I wanna be the Orbit

Creators: dagger, つたしん

Average Rating
8.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
70.8 / 100
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Adventure (9) Avoidance (10) Trap (9) Gimmick (5) Boss (5) Long (4) Horror (2) Orbit (2)


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40 Reviews:

Superlong adventure game with a ton of stages, good trolls and bosses. Gets really tough towards the end but never complete bs. Uses alot of DKC sprites and has a lot of variety in visuals. Definetly one of the best fangames out there.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 80 80
Nov 29, 2015
Long game consisting of multiple stages, with an entrance then a hub with 4 stages then linear ones.

The entrance is your typical trap section with basic visuals and guyrock music, idk why but a lot of games in that vein start with that kind of area. It's not a bad thing tho since it's short enough to not be annoying, and traps mostly well made.
After that comes the hub. The left warp is a water zoomed area, a pretty funny and very original one and same goes for the boss. The middle left is also a zoomed one, a bit worse but still fun. The boss however is a bit meh, his attacks aren't very intersting (it could have been a lot worse tho). The middle right is an horror themed area, with a good atmosphere. However the boss is just bad, with a huge ass instagib at the end. The right stage is trap heavy (they all have traps but it's lighter is other stages) and it's more a mixed-bag, some traps are fun but some are very annoying, I'm especially thinking about the punishement room which is a concept I hate and think it can't be fun.
The game becomes linear after beating the hub, starting with an underground stage with many gimmicks like quicksand and speed acceleration (and some traps ofc). The stage is pretty good EXCEPT at the end when you go back to the surface, there are a few horrible screens before the boss. Talking about the boss, it's ok, the middle of the fight isn't really good with the running girl and the end can be a bit unfair sometimes but otherwise it's decent. Then comes again a zoomed stage, but this one is way less enjoyable than the others because it requires some precise and fast manoeuvres, but with the abstract visuals it's very hard to see the hitbox of the solid so they just become a pain to execute. The boss is decent despite having some huge attack for such a small space. The next stage is the less memorable and ironically one I don't have anything negative to say, it's a pure needle with a short small avoidance in the middle. The boss could have been good if it wasn't for the funny ball at the end, resulting on a frustrating fight more than a fun one. The last stage is supposed to be a trip through assaulted, another collab between the two makers but I haven't played it. Still a fun stage at the beginning but becomes worse when you progress.

The final avoidance needs a special explanation. It's a lengthy one with good visuals, but gameplay it terrible at a point that it totally ruinned the game for me. It's easily the worst part of the game, but also the worst avoidance I have played and is probably in my top 3 worst fangame experience. Why? Because 90% of the fight is patterned and among those patterns, 90% are free and borring, and the rest is way harder, learny and tedious to execute. If you don't believe me, I did some maths : the fight lasts for 3min 10s, and excepting the last attack, there are only around 40s of actual gameplay (and by actual gameplay I mean when you don't stand and do nothing, or don't move from a free safepoint to another), meaning that only 21% of the fight is actual gameplay (so I overexagerated when I said 90% but I wasn't too far). I didn't count the last attack because even if it's actual gameplay, it's so incredibly learny, but also way harder and longer than the other attacks, making it a huge pain to do. The avoidance is also a huge difficulty spike because the rest of the game is around 60-65 in difficulty. If I had to rate the avoidance alone, it would be a solid 1/10. We can talk about the music also, it's imo a really good one (even if I can't stand it now, ty game) but has some random mettalic noises and when you notice it, it's gonna become very annoying because you're gonna only here that.

Overall, I'm glad I finished it. If it wasn't for the FSR I would probably have dropped it at the end because it was a terrible experience. I can't give it a truly bad rating since it has some good parts, but I wouldn't recommend it. On a final note, some areas have restarting music but some don't, meaning they could have put non restarting music everywhere but they didn't.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 73 73
Jun 4, 2020
Lengthy, enjoyable adventure. It's made by the same duo that made Assaulted, but I enjoyed this one a lot more.
Funny traps all around, very well-designed stages. Dagger managed to make a zoomed-in water stage that I actually like, and the horror stage uses a very interesting design (With an accordingly lower difficulty compared to the other stages). Tsuta kept the troll pits from Assaulted and added some funny traps around, making his stage a lot funnier than its counterpart in Assaulted. And the other water stage is cool as well, once you understand what do you need to do there.
One of the issues I have with this game regards the first linear stage, the one with moving platforms. These platforms are extremely glitchy and don't move like normal moving platforms for some reason. Depending on where are you stepping, they might push you back into a spike or not allow you to move unless you jump. It's some weird coding, and it's really annoying at some points.
The bosses, while nothing really impressive, are still fun. The Sunspike attack in the Touhou boss was quite unnecessary, though, it made the boss far harder than it should actually be. Too much grinding required, mainly in the last seconds. Good homing mechanic, though. The last avoidance is a lot more fair and enjoyable than Assaulted's avoidances, but at some points the cherries spawn way too close to you, making it harder to avoid than it should be.
It's a classic, and definitely worth playing if you are into trap fangames. Highly recommended.

