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Fangame Summer Feast 2017!

Couldn't get enough of fangame marathon? You're in for a real treat ...

This weekend, starting at 2AM Friday GMT, don't miss the Chinese Fangame Community's Fangame Summer Feast 2017, hosted by Fasf (who you might know as Mlsao_sf). In the same vein as the Fangame Marathon, Summer Feast is a multi-day event dedicated to running fangames by a variety of players. You'll see fangames that were included in our own marathon (including a Butterfly encore by Bootstrap himself!) and you'll find tons of new ones too - and maybe some inspiration for a new speedrun! You can check out the full schedule here, and make sure you bookmark the Bilibili stream! Read More...

-Klazen108, on Jul 24, 2017

Newest Fangames

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GameRelease DateDifficultyRating# of Ratings
I wanna Fa Duliu 3 Jul 19, 2017 52.3 4.6 6
I wanna ELECTRICAL COMMUNICATION Jul 19, 2017 10.0 2.0 2
I wanna Chron Jul 19, 2017 68.0 9.0 2
I wanna Purple Festival Jul 19, 2017 N/A N/A 0
I wanna be the 宝石ファインダー Jul 19, 2017 44.0 3.3 5
I wanna revenge the Syndrome Jul 19, 2017 72.5 3.5 2
I wanna be making forever enjoy Desperately2 Jul 19, 2017 N/A N/A 0
I wanna beat the 16 Jump Jul 19, 2017 60.0 0.0 2
I wanna touch the Pink Mistress Jul 19, 2017 N/A N/A 0
I wanna be the Chargrilled dish of resurrection Jul 19, 2017 67.0 7.0 1
I Wanna Break The Title Card Jul 15, 2017 52.1 6.0 22
I Wanna Tougenkyou Jul 15, 2017 47.8 6.2 6
I just wanna play the Needle game2 Jul 15, 2017 49.2 0.9 6
I just want to align Jul 15, 2017 55.0 7.5 1
I wanna bless the Snoel Jul 15, 2017 36.0 6.9 2
I want to harvest the potato Jul 13, 2017 55.0 8.0 1
I wanna be making forever enjoy Desperately2(共同開発) Jul 13, 2017 70.0 5.8 2
I wanna defeat the Discord Makers(共同開発) Jul 13, 2017 89.0 4.9 3
AsTatine Jul 13, 2017 N/A N/A 1
I wanna make the Barrage Kappa Jul 13, 2017 38.0 1.0 1
I wanna defeat the 4 Cherries Jul 13, 2017 N/A N/A 0
I wanna invade the earth Jul 13, 2017 N/A N/A 0
I wanna damn the Daniel Jul 13, 2017 27.5 2.8 3
Just five seconds Jul 13, 2017 46.6 3.8 8
I wanna be the Turbo Killer Jul 13, 2017 30.0 3.0 1

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For: I wanna be Minimal
Amazing game made in minimalistic style, with non-restarting and awesome music, with nice level design and with interesting jumps!

Game contains 3 stages (total of 35 screens together),stagerush and 2 bosses.

First stage contains 15 different needle screens and isn't too hard and then you have small, but very fun and with nice music boss.

Second stage have 10 screens, but is probably hardest from all 3 stages, because have harder and more precise jumps. After you beat screen 25, you have to beat in any order 4 stages (in other words, you have to beat stage-rush). These screens have 2 designs and different soundtracks ( 2 screens for one design), and isn't too hard to deal with, however each of them have chocke jump at the end, but it is fun to play and don't get annoying, however it is hardest segment in the game.

Then you third stage with 10 more needle screens, but this stage isn't harder than stage-rush and second stage, it have just some hard jumps, but overall it is more like relaxation stage after stage-rush.

Last boss have 6 phases, and after each 2 you have checkpoint. First, third and fifth phases are basically phases where you need to shoot at the boss and avoid its bullets and isn't anything special, however phase 6 was the most fun one. Second phase is small and not too hard avoidance. Fourth and sixth phase are needle phases, where you need to escape from boss and need to do needle at the same time (only difference is that in fourth phase you go from left to right, but in sixth from down to up). Maybe boss is little bit too long, but it is very fun and I liked it.

This definitely is very unique game and for me this game was very fun, so I highly recommend this masterpiece for everyone, because it is worth your of time!

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Tagged as: Needle StageRush
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 49 49
Jul 28, 2017
For: I wanna be the Needle Reaper GX
Nice, somewhat short and really difficult needle game built around short saves and precise jumps. Quite a few interesting jumps (And some more generic ones), nice visuals, nice music, death sound could be lower. Third screen's second to last save is particularly neat, definitely something you don't see everyday.
It's a pretty nice game to play if you're into this kind of needle. Would recommend.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 76 76
Jul 28, 2017
For: I wanna white the spikes
Nice needle game consisting of 2 stages that makes use of a few gimmicks along the way, such as jump refreshers/"defreshers" (Respectively replenish and take away your mid-air jump when you touch them), speed changers and complete deprivation of your double jump. All of them are properly introduced by a short description that appears near their first appearance, and all of them fit really well with the platforming (At least in my opinion, as nothing felt too awkward to pull off). I particularly liked the usage of the jump defreshers, very few needle games use them, even among the gimmicky ones. The visuals are nice, so are the musics, the death sound could be lower, though. I'm also not very fond of how much space the messages in the background of the second stage take, they drag the visuals down quite a bit. Gameplay-wise, however, this is a very solid game and I would definitely recommend it.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick
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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 55 55
Jul 28, 2017
For: I Wanna Escape the Mysterious House
Relatively short and easy adventure-trap game.

Game has 5 stages, which all have different designs and different gimmicks. First stage have basically moving spike gimmick, second stage is maze world, third world are maze world again, fourth stage is electroshocker gimmick, but last one combains shooting 3 buttons in one try and small 2 puzzles, from which 2nd you need to write appropriate password, which always is identical. Some stages are fun to play, but other totally not fun to play (the most enjoyable probably is fourth stage platforming, but the most unenjoyable probably 1st and 2nd stage platforming), so platforming is quite mediocre in rating plan, however difficulty is pretty almost every time flawless, so it is not too hard to deal with.

Bosses are other story. There are 5 of them and again: some are unenjoyable and others totally enjoyable. I would say, that I disliked first, second and third boss, however they had interesting gimmicks, but was totally unfun (first boss would be better if there wouldn't be troll after beating boss, because if you die, you need to re-do boss again, and however boss is easy, still it isn't good way to make trap after beating boss and re-doing that far, when you eventually will get to platform and will save; and fourth one would be better if it wouldn't be so boring and at the end so risky). Only fun bosses in my opinion is fourth one and fifth one, however fourth one are probably are the hardest one in the game, but still it was fun to fight. But fifth one I really liked and is my favourite in the game, it is like movie avoidance, but made pretty good and is fun to play for sure.

To sum up, I can say that game is both worth to play, both not worth to play, however some segments and some bosses are pretty fun, especially fifth boss and probably even fourth stage and boss. So I will say, that I will recommend game if you are doing or not doing Kamilia 2 Savage Mountain challenge, because it is decent game and have its plusses and minuses.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap
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Rating: 5.6 56       Difficulty: 35 35
Jul 28, 2017
For: I wanna kill the Mokuteki 2(共同開発)

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 80 80
Jul 28, 2017
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