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Joined on: Aug 30, 2018


I wanna get the rainbow
I wanna be the flow
I wanna be the ORE TUEEEEE!!!
I wanna be the 初級者
I wanna be the First Player
I wannna be the 青罠
I wannna enjoy the JUN-G SPIKE -Easy Editin-
I wanna be the skill up!
I wanna ぬるぬる the  ロリコン
I wanna present an easy game with you
I wanna play the simple game
I wanna conqure the blow game
I wanna be the PIzza
I wanna be the 超初心者!!
I wanna be the 私は私の道を行く
Twitter→https://twitter.com/souat212020 @souat212020
[email protected]→ https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40lrk3143a

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