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Gimmick Long Horror
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Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 69 69
Sep 19, 2015
Orbit is a classic Japanese collab between two renowned makers, Dagger and Tsuta. I really wasn't sure what to expect going into this one, but in the end I found that its classic status is completely deserved. Despite some significant flaws, I found the game to be a super enjoyable experience, and it was never brought down for all too long.

The game opens with a charming traditional area, which introduces you to the game's signature - traps that are simple, and yet still creative and funny. After this, you go to a hub, which contains four areas, including some of the highlights of the game.

The horror themed stage feels like a prototype for a game like Cardinal House, which is high praise from me. It has lots of creative obstacles and a fun vibe. This stage is weakened by a post boss "gotcha" that I found quite difficult to figure out, leading to me beating the boss several times before being able to progress.

The other standout stage is of course the famed trap stage. There is little I can say about this that would be new, considering this stage alone has inspired several spin-offs. I will mention that it takes a unique approach to penalty rooms, that prevents them from getting stale, a flaw that this game's successors are still falling into.

The other two stages in the hub are less notable, but still a good time. Shoutouts to the funny traps in the first stage, and the stupid (affectionate) teleporting fish in the second. The second stage does contain probably the weakest boss in the game, a stupid ball with one hard attack and an annoying sound effect.

After the hub, you proceed to a sequence of linear stages, first of which is the underground desert. This stage sets the tone for the next while - having both some of the best and worst saves in the game. The minor puzzle aspects were used well, and this is the most interesting gimmick stage in the game. However, the game's difficulty starts to bite it in the ass here, with some saves being seriously brought down by being overly precise, and designed in a way that is more punishing than fun (read: unfunny end of save traps).

Next, there is a brief beach stage with shooting enemies. This area is pretty unremarkable, but it was somewhat annoying having to kill high health flying enemies before standing on their platforms. The most memorable part of this section is the boss, and unfortunately not in a good way. The boss itself is actually really fun, with some very conventional boss design and interesting attacks. However, it is completely ruined by an interlude that is very learny and also longer than the rest of the boss. If this section were removed this boss would be fantastic, and yet as it stands it was a low point of the game.

After this is the tower, where the pattern established in the desert repeats. The majority of this stage is really cool, with fun design that's at a chill difficulty level. Unfortunately, a few saves try to hard to be difficult, resulting in unpleasant gameplay. The biggest offender is the tiles that don't match up with the solid part. This is pretty standard design in a lot of non-fangames, and even here it works most of the time, but it is mistakenly used in a few sections with bonk jumps and tight landings. This leads to precise saves where you can't actually know exactly where to be.

The boss of this stage is pretty infamous, but I found myself enjoying it decently, but not a lot. Part of this is certainly because I was streaming it, and often found myself not focused on the game, just talking to people instead. I think focusing heavily on this boss would lead to having a lot less fun, but it winds up being a decent boss to pay less attention to. Just pop open some music or a video or something.

After this there is the classic pure needle stage, except this time the needle is the least significant part. There's a few screens of rather difficult needle, but they are broken up by super fun fights. The first is a infinite jump schmup section, which is really fun. It's nothing special as the genre goes, but it's still awesome to see in a fangame. After this is one of the highlights of the game, a touhou fight, again with infinite jump. This fight is super fun, with a wide variety of attacks that are all really fun to dodge, and an awesome chaotic ending.

Finally, a medley stage of the creators' previous work Assaulted. This stage is pretty brief, but has some really fun platforming that feels very "adventurey" in sharp contrast to the previous needle stage. It ends with a brief avoidance that is moderately fun, but ultimately forgettable.

The game ends with another avoidance, this one being 3 minutes long and quite a bit harder than the rest of the game. I heard it described as "sunspike-like", and while I find that quite true of the content, it's not true at all of the quality. The avoidance is super pattern heavy, and does unfortunately have several long sections of standing still. Despite that, I found it to be really fun overall, with lots of diverse attacks. The attacks were really fun to learn, and yet not too complex as to be inscrutable after a couple attempts. Even the parts that wind up being standstill are fun to figure out at first.

Overall, Orbit is an incredible game, despite its flawed sections. While there were some pretty heinous saves, the good outnumbers the bad significantly, and ultimately none of the bad sticks around too long. The game is really long, and yet it continues to provide new stuff, and because of this diversity it didn't overstay its welcome. I would highly recommend this game to adventure fans. If you aren't confident in your avoidance skills, I would still recommend playing up to it, as the rest of the game is like 60, and contains some super cool stuff.

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Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 13, 2024
Banger trap adventure for most part, especially obvious iconic Grey stage and i like Barell boss a lot. Aqua stage and Ascent stage were also pretty enjoyable. Final avoidance was kinda fun on its own. Overall, must-play for trap fangames enjoyers

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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 68 68
Mar 12, 2023