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New Tag System!

Hello Del-Fruitettes!

We have a H O T update for you all that will make your game sorting and reviewing a tiny bit easier! Have you ever thought "Shucks, I like this game but I'm sick of telling people's its avoidance over and over"? Well now you're in luck! With the new T.A.G. (Titles About Games) system, you can simply put a label on the game as part of your review!

Here's how it works:
-You review a game with your normal text-based review, rating, and difficulty. Now, on this same review, you can add T.A.G.s onto your review that will help users search this game up, as well as give them an idea about the game they're looking at!
-Once a game has been T.A.G.'d, it will appear under a total list of T.A.G.s for that game. Each T.A.G. is tallied up with a number in parentheses next to it. More popular T.A.G.s will be shown first, while less popular ones are shown last.
-Games can be searched through this T.A.G. system. For example - searching 'avoidance' will (hopefully) bring up a long list of avoidance games, or games that have an avoidance in them.

...and that's it! We've provided a list here to help you get started when you T.A.G. a game! You do NOT have to pick from this list, rather, it is more of a 'recommended starter pack' of T.A.G.s! (DLC not included)

  • Adventure

  • Needle

  • Avoidance

  • Trap

  • Gimmick

  • Medley

  • Boss

  • Secrets

  • 100_Floor

  • Miku

  • Engine

We ask that there be no troll and/or offensive T.A.G.s when reviewing games. These titles include "Troll", "Bad", "AIDS", etc. We encourage users to report any review that uses negative T.A.G.s to review a game so that an admin can remove the review. Excessive use of negative T.A.G.s may result in account suspension and/or death by toucans.


-Klazen108, on Feb 26, 2015

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