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Creator: カル(カルボナーラ)

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58.5 / 100
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Needle (2) Trap (2) Boss (1)


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2 Reviews:

The hardest part of the game is the difficulty screen; It's one of the screens from LoveTrap but with fake saves that after you interact them throw you back to the start, and there are some hard segments later on like the downwards & upwards plane. After you did this screen, you can finally access the real difficulty screen.

It starts off with this stupid segment from the end of the road of The Guy from the original IWBTG, but instead of the Mecha Dragon it's Miku which goes to the right for about a minute or so and you have to time your jumps because you have to go up at the end, and because she's spawning fruits from her leek you need the space to do the jump AND get lucky at the spawning random(360) fruits. Thankfully it becomes a little easier after that where it just mostly consists of platforming and a few traps.

After a while you encounter a horrible The Guy boss which shoots a bunch of random attacks across the entire screen and also bounces around the entire screen so you'll have to get really lucky in order to beat this boss.

There's this short Bad Apple area after you beat the boss, but it's kinda short as a stage and the last screen was really pointless. The real way you're supposted to do it is: There's a non solid block inside the wall to the very right of the screen where you watch Spelunker die and reveals a path. Once you figured that out, the game ends.

It had some neat platforming but it really lacked in execution, and the bosses (if you count Miku as one) were terrible. Would I recommend it? Not really.

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Jun 7, 2019
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Jul 17, 2016