Not Another Magic Tower Game(共同開発)

Creators: Light, Koala, Nikaple

Average Rating
9.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
78.3 / 100
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Adventure (9) Needle (3) Avoidance (8) Boss (7) Long (4) Puzzle (8)


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32 Reviews:

This review is based upon reaching the true end.

This is a massive and challenging fangame with heavy puzzle elements. The production is great, and concept is interesting, and the game has a ton of content with multiple endings.

The problem with the game in general is the ability to get yourself stuck in a softlocked state where you are unable to reach the better endings. Key management is essential and can be brutal on your first play if you don't know where the secret walls are and knowing which doors don't need to be opened. The game also contains mandatory avoidance fights scattered throughout the game that can be unfair or brutal at times to grind.

I recommend this game to veteran and experienced players only, and recommend you not go in blind to avoid having to restart the game many hours in. Below I have a link to a video guide which will contain spoilers, but will ensure you have the resources needed to reach the final floor.

Video Guide Link:

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 80 80
Feb 6, 2016
So im very bad at this game but I got somewhat into it but can I request an "easy" mode for people who want to play the game but cant get far? Well anyways I love this game and the concept of fighting monsters. I love the mix between needle and "bosses" (more like enemys) and its just out right fun!

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Oct 1, 2016
Yeah that hard but very cool evreything
and now i just waiting when you guys do new flors or new bosses becuase i see that big dragon
or who and i think that tower lead not final boss right?

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Aug 20, 2017
My rating is based on reaching the current "true end" of the game.

The game is influenced by the Magic Tower game. So an important factor of the game is using your keys and HP which you find through out the game, as efficient as you can. If you don't you can softlock your game really easily. The game has a neat backup system to prevent this if you use properly.

The fights in this game start of very slowly and boring. But you quickly realize that the creators really loved to put some RNG into them. And this is also one of my main critics for this game.
Some of the RNG in this game is just unbearable. Of course you try to manage your HP as good as you can and try to avoid any damage in any case. But if you get hit by an undodgable RNG wall or a bullet spawns right into the kid, 3 minutes into an avoidance fight, you can just shake your head. I felt like the creators didn't care for it because you have HP anyway and either you can make it or not, so they can put as much BS RNG into their fights as they want.

It get's especially annoying if you unlock some of the later challenges and try to beat several fights in a row with a limited amount of allowed hits.

Another main critic are the "puzzle" areas in this game. I don't know how you can call them puzzle, if it takes 5 minutes to figure out what to do, and then 20+ minutes to execute them right, because they're full difficult jumps which you usually have to do in a hurry because every "puzzle" has a time-limit aspect.

But anyway, the game offers such a great variety in terms of boss battles, gimmicks and platforming that I would definitly recommend it to more experienced players. You can see how much more thoughts were going into the fights as more you progress into the game. If the creators care enough and would work on the points I mentioned above, I would definitly give this a 10/10.

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 80 80
Jan 1, 2017
Rating based on reaching Fabla. (Expect typos, I typed this fast)
I went into this expecting to not be able to beat it. Somehow, some way, I did. This is by far the hardest fangame I have completed. I loved it too. It's main gimmick revolves around you conserving keys, attack, defense, and health. It's not as demanding as you may think to maximize your keys, to avoid softlocking, I would watch ParagusRants' guide on NAMTG, and Igzi's keyguide (Found here: This game is REALLY fun. From start to finish you will never feel disinterest. The difficulty curve is just right except for a few places (I'm looking at you, 6 damage sword master). There is also a cool merchant system in this game, where you can spend health to buy some stuff. I bought experience and 1 dynamite on my playthrough.

Everything below here can be considered a spoiler, so be warned. ( •ᴗ•)ψ

Yaranaika: Fun RNG avoidance with some pattern. Pretty balanced for a first boss. I took 1 hit here.

FaShiLiu: Avoidance based on Geometry dash and some other things, like VVVVVV. It's really fun, and is great for a second boss.

3B6: An avoidance based on Touhou. This is my least favorite boss, but it's still pretty darn good. It's my least favorite because of the sheer amount of RNG in it, it feels like it could wall you.

MMM Fingers: Good challenge, you dodge things while controlling the kid with your mouse. It gets faster and faster as you go on. The treasure room is probably one of the hardest needle segments in the game so far.
Side Tower: My favorite minigame, it involves you having 10 lives, going through 30 floors and pressing a button every five floors. The treasure room is really fun needle.
Bubble Builder: My least favorite minigame. You use your mouse to place blocks and collect stars. Sometimes this felt a little too hard and unfun.
Echoshift: I didn't complete this in my playthrough, but I did the first 3 stages. This ones for "smart folk". If your an intellectual, have at it.

Faro: Probably my second favorite boss. It's based on Osu! and also combines the minigames you went through earlier.

Now we're at the divas. Let's go from least fun to most fun (least fun doesn't mean bad, it just means my least favorite of the 4)

Mr. Corazone: A boss battle in which you get walled 50% of the time, also, you die to the intro a whole ton. The last attack is pretty fun though, it's him running around the bottom shooting attacks.

Mr. Diamante: Another boss battle where you go through a 15 second intro, then dodge some really fun RNG attacks. (If you have 135 damage, you can skip curving [The final attack] by doing a full shot with him having 31 health left)

Mr. Pica: Really enjoyable RNG avoidance. Sometimes it gives you bad RNG, but most of the time the deaths are on you, and that, to me, is what makes an RNG avoidance good.

Mr. Trebole: I didn't beat him in my playthrough, but I did go through all of his attack. He is the perfect blend of RNG and pattern. There are so many different ways to fight him, top strats, left strats, right strats, right to left strats, it's some good stuff. My favorite diva by far.

4B6: Remember 3B6? Well 4B6 > 3B6. A fun fight based off of Crimson. Sometimes the RNG felt a bit brutal, but it was relatively tame. Pretty fun boss.

The Tower Lead: My favorite boss. You better have a lot of health for this one. It's basically split up into five sections, lets start with the intro. Mostly an RNG barrage, with some patterns, next up is a part where it takes you through most of the enemies you fought before. Pretty fun and fair. Then... then the random enemy phase. This would be good if it wasn't for sword master. Remember him? Well he can just take you for 800+HP and you have nothing to do about it. Other than sword master, that phase is fun as heck. Now you are taken into a place like MMM Fingers, but except with a keyboard. It a vertical bullet hell. Nothing much to say for that part, but then you are taken into a ship, which is the last part of this boss. First you start with a pattern spiral, then a few attacks, all leading up to the final part where the Tower Lead shoots a barrage of bullets at you and you have to do your best to dodge them.

I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone who has some experience with fangames.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Boss Puzzle
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 73 73
Jun 27, 2017