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I Wanna be the Data Analysis

Hello Delicious Fruit community, today we'd like to showcase a project created by one of our users, Steingar. Titled "I Wanna be the Data Analysis", this document details a plethora of information pertaining to Delicious Fruit statistics, especially showcasing how often certain facets appear throughout the site on different games. You can find a variety of different analyses on different areas, such as how often tags are applied to games, or how difficulty and quality ratings seem to correlate on the site. Steingar says they hope people enjoy it, and that it kicks off constructive debate and discussion within the community.

You can download the project paper here, it's a very interesting read! Be aware this link will automatically download the file: Read More...

-CanusAntonius, on Mar 31, 2024

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GameRelease DateDifficultyRating# of Ratings
I wanna play some needle listening to Rage Jun 15, 2024 40.0 5.5 2
I Wanna sing the 1/3 m/es Jun 15, 2024 N/A N/A 0
I wanna go for a walk Jun 15, 2024 N/A N/A 0
I wanna CANCEL SCRIPT Jun 15, 2024 85.0 0.0 1
Lulamoon Jun 15, 2024 N/A N/A 0
運 teset (アイワナあ) Jun 12, 2024 N/A N/A 0
I don't like flowers. They wither quickly. Jun 12, 2024 60.0 6.2 4
I wanna chill space needle Jun 12, 2024 23.0 3.3 2
i wanna be the クリスマス Jun 12, 2024 N/A N/A 1
i wanna be the story3 Jun 12, 2024 N/A N/A 1
I wanna clear the NAILOU MODE Jun 12, 2024 35.0 2.5 4
I Wanna Give Trinkets To Friends And Family Jun 12, 2024 81.7 9.6 9
Nuclear Blast Jun 10, 2024 32.5 4.5 2
I wanna because I'm not human Jun 10, 2024 N/A N/A 2
I wanna be the Harudesuyo Jun 10, 2024 59.0 5.6 5
I wanna cut the Deception 【アイワナ 耐久】 Jun 10, 2024 N/A N/A 0
I wanna be the hyungmul nojam gasi game Jun 8, 2024 49.0 1.9 4
I wanna kouichitv Jun 8, 2024 N/A N/A 1
I Wanna Get Chased Jun 8, 2024 50.0 4.0 3
I wanna shock o banana Jun 8, 2024 N/A N/A 1
I wanna frolic and frisk Jun 4, 2024 66.7 7.0 3
I wanna altimet over pawer super ride Jun 4, 2024 34.7 4.9 4
I Wanna Slowly Go Quickly Jun 4, 2024 38.7 8.7 6
ytp sexer Jun 4, 2024 N/A N/A 2
I wanna catch pokemon Jun 1, 2024 45.0 7.6 8

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For: I wanna be the 35億
Hard and cryptic 4 stage adventure. Had a lot of fun, there's a decent variety of content and regulary it's pretty interesting despite being trap hell. Bosses are espeically quite good, even tho they are easier than platforming

In order to make progress in one of the stages you need to jump through fake spike

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Trap Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 7.6 76       Difficulty: 65 65
Jun 15, 2024
For: I wanna be the Capacity
4 stage adventure. I didn't finished this game since last stage has insanely obnoxious inertion gimmick, that i always hated and the way game executed it is really bad imo. From what i've played platforming was mediocre with a lot of very dumb and generic traps, that are ruining fun; some saves were interesting tho. Bosses were quite fun, especially third one. Over than that, this game is maded on some junky engine, that makes your jump slightly higher every time and vines behavior is awkward

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 15, 2024
For: I wanna be the Sun
Best Solar needle i've played by far (even tho it feels more distinct from main genre as well)

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Rating: 8.1 81       Difficulty: 61 61
Jun 15, 2024
For: I wanna play some needle listening to Rage
This is my best game, I put a lot of passion and effort into it, it is very well done. It is playable, with good decoration and good music, no jump requires cancellation. I hope you like it, enjoy it a lot :D


-Distant voices
-Waiting for the moon
-Solitary man
-Lost in the ice

Before the end of the final song, you should have the game clear
Tribute to my favourite band

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 40 40
Jun 15, 2024

I took the time to clear the game. You can use jump cancel simulator or your own cancel script to beat this game. Good luck!

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Tagged as: JC
[0] Likes
Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: 85 85
Jun 15, 2024
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