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Fangame marathon 2020

Fangame Marathon 2020 submissions are now open!

Submissions this year will be done through, a new website for speedrun event hosting made by Gyoo. You will have to make an account there, but you can easily make one by linking your Discord/Twitter/Twitch account. The link to the event is here:

Our special events are open for signing up as well! This is a collection of small events that we like to host during the marathon with several people, such as the ever-so-popular Avoidance Tournament, and the massive Relay Race. Sign-ups are being done through the #special-events channel this year; just write down which event you'd like to participate in, and we'll add you if there's any space left.
You can see the event sheet here:

And as always, please spread the word! Although we primarily see IWBTG Fangames in this marathon, we absolutely love seeing tons of other communities showcasing their favorite Fangames and ROM Hacks, and getting the word out is the best way to include new people!

Submissions will be closing on May 17th, which we hope is enough time for all of you to prepare and submit the runs that you want to play at this event.

See you all on July 9th for the 2020 edition of Fangame Marathon! Read More...

-Artardss, on Apr 7, 2020

Newest Fangames

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GameRelease DateDifficultyRating# of Ratings
I wanna be the Michael Jackson Aug 8, 2020 N/A N/A 0
the dono files Aug 7, 2020 N/A N/A 1
I wanna break the Parallelogram Aug 6, 2020 30.0 6.8 5
I wanna improve my eyesight. Aug 6, 2020 N/A N/A 1
I Wanna Kill The A4 Aug 5, 2020 59.8 0.1 4
I Wanna Corner for Nek1sgach Aug 5, 2020 40.0 5.0 1
I Wanna Kill The Murad Aug 5, 2020 N/A N/A 0
I wanna steal mom's phone to watch an episode of K3 Aug 5, 2020 31.0 4.1 7
I Wanna Kill The Karaz WARPED Aug 5, 2020 30.0 6.7 1
I wanna water blue new world Aug 5, 2020 39.3 6.1 5
I Wanna Get The Dmitry Kolonka WARPED Aug 4, 2020 37.7 4.5 7
I wanna get love report Aug 4, 2020 N/A N/A 1
Cherry Aug 3, 2020 N/A N/A 2
I wanna Variety 100 Aug 3, 2020 76.7 8.0 7
The BetterBlock Engine Aug 3, 2020 N/A N/A 1
I wanna devout game Aug 3, 2020 82.5 5.9 7
Another Bad Game Aug 3, 2020 24.5 5.7 8
I Wanna be the Fluoxetine Aug 2, 2020 68.6 5.7 7
I wanna see the Meteor Shower Aug 1, 2020 50.0 7.8 3
I wanna be the WT Aug 1, 2020 51.6 7.9 7
Emperor Penguins Aug 1, 2020 66.0 8.0 4
I wanna [ ] Aug 1, 2020 65.0 8.8 2
Melancholy Needle Aug 1, 2020 75.8 7.2 4
I Wanna Take the L+ Jul 31, 2020 51.5 7.5 9
I wanna be the easiest? Jul 31, 2020 45.0 2.0 2

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For: Another Bad Game
Titled "Another Bad Game", it's a pretty alright beginner-friendly game actually.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 25 25
Aug 8, 2020
For: I wanna be the ZEN Girl
Random barrage is relatively simpler than fixed barrage,It is a good avoidance

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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: 72 72
Aug 8, 2020
For: I wanna be the Pos
This avoidance is on the slightly shorter end and is about half pattern and half RNG. It's fun and requires you to run all around the screen without having anything too precise. The ending is a little questionable, but other than that there's only 1 or 2 sections that can have rough RNG. The visuals are mostly nice although it makes parts of the classic 9-platform layout invisible for whatever reason, and there's one attack in particular that's a bit hard to keep track of because of transparent cherries in the background plus all the projectiles having dark black trails. The song is also good unless your name is Ctww.

Would recommend for intermediate avoidance players.

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Tagged as: Avoidance Visual_Challenge
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Rating: 8.2 82       Difficulty: 62 62
Aug 8, 2020
For: I wanna be the White Dot
Nice stage!

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Tagged as: Needle Medley Special Dotkid
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 30 30
Aug 8, 2020
For: I wanna be the Crimson
Rating includes extra. Difficulty rating also includes extra because it is the true complete game. Consider a difficulty rating of 70 without extra.

Excellent review by Kale to begin with, one of my favorites of the entire site. Even though it is written as a meme review, many things ring true to me and I gladly back them up.

