I Wanna Defeat the Seven Colors

Creators: SAKI, 蒼羅, とも, 瑪瑙, あお, 闇空, 初見

Average Rating
7.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
89.0 / 100
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11 Reviews:

Hardest game I've cleared.
Stage reviews are in order of in-game difficulty ranking:

蒼羅's stage (blue) was the easiest. I liked the visuals, and the music was alright, albeit a little repetitive since the track is no more than 30 seconds long. Has water physics on the second screen. All in all, this was a pretty good stage; had decent level design and some pretty cool jumps.

とも's stage (red) was also pretty fun. This stage was riddled with both some really fun saves and some really annoying saves. The visuals are a little much, but the music was really good. This one also had some really cool jumps.

SAKI's stage (yellow/orange) is probably my favorite. The visuals are kinda gritty, but in a way that I like, and the music is also really good and fits really well with the graphics. The level design is decent, and there are some cool jumps here as well, and a gimmick of infinite jumping and triple jumping is used in the last one or two rooms. This was about the same difficulty as とも's stage.

瑪瑙's stage (green) is ranked an easier ranking, but I personally think it should be ranked a lot higher. The segments here are longer and can be really annoying depending on whether or not you're good at playing upside down. Though the segments had really cool ideas, it was a bit much, especially seeing that every other save has either a downwards or an upwards plane to do.

あお's stage (blue) is an L-needle like stage, which makes some sense for him to do since あお is the maker of the original L apparently. This stage's rating should be switched with 瑪瑙's stage, since this was so much easier to beat IMO. I liked this stage, though I know a lot of people hate L games in general so...

闇空's stage (purple) is by far the hardest IMO. It's hard to find a save here that doesn't require jump cancel or one frame; the second save has the final jump of Insanity Ultimate plus some more jumps after it. This one was extremely overkill IMO, though I liked the visuals a bit.

初見's stage (yellow) was the second hardest for me. This one was interesting; the first screen starts with a somewhat standard jump, then starts to get more interesting as you progress. The top portion has a pretty cool idea of rotating shurikens that you have to squeeze around and between, though it can get a little annoying. The second and third screens use triple jumps, and, although the idea for each jump in those screens were kinda cool, it was also really annoying.

I'd recommend this to people who like collabs in general and want a REAL challenge in needle.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 85 85
Jun 10, 2015
Extremely intense, long, and fun needle. Split into seven areas (as the name would imply) of different difficulties (as the numbers would imply). The numbers are mostly accurate but I'd swap the green and dark blue areas (18 and 34 respectively). Others have gone into detail on how the areas are laid out so I'll just be general.

Light blue is pretty easy stuff, not much technical knowledge required. Second room has water and makes interesting use of it (especially with apples). Pretty fun and chill.

Orange area has a really nice aesthetic; the visuals and music are both really notable and good imo. The needle itself is pretty nice and mostly somewhat easy (compared to what's later anyway), but does require some technical knowledge (particularly for save 2). The last save in this area, however, is one of the worst in the game unfortunately. It ends with jumping through a gate like in a heart jump then going through a 28px rukito gate (all on infjump mind you). It's stupid, but the rest is fun so it balances.

Red area has my least favorite visuals; it's just too muddy. As for the needle, it's got a strange style and has a good variety of jump types so it's never boring. Can't really say too much here; it's okay.

Green area was my least favorite to play. It focused way too much on downward planes, which I suck at. The saves without them are also annoying in their own ways (really dumb drop with two 16pxs, two 13px gaps, valign dependent squished diagonal). The last room especially sucks, forcing you to do two drop dplanes on each save. Visuals are nice at least, but music is meh. Bad area overall.

Blue area (in color and maker :3) is a relatively easy L screen. First and sixth saves are pretty hard (especially the latter since it has a platform 1f near the end), but most of the rest aren't too bad so long as you can cancel and have general needle knowledge. Last save is a good meme tho. Good visuals and music. Probably my favorite area overall.

Purple area was surprisingly fun for how cancerous it looks. Objectively, this area is garbage, but I had a lot of fun with it. Almost every save requires a full cancel at some point, which is stupid, but is also something I found interesting when playing. It's full of long inverts and planes and shit so be prepared. I shouldn't like it but I did.

Yellow area is by far the hardest. First room is general hard needle with a couple of saves involving rotating shurikens. This room is comparable to green area in terms of difficulty. The second room is where the difficulty lies. This takes full advantage of triple jump, and by god does it have its cancer. Four words: double drop downward plane. That save alone took me a bit over 900 deaths out of 18.4k overall. Two saves can be classified as a triple sphincter if you're into that, and the sloped ceiling save is hot trash. These four jumps take up most of the difficulty, but it is absolutely deserved. There's also a room with one jump at the end but it's pretty easy so whatever. Pretty fun area overall aside from the hyper difficult jumps.

In terms of quality, my rating of the areas is as follows:
Blue > Orange > Light Blue > Purple > Yellow > Red > Green

Overall, I had a blast with this game despite the bad parts. Highly recommended for advanced needle players looking for a challenge.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 93 93
Jun 15, 2017
Most of it was really good, but I didn't really like 初見's area all that much (triple jump is cancer). I'd say that either とも's or 蒼羅's was my favorite. あお's was also pretty cool, but the platform save was a little dumb. SAKI's area mostly fun too, but a couple saves on the second screen were a little annoying. 闇空's was probably the most technical, and all the canceling started to hurt my hand after a while, but it was all pretty fun aside from this one annoying sphincter save on the second screen. I expected 瑪瑙's to be pretty terrible because it was pretty much all gravity flipping and downward planes, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected (and the last two saves were pretty hilarious).

Would definitely recommend if you want to grind some hard needle.

edit: Lowered difficulty and raised rating after playing through all of it a second time. 初見's stage was still the worst.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 85 85
Jul 29, 2016
This is one of the best hard needle games out there, while it isn't as hard as people thought it is years ago, most of the challenge comes from how good you are at cancelling and just knowing how to do the majority of the jumps. There are definitely a handful of saves that are still hard even if you know how to do them but they aren't too bad.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 80 80
Aug 18, 2018
Not the hardest game i have cleared lol
But super hard for me because i suck at L-game
Not very fun and some jumps are shit

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 88 88
Sep 6, 2017