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Wannabe of the Month - February 2016 (And More??)

What happens when you double the max bullet count? ... You get TenShots! ...
Bad puns aside, TenShotsTV has earned himself the February Wannabe of the Month! Ten is no stranger to I Wanna Be The Guy and its fangames - he originally had the Glitchless World Record in the original IWBTG! He has also speedran a variety of fangames such as Galaxy, Find My Destiny, and NANG! Throughout this month, Tenshots is working on his own project he has dubbed the "tenKid tour," where he attempts to beat a whole slew of difficult fangames! Come give him some friendly fangame encouragement at!


We've also got another announcement, so read on below!

Every game must have a creator, right? If you're a creator of a game on del-fruit, you can request to be given special "creator" status on the reviews of that game. Each request is hand-spun and placed on a velvet pillow before being given to a moderator for approval or denial. If you are approved as the "verified" creator of a game, you will receive a special "creator" tag on your review of your game, put at the top of the review list, and given a special review color. This is to give you, as a creator, a chance to preview or talk about your game to any potential new players! How do you start this approval process? You can kick it off by reporting a game and mentioning it in the report. Be warned that abusing this feature will lead to account termination - claiming ownership of other people's games is bad manners folks! Also we would like to add that at this time, a game can only be linked to one creator - if you're part of a collaboration, we encourage you to pick one representative creator from your group to maintain the page.

In addition to the creator buff, we're also adding in a version checker for creators to use on their games that are currently listed on del-fruit! Using a fancy, magic-laced program (or for those of you who understand magic, our JSON-based REST API), creators will be allowed to update the version number (and other attributes) that will be reflected on del-fruit, as a way of keeping all of your fans up-to-date on the latest and greatest version of your game. Detailed instructions are available when editing creator comments for any games you own, so you can check there or ask an admin for more details. Of course, you will still need to update your download link on the wiki - we can't control that!

-Klazen108, on Feb 1, 2016

Wannabe of the Month - January 2016

Twitch Plays Guy Games? Slot Machines? Unfinished memes? This can only point to our newest Wannabe of the Month - TheNewGeezer! Known as Geezer throughout the community, he has earned his reputation through his ever-popular fangames like Kill The Guy and Not Another Needle Game! In addition to his fangames, his side-projects have also provided entertainment to his own chat and the community at large, such as his Twitch Plays Guy Games project, where the chat controls the Kid as they try to jump over obstacles! There is also Geezer's slot machines, where the chat tries to score big, or trying. He keeps a live fangame clear count at the top of his stream, and is extremely skilled as a fangame player, so be sure to drop by and give Geezer some love!


-Klazen108, on Jan 1, 2016

Wannabe of the Month - December 2015

It's Boshy Time! At least, that's what you'll hear numerous times over at Eelusion's channel! Eelusion is a fairly new addition to the Wannabes and a community member for a number of years. He has an intense interest in Boshy, and has quite rapidly climbed the ranks to 5th in the Any% category. Although 5th might not sound impressive, his runs are frequently on pace for a top 3 time, including the infamous WR Pace . We hope you encourage him on his journey to become the #1 Boshy Any% player in the world!


You can also find Eelusion on twitter! @

-Klazen108, on Dec 1, 2015

Wannabe of the Month - November 2015

November's featured streamer is Igzicorus!

A somewhat newer addition to the Wannabes, Igzicorus is no pushover. Many of his streams are dedicated to completing one ridiculously hard task at a time - such as his own "Kamilia 3 Secret Bosses Mini Challenge", where he aims to beat the 4 games that the K3 secret bosses were taken from - before fighting the K3 bosses themselves! Much more than K3, he's cleared numerous difficult games and continues to do so on a very active schedule. If you want a streamer who isn't afraid of a challenge and will grind out the unthinkable, drop by Igzicorus' stream and say hey!


Sorry for the short delay for this month, I do have a life outside of fangames Kappa

-Klazen108, on Nov 3, 2015

Wannabe of the Month - October 2015

October's featured streamer is Pandy49!

Pandy may be one of the newer members of the Wannabes, but he has already left his mark on the community! Beginning in early 2014 and ever-seeking a challenge, Pandy started his own Weekly Fangame Challenge (WFC) that you may have heard of! Pandy also was featured in the Fangame Marathon with his well-received "I wanna be a Cute Duck" run! Overall, Pandy looks for improvement and challenges in the community, so be sure to stop on by when he's live!

Watch his YouTube highlights here!


-Klazen108, on Sep 30, 2015