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I Wanna be the Data Analysis

Hello Delicious Fruit community, today we'd like to showcase a project created by one of our users, Steingar. Titled "I Wanna be the Data Analysis", this document details a plethora of information pertaining to Delicious Fruit statistics, especially showcasing how often certain facets appear throughout the site on different games. You can find a variety of different analyses on different areas, such as how often tags are applied to games, or how difficulty and quality ratings seem to correlate on the site. Steingar says they hope people enjoy it, and that it kicks off constructive debate and discussion within the community.

You can download the project paper here, it's a very interesting read! Be aware this link will automatically download the file:

-CanusAntonius, on Mar 31, 2024

Fangame Adventure Speedrun Tournament II

The Fangame Adventure Speedrun Tournament (FAST) has now returned for its second season. In this event individuals are given a game one week in advance to practice speedrunning and have to race against their opponent on the weekend. So far the first round has completed, with 8 competitors still in the running to see who the fastest player is.

You can watch the event on weekends at and you can find out more about the event and specific times in its discord server:

-CanusAntonius, on Mar 7, 2024

The Fangame Awards Opens Voting

Howdy everyone, with a new year comes a new Fangame Awards! Our nomination form is now officially open, so make sure to submit all your favorite games, makers and events from 2023! The show will feature 15 categories, plus 4 community awards, and you may submit up to 3 nominees (graded as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place) you think best fit each category. We ask that you avoid leaving blank answers if possible, using the respective nominee's full title, as well as making sure to separate each of them with only a comma.

Here's the link to our form:
They'll be open for only 1 week, permanently closing on January 9th at 11:59pm EST.
The forms are also available in Japanese, Chinese and Korean, thanks to our amazing translators!

Lastly, The Fangame Awards 2023 will take place on February 17th, 4pm EST! The show will be streamed live on the Fangame Marathon twitch channel:

-CanusAntonius, on Jan 2, 2024

The I Wanna Tourney Returns!

The I Wanna Twourney is back in action! Get ready for more weeks of thrilling adventure games, wacky gimmicky platformers, and slew of other unique creations! This will be a multi-month long event, so there are plenty of chances to participate each week, and new games start getting posted November 10th. We hope everyone has fun, we tried very hard to make this a fun event!

Here is a link to the discord server if you are interested in participating:

Good luck and have fun everyone!

-CanusAntonius, on Nov 3, 2023

The Global Blind Colonel Tournament

The Global Blind Colonel Tournament will be a week-long event in which every participant tries their hardest to bring down the ultimate enemy, Colonel Schwarlitz Longhener, and sing to him his final swan song in impenetrable barrage glory. Will you be the challenger fierce enough to take him down? Apply here:

A separate form will be made for the Chinese community in order to prevent firewall mishaps.
Applications will be scanned by a committee of organizers helping to run the event. If you have been accepted, an invitation will be sent to you through a direct message.

Although this is being referred to as a "tourney," the participation rules will be pretty relaxed; the main goal is for everyone to have fun trying to take down the Colonel. The event will span from October 14th to October 21st, roughly 10 years after the original event took place. You are not required to stream on any platforms however video recording is encouraged and may be required for tracking any personal bests. Any further questions should be directed to either alicenobodi or iruenn on discord, the two main hosts of the event.


-CanusAntonius, on Sep 26, 2023