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I would like to just be called "Chinoichi", thanks.

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I Wanna Maker N/A 5.5

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For: I Wanna Maker
I really liked this game overall, as one of the open beta players. However, my problem with it is that the game is way too good.

The game is really well made, and insanely fun for what it is, since there's a lot of stages to play. But after a while, for that reason, I got so used to this game that I can't even quit it. And when I do, I just want to come back, because it's so good. It kind of kills the experience I use to have with other fangames.

The LevelEditor is quite well-made and easy to use, but for that same reason, I also had some problems when using GameMaker after I played this game. It's somewhat hard to get back into GameMaker without being confused, because it's easy to get used to the LevelEditor this game has.

I don't know if this happened to someone else, but when I tried to login into my account on the early release version, it just won't let me do so. Maybe it's because I'm playing it after my PC broke, but I'm not really sure. I had to make another account 10 minutes later. (It's the "chinoichi" one, by the way)

I personally don't recommend playing this game, atleast not so often.

Also forgot to say, the server gets down very often.

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Feb 15, 2020
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