I wanna be the Job Master

Creator: トンコツ

Average Rating
7.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
30.6 / 100
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Adventure (2) Trap (2) Boss (2) Story (1) unfinished (1) RPG (2)


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8 Reviews:

Jobmaster is an unfinished Adventure game by Tonkotsu that holds a lot of interesting potential. The game works as an RPG in which you can trigger random enemy encounters on the Overworld, and also contains dungeons that feature platforming followed by a boss.

The formula works pretty well, and is mainly carried by the fact there are multiple enemies you can roll. These work as genuine fights, you shoot them to do damage as they shoot you, and you get a save point before each battle so it doesn't require you to hope for less enemy spawns. The dungeon platforming is mostly simple old-school stuff, sometimes it's accompanied by a few traps or quirky segments and concludes with a boss fight that's pretty decent. (One of them has a banger song). There's also a storyline binding the game together, though of course, it doesn't go that far in this version.

Overall, I think this is a pretty solid game so far and would love to see it finished one day. I reckon it's probably abandoned at this point, but at least you can probably get about a half hour of content out of this, so I would still recommend it.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 44 44
Oct 13, 2022
Почему я не могу скачать эту игру и не только эту а еще некоторые

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 17, 2021

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 35 35
Jul 19, 2022
The game was short but pretty good overall. 3 bosses. You can select jobs from being kid to being an archer which is stronger and can finish the final boss. You have random battle encounters as well. It's sorta an RPG but its a short one. The music at the beginning is crap but gets better.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Boss RPG
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 30 30
Jun 25, 2021
Really good concept,but it remains unfinished.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 22 22
May 2, 2016