that hard and janky. Also 370 mb seems quite a lot for a fangame.

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Tagged as: Needle
[2] Likes
Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 27, 2022
For: guess what
my movie

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[0] Likes
Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 20, 2022
For: I wanna break more traps 2
Another chinese trap game that shows once again, which country is the best in this category. Very creative and original fangame. It's good to have the choice between english and chinese.

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Tagged as: Trap
[0] Likes
Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 40 40
Apr 11, 2022
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