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Fangame marathon 2020

Fangame Marathon 2020 submissions are now open!

Submissions this year will be done through, a new website for speedrun event hosting made by Gyoo. You will have to make an account there, but you can easily make one by linking your Discord/Twitter/Twitch account. The link to the event is here:

Our special events are open for signing up as well! This is a collection of small events that we like to host during the marathon with several people, such as the ever-so-popular Avoidance Tournament, and the massive Relay Race. Sign-ups are being done through the #special-events channel this year; just write down which event you'd like to participate in, and we'll add you if there's any space left.
You can see the event sheet here:

And as always, please spread the word! Although we primarily see IWBTG Fangames in this marathon, we absolutely love seeing tons of other communities showcasing their favorite Fangames and ROM Hacks, and getting the word out is the best way to include new people!

Submissions will be closing on May 17th, which we hope is enough time for all of you to prepare and submit the runs that you want to play at this event.

See you all on July 9th for the 2020 edition of Fangame Marathon! Read More...

-Artardss, on Apr 7, 2020

Newest Fangames

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GameRelease DateDifficultyRating# of Ratings
I wanna kill the Mr.beast Dec 2, 2020 35.0 2.5 4
Rainy day Nov 28, 2020 45.7 6.6 6
RoflanEbaloShizaAndFlex Nov 28, 2020 11.8 4.2 8
Matige Needle Nov 27, 2020 40.7 6.6 6
Synth Engine GMS2 Nov 25, 2020 N/A N/A 2
I wanna be the GravityRain Nov 25, 2020 45.5 8.0 3
japetool Nov 24, 2020 N/A 7.8 14
I wanna be the tarburaku Nov 24, 2020 27.5 3.0 3
I Wanna Pointillism Nov 23, 2020 73.2 9.3 12
I Wanna be the Godot Engine Afely Edition Nov 22, 2020 N/A N/A 0
The Small Fall Collab Nov 22, 2020 47.2 6.0 7
I wanna Vine Journey Nov 22, 2020 57.9 8.3 27
I wanna be the Butterfly Fusion Nov 21, 2020 77.0 6.8 2
I Wanna Reach Bottom of the Abyss Nov 21, 2020 N/A N/A 1
I Wanna Find The Paper 2 Nov 21, 2020 60.0 5.0 1
I Wanna XD Nov 19, 2020 55.0 7.1 5
MeguMegu Needle Nov 18, 2020 74.3 6.5 3
I Wanna Be The Sock Needle Nov 18, 2020 80.0 N/A 1
I Wanna Neuro Rock-Out Nov 18, 2020 N/A N/A 1
I wanna be the Aidoru Nov 16, 2020 55.4 6.0 8
I wanna Needle Impulse Nov 16, 2020 81.7 5.2 3
I wanna be the Crimson Sun Nov 15, 2020 76.5 7.2 5
Cookie Temptation Nov 15, 2020 50.3 7.6 25
I wanna fingers Nov 15, 2020 16.7 4.5 4
i wanna 183 Nov 14, 2020 49.3 5.4 3

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For: I wanna kill the Mr.beast
Feat. Mr.beast

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Tagged as: Mr.beast
[0] Likes
Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 3, 2020
For: I Wanna Pointillism
Pointillism was a wonderfully unique and well presented dotkid needle game. I really enjoyed the art gallery theme, which was brought to life with the great visual and music choices. The control over which levels you choose to play, along with the wide range of variety and creativity between each level were definitely among its strongest points. There were also some much appreciated quality of life features, such as per-level progress saving, and saves that darken after used, even accounting for skips. The customization options that you can purchase are also a nice touch, though I personally didn't get much use out of them.

One decision I did find a bit strange was the difficulty and level pacing. Although you do have some control over which levels you want to play, needing to clear 26 of them before accessing the Tower area eventually forces you to beat some of the most challenging stages in the entire game. To me, this made gaining access to the Tower feel like the climax of the game. After that, you unlock mostly far easier levels, and the gimmick aspect and visual quirks are completely gone until you reach the final 4. This is probably more relevant to Any% than 100%, but I still feel it would have been better paced with some of the more difficult stages and gimmicks mixed into the 2nd half of the game.

With this being my first venture into a game of this difficulty level, there were definitely plenty of points where the enjoyment faded after becoming stuck on a save for too long. Even so, my overall experience was positive, and I'm glad I saw it through to the end. Rating based on Any%

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Dotkid
[0] Likes
Rating: 9.1 91       Difficulty: 74 74
Dec 3, 2020
For: I wanna Keep Celebrating for Xia
Short beginner needle.

Chance's stage is line needle. First few screens were neat, but then the rest of it is just really just showing off cool line art.

Kuri's is more jtool-ish needle. youll notice a lot of skips and alternate paths you can use. A good couple of these skips involve weird floating or in-block vines. There was also a screen with some traps. I felt like this stage was visually cluttered and awkward.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 20 20
Dec 3, 2020
For: I wanna kill the Mr.beast
is mrbeast how i remember him

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Tagged as: Boss
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 30 30
Dec 2, 2020
For: Dual Needle
Rating would be higher if it was not made in gm8. Rating includes extra

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[0] Likes
Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 85 85
Dec 2, 2020
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