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Shortventure Contest 2018

This year's shortventure contest has come to its spooky conclusion!

Congratulations to Mattinj, Lss and Tralexium for their amazing entries!
See the full results here:

-Artardss, on Nov 13, 2018

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GameRelease DateDifficultyRating# of Ratings
I wanna be great player with kirisame Jan 16, 2019 33.5 8.4 2
Vodka Makers Jan 14, 2019 76.3 8.0 10
I Wanna Be The Hungrytag Jan 13, 2019 41.2 7.9 6
Not Another VVVVVV Game Jan 10, 2019 55.6 9.5 15
I Wanna See The Blue Sky Jan 9, 2019 39.5 5.6 9
I Wanna One Room Jan 9, 2019 55.7 7.7 9
I wanna One Screen for Fun! Jan 9, 2019 N/A N/A 0
I Wanna Kill The Sans-Stage 3 Jan 9, 2019 55.0 4.7 3
i wanna be the milk Jan 6, 2019 58.3 0.3 8
I Wanna Be The Senor Roulette 1.5 Jan 6, 2019 40.0 4.4 2
I wanna pursue my dream Jan 6, 2019 32.7 5.3 4
I wanna kill the cicada and dancing Jan 5, 2019 N/A N/A 0
I wanna Hue Jan 5, 2019 40.4 6.2 6
I wanna 乁2 Jan 3, 2019 N/A N/A 0
I Wanna Avoid Jay-Z Jan 3, 2019 16.0 7.8 1
I wanna be the MASTER of JGBs Jan 2, 2019 80.0 0.2 6
I wanna Outbreak Jan 2, 2019 46.7 8.7 6
I Wanna Vigorously Jan 2, 2019 35.0 3.0 1
I wanna К Jan 2, 2019 89.0 5.8 1
i wanna clear the 1 map game 1 easy.ver Jan 1, 2019 N/A N/A 0
Thanks for I wanna!! Dec 31, 2018 24.6 5.1 7
I wanna Black out Dec 30, 2018 75.0 7.2 5
I wanna break the 2018 Dec 29, 2018 65.0 7.5 1
I wanna Be The Final End Dec 29, 2018 15.0 3.0 1
I wanna recall the Snow Marriage Dec 29, 2018 32.9 8.7 9

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Latest Reviews

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For: Vodka Makers
I'm like 5 hours in now and the game still keeps me entertained. It's a clownfiesta and some jokes are pretty drastic but gameplay is satisfying and the difficulty is a challenge.

Can recommend to veteran players who like once a change from optimized/polished games.

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Meme Collab Clownfiesta
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 80 80
Jan 16, 2019
For: I wanna be the Onelife
Rating is for Very Hard mode including the additional screens and Difficulty rating is based on Medium mode.

There's commitment behind and has a good soundtrack, so points for that. Variety is not always the best, but it is decent and saves the best for the ending. The Sunspike section was, of course, a bliss, but cannot be attributed to this game fully, although it created original screens with that design and the same music.

It has inventive gimmicks, especially for the third boss, and having a sense of rhythm helps. Background visuals are mostly beautiful, but the difficulty curve is a mess. This does not exclude that there are alternate paths that require ridiculous jumps to get through (and that I tried, of course, because it is always oh so fun).

I'm unsure whether if I'd recommend this or not. Maybe I would if you don't have anything else to play. However, there are much more competent fangames out there, which are even mentioned in the credits.

Note that you need to clear the Very Hard mode for additional screens, which should be your goal if you're looking for a rewarding challenge.

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Gimmick x_Floor
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 35 35
Jan 16, 2019
For: I wanna be the Popularity(共同開発)
Rating is based on Medium difficulty, as well as the Difficulty rating.

I Wanna Be The Popularity is only popular because of K2's popularity, ironically. The game merely consists of 4 stages with less production and entertainment values than I Wanna Be The GB, the second one consisting of a gimmick that must move the kid with the mouse, featuring an atrocious detection box.

The Dragon Quest adventure, however, is somewhat funny, and the fight is... bizarre. Overall, this game is horrible, but the Mega Man designs look quite decent, which is only one screen to access all other stages excluding the intro screen.

Well, it's one screen if you go for the easiest difficulty, which is quite the breeze. However, you must play the Very Hard mode to unlock one of the most (in)famous bosses in fangaming history: Gravity Man. Currently, that is my task. The game is nightmarishly modified with hundreds of spikes and unthinkable jumps. Add to that additional screens. This is only getting worse and worse in entertainment value, but I am doing this for the sake of a legendary segment which many claim to be rewarding, including the boss, which is credited to be an extreme experience. I'm looking forward to the reward.

Review will be updated by that time, including the rating. Difficulty rating will remain the same, but will be mentioned in the review for the Very Hard mode.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 16, 2019
For: I Wanna Escape The Funny Red Miku
I had a really good time. Highly recommend going for the good end. What other fangame can you think of that involves being vored by miku?

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 16, 2019
For: I Wanna Be The Senor Roulette 1.5
Its a Medley game where the creator rolled random games and added a screen from the rolls in the medley. Overall its not that bad but there are some very questionable screens. The difficulty curve is all over the place as expected by this concept. Luckily 90% of the screens were still decent needle so it isn't 100% trash.

The boss is 100% trash tho.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 48 48
Jan 16, 2019
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