I wanna be the Shiny spark!!

Creator: eden

Average Rating
4.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
59.6 / 100
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Adventure (6) Needle (2) Avoidance (5) Trap (5) Gimmick (4) Boss (3) Special (1) Puzzle (3) Miki_Hoshii (1) BossRush (1)


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13 Reviews:

Rating is based on medium difficulty because "zako mode" is essentially the "baby mode" since it doesn't let you access extra content. I'd assume medium is the intended difficulty.

Decently hard and very bad. The "K2 section" is somehow the worst part of the game in terms of required content with awful puzzles and unfun platforming. Don't play it.

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Rating: 4.3 43       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 29, 2020
оценка для сложности ZAKO, другие не смотрел.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 30, 2019
Rating based on Zako mode.

I don't hate it as much as others do. It's an fairly old adventure that I'm uncertain that it has aged well or not. I really liked the idea of the hub, though the Error save at the start forcing you to restart your game when you die just sucks and shouldn't be implemented at all. As for the bosses, the only one that was kinda tedious were the Yoshi boss and maybe the final boss. The boss rush thing should not be a thing here since nothing has been changed since the past so you have to do them all again, even the stupid ones.

I'd say give it a go.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 55 55
Feb 9, 2019
Rating is based on Zako mode, because it works as the 'medium mode' and it's the only 'reasonable' difficulty in the game.
This is a fangame that looks a lot like a 'special' fangame, and I can imagine tons of screens from this game in Sudoku/2doku. However, it's just a poorly-made fangame. A VERY poorly-made fangame. Visuals are horrible, almost all the gimmicks are bad (Exception for the invencibility star at Mario's stage, that one isn't bad, although it isn't used in the best way), there's a stage with a sorta-of-road where you can just walk off the road and nothing will happen to you, and since all the obstacles are in the road...Exactly, easy win. Restarting music, bad level design...Oh, and an error save at the beginning that forces you to reset the game (Since the save's name is "error", I believe it was made on purpose. Which is really...Awesome.)
The bosses aren't any better. Yoshi is tedious as hell, and gets really hard at the end. The "do you believe in love" avoidance...Doesn't happen in the Zako mode, the music just plays until the end and nothing happens. And the food-summoning boss is the worst of them all, she teleports as soon as you shoot and you have to corner her with bullets (Basically, mashing), while dodging her attacks. To hit her once. Smithy and the last boss are just RNG-heavy, nothing too bad compared to the other bosses. And the Balloon Cherry follows the tedious concept of getting harder as his HP is depleted. Miki is the only nice-ish one, being a fun avoidance with a couple interesting attacks and a funny second phase.
There are some good things in this game, but playing through to find them is not really worth it. Highly not recommended.

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Rating: 1.7 17       Difficulty: 54 54
Jun 4, 2015
*Cleared on 18/05/2023*

This game... This game has me mad.

Important disclaimer: If you want to make all planned challenges for the game and play all extra content, you must play in Very Hard Mode (because Popularity, remember??). This is very dumb by itself, as the Normal difficulty is the intended one (not Zako).

For anyone that claims this is the worst fangame featured in K2, you should (not) introduce yourself to Sadist, but this one is quite up (down?) there.

From the creator of the infamous Popularity and one of the makers of THE iDOLM@STER, Shiny Spark is infamously stupid and hilarious at the same time, a surreal and absurd experience I would only recommend to those that can extract fun from Sudoku idiocy.

The whole game circles around the concept of you having to conquer hidden areas in the original castle of The Guy. Each fake exit is now an entry to a new area that goes from very interesting to mind-blowingly dumb. There are also extremely cryptic secrets hidden in each stage for unlocking the extra content of the game which is the equivalent of willingly signing a contract for free urethrotomy.

Levels are listed in the order I played them:

-The Super Mario Bros. 3 section is straight-up sudoku trash. All block and “spike” sprites are from the original game and have no rhyme or reason. Version 1.0 had a straight-up gray background; the most recent Version 2.0 has a cave background which makes it look less cancer. More often than not, the game uses a star gimmick which is too precise for its own sake: it gives you invincibility and higher speed, but the timing for it to end is very specific and one screen expects you to do miracles as there is almost no spare frames to get to the end. The secret is a horrible guessing game full of black 32X32 piranha plants, and many of these are fake, so you must find your way through. However, you cannot save inside the secret room, so you have to do the way to the secret every time. The boss is ok, featuring a funny recreation of the famous Fight Against Smithy from Super Mario RPG, including his most damaging attack.

-My second stage ended up being an absolute rarity and I can’t say I loathe it because of how crazy it is, but also has inconsistent obstacle hitbox mechanics: a race through a track where everything kills you, including the sides of the racetrack. The level uses an infinity jump gimmick for maneuvering (thank God no Nekoron engine), and it amusingly implements a map of the whole racetrack which is no more than a copy-paste of the original screen but in smaller size (you can see yourself in there as well). Contemplating every pixel of all stationary and spinning attacks is amusing to the max, but the design is really badly done, especially with the rotating ones, so they cannot be timed correctly at first glance. Secret requires an awful, long backtrack and surviving a very tight, prolonged section, but the boss is the worst highlight of the game for me: a grindy, learny avoidance that has a high degree of precision during the last attacks (you’ll spend most of your time here), and a very prolonged and unnecessary choke phase at the end which is so easy that you can get bored and hence die easily. This post-section trash demands from you to pay attention to the embodiment of boredom. Concept is funny, as it is not an avoidance featuring music, but dialogue, but it gets tedious real fast.

