I wanna be the Scarlet white

Creators: うめ, 白いヒヨコ

Average Rating
4.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
25.7 / 100
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Adventure (6) Avoidance (6) Trap (6) Gimmick (2) Boss (4) Miku (4)


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22 Reviews:

Good parts first. The game had some interesting gimmicks. Stages 3, 4 and 5 were nice, particularly Stage 3. Some of the traps, particularly the ones at Stage 3, were interesting. The avoidance had a good music, and the water theme seems to fit well with it. The part where the screen is ripped and Miku appears is sorta of somewhat nice (I still dislike long delays at avoidances). And I liked the bosses at Stage 3 and Stage 7.
Now, the bad parts. Aside from the stages mentioned above, the platforming was far too generic. While some of the traps were nice, some weren't. The avoidance doesn't sync with the music in the slightest, making it better for you to play it without the music, so that it won't mislead you. Still speaking of the avoidance, it was all about stuff that bouncing cherries can do, and some exploding cherries. It was nicely themed, but executed in the worst possible way. Most of the bosses were boring, and the afterward traps just made it worse because they forced you to fight those things again. It could have been a good game, but...It's not. Wouldn't recommend.

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Tagged as: Avoidance Trap Gimmick Miku
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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 27 27
Mar 19, 2015
The best thing about the game is the avoidance

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Gimmick Boss
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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 40 40
Mar 25, 2017
A (in my opinion it seems) very good fangame with each stage having it's own gimmick meaning that it never really gets boring. It does have some flaws suck as guy rock, looping music and basic tilesets. However I was never really bothered by these things so that's probably why I enjoyed the game so much. And now for the bosses, we got 7 basic cherry bosses, while usually this would suck (and in the first 2 stages it does) they usually implement the gimmick found in the stage in one way or another. It all ends on a very basic, but fun avoidance, people says its not synced up well but it does seem synced to me. Overall a very fun fangame with some flaws, if it were not for the tileset and the music dragging it down I would give this game a 10/10.

PS. Optimizing a speedrun route for this fangame, it's INCREDIBLY fun to run.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 35 35
Aug 26, 2015
The game had some short stages but I enjoyed the gimmicks used for each stage ie infinity jump, using a hidden passage to get thru a stage versus trying to do it the harder way and the bosses were simple. The avoidance made for a good final boss. I suck at avoidance games but after a few attempts I was able to beat her. I'd recommend for a quick play thru.

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Trap Boss Miku
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 30 30
Apr 18, 2020
Not very good game. It has multiple stages, but most of them are very short and uninteresting, and same goes for the bosses. The end avoidance use a song I love but is really bad, with an instagib at the end making it frustrating to redo.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 25 25
Mar 16, 2020