Carnival is divisive by nature and it all comes down to his main components of inspiration and recurrent adventure themes, mainly:

✓Appreciation towards (and inspiration from) I Wanna Be The Guy, I Wanna Be The Love Trap and I Wanna Be The Fangame!
✖Traps (tons of them, tons and tons of them)
✓Straight platforming; almost zero use of gimmicks to create a more classic, old-school experience
✓Stories involving epic battles between angelical and diabolical forces
✖Generic visual designs
½ Good looking bosses and awful-looking bosses drawn on Microsoft Paint by the little cousin of the family and colored by the cousin's even younger sister
✓Influential concepts

This combination can work for many in different degrees. That is why this game having almost an average rating of 7.0 with ratings of all dimensions (1.9, 2.3, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, 4.2, 5.5, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0), resulting in an absurd standard deviation, comes as no surprise. It's easy to see why one would think the game doesn't care about the platforming, the designs or the bosses, and it is also easy to see why someone would say the exact opposite. Just stating the obvious here: opinions are subjective; however, Carnival is a perfect example of this and I think the legendary Crimson embodies that notion.

One must first buy the idea that this is an adventure game, one that does have variety, variety of the old-school type, and known platforming. That's where the level design comes in: it is straightforward, challenging, with some questionable jumps here and there (let's add an upward plane in an underwater level high up enough so that that you cannot set it up from the ground), but mostly fun and even nostalgic of the three aforementioned games.

However, these games are trap-based. That's their essence, but this game abuses the player's trust in that regard. The amount of traps in the game is horribly absurd, completely criticizable and sort of pointless. There are so many traps that actually some add INTEERSTING (yes, interesting) challenge to the platforming. A seemingly harmless jump becomes an interesting one, such as a well-timed diagonal (like the big drop in the black and white segment where a spike flies up towards you in a narrow corridor); however, this comes as trial and error. Traps are a fantastic detriment to the game, so big it hurts.

Secrets are mandatory to get the full experience of this game, and 3 were great, two were ok and three were just plain bad. Particularly amusing is the Mother 2 secret where you have to go through five screens of reasonable platforming to get it, and then backtrack through all five. They are fun to play through; my issue has not been consistency in particular so it wasn't as difficult as, say, the gravity flip stage (which is my favorite secret because of the level design alone), stage which, by the way, is definitely a tribute to the Castle stage of Fangame!

Now, being released in 2011, this is one of the classics, and yes, a comment says "had its days of glory"; the game itself causes all kinds of reactions today based on the ratings I mentioned alone. What about its influence? It's gigantic. Few fangames have accomplished this: an unofficial sequel that spawned its own needle franchise (like Dawn of the Dead having an alternate Italian chain of sequels with Fulci's Zombi aka Zombie 2), a final boss that was featured/replicated in countless fangames, and the final stage, a miraculous and notorious instance of successful level design and a trademark visual design (again, endlessly replicated) which constitutes an interesting take on what hell is for The Kid: just pure crimson needle, traps, corners, planes, danger and an atmospheric, monochromatic score.

The true game shines with the extra, but it is not only because of the fantastic, ominous final stage (which I insist it looks beautiful and is scary too, sort of claustrophobic) or the final boss, which has a godawful visual design and yet a fascinating mechanic of action and reaction where your skills combined with your reactions and your PATIENCE determine the final outcome.

No, it also shines because, before that, there is a medley section. Love Trap is discussed to have the first Miku avoidance (and the avoidance aspect in general), and Kamilia 1 is credited with being the first medley. However, do the predecessors get any mention?? I can't recall a fangame creator prior to Carnival that did this, and it is so innovative. Yes, it's his own games, but why should that matter? It's a trip down memory lane, but this time buffed and with more traps! Here you're supposed to be a tougher fangamer than back when you played Heaven Trap, Nervous and Picture. Here, you're in a well-developed, though dialogue-less adventure of cleansing, a Kid's journey to find purity and freedom from his personal demons and even face his mortal version of himself face to face!

Are you in the side of old-school, straightforward, down-to-earth platforming? You will probably find the visual designs, the location of the secrets and the endless traps (tons of them at the very last spot of the save) as handicaps. That is my case. Getting beyond that, we have a valuable, unique and unforgettable crimson experience that offers one of the most rewarding feelings when beating the final boss and watching the ending. You may call yourself the Boshy now, but calling yourself the Crimson is a more brutal honor.

I dig Carnival.

The hell with that bat boss though what on Earth was he thinking.....

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Trap Boss Long
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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 80 80
Aug 8, 2020
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