-My third stage was LoveTrap, and it is a genius stage, so genius, that the game-maker reinvented the stage... Not really. Eden literally just makes you play the original water stage in reverse and, as far as I’m concerned, nothing changes. It even has the planes at the ending (or beginning?) of the stage. There is the secret, and it’s the least cryptic of them all. I don’t even have to explain the boss because it is the Suki Suki Suki cherry and I don’t need to tell to jack sh!t. This is the fangame dictionary definition of how not to do a tribute to another fangame.

-My fourth stage was fun against all odds, in spite of its unfair RNG: it’s a beatmania stage with an amazing song that unfortunately restarts with pressing R (you simply don’t restart a beat like that), and an avoidance featuring the song Miracle Moon. The stage consists in a cascade of RNG platforms that push you up at random speeds, so it’s a clumsy mix of skill, timing and luck. The section is quite trollish, as you’re going up happily at full speed and it turns out the entire left or right side of the screen is guaranteed death by spike. The secret requires you to do the first screen, save, and come back all the way down, and it is torture. Sounds easier to fall than to go up, but no; there is a section where you get bombarded by spikes from both sides. The boss is badly timed and a few times the timing does not consist with the song: I am aware this takes a lot of time to program, but bad programming can cause death, and the very ending of the avoidance forces you to do a forced maneuver; it gets worse when the beat lines become invisible and it becomes either a forecasting teller exercise, or one of memory.

-My fifth stage was the puzzle stage with the Trials of Mana layout and sprites. The puzzles are stupid, especially one that asks you to progress every you’re your PC time ends up with the number 5. This is beyond belief. There’s so much dead time in 10 minutes. There is nothing special about this stage, save for the design, but the infamous part of you choosing invisible walls as correct paths goes beyond description, and that is a requirement not only for getting through the stage, but also for the secret. The boss is interesting in the sense that, as long as you fire only one bullet in his direction while your horizontal position matches any pixel of his hitbox, he will avoid it. If there are two bullets on the screen, and the second is done at damaging him, it works best. Doesn’t help that the screen gets loaded with trash the more damage to inflict, but it is what it is. The strat is two shooting him while falling, but the first bullet must be above him and the second or third towards his direction; for some reason, boss goes blind and the attack works.

-My sixth stage was the worst and I wish I didn’t have left it for last. It’s the infamous Yoshi stage, where you face the same level over and over again and you must, by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, figure out what to do: invisible blocks, triggers, traps, appearing and disappearing blocks, or sometimes even wait. Anything goes in this horrible stage, except you’re not given a single hint whatsoever of what one should do. It’s unspeakably terrible and up there with the most frustrating stages I’ve ever played. The secret requires a great endurance test and avoid going to the warp during a particular screen; it’s horrendous. The boss is equally bad: it’s a bunch of Super Mario World tubes which spawn an increasing amount of Yoshis throwing eggs at you the more damage you inflict the main green one.

Once this has been done, you can collect an extra secret, which is found within the hub of The Guy’s maze itself by activating several triggers. I must admit this overtly simplistic idea was mildly entertaining and, with the help of some additional triggers to the original, it makes you go through almost every ramification of the maze from beginning to end and back to the beginning to obtain the secret. One switch is very hidden, but the challenge is ok to do.

As old-school tradition dictates, we have a new section dedicated to the original IWBTG and a boss rush. Terrific. No news here. Once beaten, you go to an amusing Pokemon battle which, for my two cents, has amusingly the best production quality of the game. The fight is interesting, and I can’t get over how freaking cute the dancing Pikachu is (you also feel like an idiot when you die to him).

Game ends, credits roll and a wonderful song plays: 隣に・・・ 三浦あずさ(CV:たかはし智秋) (Tonari Ni... by Azusa Miura). The game does two things to hint you it’s not the true end:

1) It plays the music differently. During a portion that is supposed to be heavy in instrumentation, you only hear the singing. For my two cents, this is, I think, an unofficial version and my favorite: you hear her voice echo and the chorus accompanying only, contrary to the original version. This is something stunning. Unintended brilliance?
2) The clear screen has a question mark.

So this is the point where the credits play the role, right? Well, not necessarily. You’re royally f**ked if you played in any difficulty lower than Very Hard, because all the extra deaths and time wasted for getting those tough secrets is completely a waste of your life: in Normal, it didn’t make a difference if you went for them or not. You might say: “bruh, the original IWBTG did the same thing”, but I disagree: the secrets were additional optional challenges and the disappointment was that they didn’t unlock anything or gave you extra guns. Here, you know there’s a whole game still lying ahead of you, including new platforming stages based on the original six stages, and you will never see them because, just like eden did with Popularity or Carnival with Picture. Picture betrays you with being able to get secrets in Medium and then raises a middle finger to you; this game does as well.

For anything that’s worth, I have some references that, at least, extra involves all bosses in a boss rush buffed and you must clear it without deaths; extra increased difficulty to unreasonable levels. Maybe, no thank you?

Anyway, screw you.

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Rating: 2.2 22       Difficulty: 60 60
Nov 3, 2023