I wanna be the Block

Creator: そらゆき

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Adventure (1) Needle (2) Trap (2) Gimmick (1) Boss (2) Long (1) Trigger (1) RNG (2) RNG_Platforming (1) degelock (1) Top_Five (1)


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3 Reviews:

This has to be the worst fangame I have ever played in my life. What starts off somewhat simple turns into a hellride which just doesn't seem to end. Lots of RNG cherry saves which force you to be extremely lucky to get to the end and bosses that you have no chance on to beat if you don't use wasp. The paths you have to take are very confusing and very hard and there's a good chance that you will softlock yourself, and if you do just open the save file with an text editor and change the gibberish on the first line into room_goto(room you are on);. This will prevent the game from opening an error message which makes your current save unusable. Don't forget change the X and Y coordinates.

Make sure to find the right align after killing the first big cherry boss since the next save has no good align for the part with the align dependant cherries and the block that goes up when you touch it.

Around 3/4th of the game you have to fight this Kid sprite which bounces up and down very fast and when you do shoot him he shoots a fast bullet at you. This boss (along with the other bosses in the game) all have 100 HP. When you hit him the hundredth time all the blocks you stand on disappear and you fall to your death, so the only thing you can do is count to 100. Later on the same Kid returns but this time you have less blocks to stand on, and you have to jump to the top right and hope that you get up without jumping too early or too late when the blocks disappear.

You think it ends there, but the hardest part has yet to come. The last three screens of the game feature 5 blocks. Two that move left & right, two that rapidly bounce across the screen and one that you have to hit. It starts off with 15 HP, which already becomes a chore if you don't know what to do. When you do kill the block the other 2 bouncing blocks stay on the screen and can kill you at any moment if you don't watch out, so be cautious and go to the bottom right. All three post-boss screens have three warps, 2 of which kill you so it's a matter of choosing the right warp. The right warps are: Left, middle, top right. After you choose the correct warp you fall down and there is still a huge chance that you might get hit before you even can save, and when that happens you get sent back to the previous boss. The next two blocks in the last two screens have 35 and 50 HP respectively. If I were you, please use this strat seen on https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24138126, as this is the only way you can even have a chance of killing the boss and hope that the bouncing blocks don't hit you on the way. After that it's thankfully over and enjoy the credits featuring an extreme case of Engrish.

The only redeeming part of this game is degelock, just degelock. Everything else is atrocious and you should absolutely stay away from this. I don't know how a game from nearly 9 years ago happens to be so difficult yet still humanly possible.

Don't play it.

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Feb 14, 2019
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May 27, 2017
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Jan 12, 2022