I wanna be the Ocean Princess

Creator: Kurath

Average Rating
8.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
68.4 / 100
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Adventure (6) Avoidance (3) Gimmick (5) Boss (6) Long (5) Dotkid (1) Story (1) Chase (1) gimmicks (1)


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Creator's Comments:

kurath [Creator]
Update: As I understand the game is quite long and not everyone is interested in all of it, there is now a post-game clear save available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MPGb4m3RIbIUY8_a-HuHyddeCUiaPLRp which you can place in your AppData\Local\IWBTOP\Data path (similar to any studio game) to use and access whichever areas do interest you.

This is a very lengthy adventure game, intended to provide the player with a wide array of nearly everything that fangames offer including a large variety of platform and boss gimmicks, tied together with a cheesy story of reversed roles where you play as your favorite secondary fangame character (or the kid, for familiarity) seeking solace under the sea.

Requires mouse use for certain situations though none that are time restrictive, and has a couple of optional online features including leaderboards and version checking (available from 1.02 onward).

Current version is 1.14

Those on version 1.1 should update asap as it unfortunately introduced a crash risk.

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Sep 24, 2017

14 Reviews:

This is a monster of a game in both size and scope. Ocean Princess is a pretty beefy adventure game that packs in a ton of content that is sure to take most players many hours to complete on their first play. What this game strives to do is deliver a lot of stages featuring a multitude of various gimmicks and bosses to give a wide variety of content to the player.

A lot of the good in this game comes from the gimmicks. Ocean Princess delivers a lot of gimmicks and presents them in fairly well-designed stages around them. These designs often times take the gimmicks into a puzzle-like place where you will be scratching your head staring at rooms trying to figure out how to use the gimmick to proceed. The vast majority of these gimmicks are well executed and keeps the gameplay always changing through the stages in a way that seldom feels dull.

There are times where I felt the game goes a little too deep into needle, and this is when Ocean Princess feels at its weakest. It's not to say that the needle is generic or poorly made, because it isn't. But the inclusion of needle-heaviness of some of the stages sprinkled in with well-executed gimmick stages feels jarring or uninteresting in comparison. One moment you will be solving amazingly produced puzzles, then the next you are in some needle stage where a gimmick feels like it was shoe-horned in. For me this is where the game stumbles in its pacing, and the needle feels like it sometimes is out of place in the midst of so many other good ideas. I also feel these needle areas really jack up the difficulty making the game only accessible to seasoned fangame veterans where it would otherwise been able to appeal to a wider audience.

Aside from this, the production in the game is pretty stellar throughout. The music is most of the stages is well done. There are optional collectables and extras sprinkled through the stages and an online leaderboard system that tracks of variety of stats.

This is a fangame worth your time, but probably not good for newcomers and casual players.

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Tagged as: Adventure Boss gimmicks
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 65 65
Oct 23, 2017
The best description of the game is from Kurath's own review, see above.

I loved this game from beginning to end - every stage has a unique gimmick across many platforming screens, coupled with a boss that utilizes the gimmick at the end. No two stages are similar, some will branch off into other mini-areas and others will be one continuous area. The music, graphics, sound effects, and effort put into this game are incredible and should be on virtually anyone's must-play fangame list.

My only gripe with the game is pertaining to how the final boss (and its final area) were implemented - outside of this, the game is nearly flawless. A real gem that only happens once a year in the fangame community.

My difficulty rating does not include bonus stars, of which only half are needed to unlock an extra post-game feature. These are absolutely not required for the main game and I would only recommend going for ones that seem easy enough to grab on a first playthrough.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss Long Story
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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 70 70
Oct 7, 2017
Likely one of the best-made fangames I've played. It's a long one too, full of a ton of variety throughout its stages. So it's definitely a fangame that will keep you busy for a while. Not all of the gimmicks in the stages were fantastic, though. Some of them will take some getting used to and can be frustrating, but overall it's absolutely worth playing. This fangame even has a decent story to it, which is very rare for fangames in general.

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Gimmick Boss Long
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 69 69
Oct 6, 2017
Though it has some faults on difficulty fluctuation this managed to be one of my favorite fangames of all time there aren't too many that can live up to that standard. I really enjoyed this.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 66 66
Dec 2, 2017
After finally completing the game, I have to say, this is personally the best game released this year by a landslide. For starters, the game is huge, and I mean really big, meaning there is something there for everyone; from needle, to new gimmicks and many bosses, it's hard not to give this game a high rating. The game is full of originally, even in the sprite department which is always nice and one thing people all glance over is how good the music is and how well it fits into the areas.

One thing that I would say that could be said at most adventure games is how needle-y it can be which can sometimes be a problem. There is even stages dedicated to just needle as well as it being mixed it heavily in the base game, and while that is fine for me, as someone who likes needle, I can see it putting other people off. Overall, this game is amazing and its rare to see fangames of this calibre. Very well done and would recommend to anyone as long as you don't mind farming some bits if you are not an avid fangame player.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss Long
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 65 65
Oct 12, 2017