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Trap (1)


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This game isn't really all that fun and I would not recommend it at all. It a troll game and a really bad one at that. You first start the game in the hub room where there is five portals, bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right and straight up however the portal straight up is blocked. The only way to unblock it is to beat all four areas and each area has a different theme to it. This review will not go into great detail about how to beat each area but just more or less explain the gimmicks in each portal.

The Bottom Left Portal:

Oh where do I even begin. First of all it doesn't look all that bad however the main problem I have with it is that a lot of the blocks that look real have a death block placed underneath it and not a real block, meaning touching walls or floors can kill you! You have no idea which ones they are so it trail and error until you get to the next save. Thankfully it only one screen so it doesn't drag on for very long.

The boss of this portal is Ronald McDonald.... Super easy fight, just jump in the water and shoot him. He doesn't have much hp thankfully so he easy to fight. I think my only concern is that the water felt really weird. I don't know, maybe it made in the Nekoron Engine so one framing causes a full jump in water or not but it felt like I was jumping way higher than I should have in water. But since there no real obstacles in your path while fighting Ronald this isn't really a problem.

The Bottom Right Portal:

This portal gimmick is basically all about finding the correct path through invisible blocks. Just at first glance it already looks horrible as the first platform moves super slow, maybe a pixel every second slow and the the top platform is moving so fast that it would be impossible to time your jump correctly. It would literally just be luck however thankfully you do not have to do either of those options. You have to find some invisible blocks that let you progress through the screen really fast. Also the death block under the sprite blocks are back however aren't too much of a pain compare to the last screen. At least until the last save.

The boss of this portal is a bunch of ghost which I assume was trying to be Legion. Super simple boss, as he just throws a line of apples at you and aims at you and follows you. So just move around in a circle and shoot the boss until it does. If you are fast enough you can kill him in one second.

The Top Left Portal:

First off, the spikes actually change colors to start with so it already going to cause some problems. IT switches from white to black, trying to do a bad apple feeling to it but not so well. The music here is just very ambient with a sorta scifi mix. It just feels really unfitting for the stage. Another problem with this design is that the black boxes that are smaller than average blocks on the far right of the screen (at least what shown in the picture above) is actually water. No one would have ever been able to guess that meaning your first time doing that you are going to die right away because you couldn't predict that.

This boss of this portal is just a giant circle that flashes white and black kinda like the previous area. Just stay in the bottom left corner and jump and shoot when it low to the ground and it is impossible to die. There not even music for this boss unlike the last two so it just felt really weird.

The Top Right Portal:

This portal actually was okay. It wasn't good but it wasn't bad either because it actually feels like a game. It has two screens, the platforming wasn't too bad (even if the gimmicks used kinda ruined it) and the music was decent. The gimmick for this stage is basically what we are familiar with in every other trap game, meaning invisible blocks and triggers. Most of the triggers can be skip though since the invisible blocks can sometime let you skip a huge chuck of the area.

Even the boss for this area was good because it actually felt like a real boss. It got harder as the Marx was getting closer to dying. The boss was still simple but it was nice to actually see some progression in this boss compare to the last three where you can kill the boss in like ten seconds.

Top Portal:

This actually caught me off guard as it was just a boss. Out of all the bosses I gotta say that this one was the hardest so far. There so much going on the screen that it hard to keep track of it all but overall it not too bad. You can destroy some of the objects like the orange circles and the light pink orbs which helps a lot so you are focusing on so much at once as the screen becomes cluster quite fast. If you take your time though you should have no problem with this boss.

Second Hub:
Much to my surprise there actually a second hub in this game after beating all five portals. This hub only has two portals compare to the five in the first portal and you can access both portals right away. Both of these portals are just bosses and they just honestly feel out of place. They aren't needed in my opinion, it just there to drag the game on longer. The bosses aren't even all that hard either.

Top Portal:

The top portal boss is a dinosaur I assume. He has a lot of hp and all of his attack are pattern or player aim. Meaning you have to learn all the attacks first so you don't die to them and then after that you stand a chance of killing him. And with how much hp he has, it will take three cycles to finish him off.

Bottom Portal:

This is a buff boss of the final boss in the first hub and all I can honestly say is... He has way too much HP! Seriously I had to result to mashing with my right hand to speed things up and my right hand mashing is probably on par with Stinkycheeseone890 mashing. The buffs aren't all that hard expect for when the cycle restarts with the first two attacks. Figuring out a way to do that without dying was the hard part but other than that the boss is just the same as before. Although when it has less than half health it spawns flames into the battle field which wouldn't be a bad buff.... If the background sprite wasn't lava. Seriously I had no idea that I was jumping into flames sometimes because it blends into the background.

Once all that is said and done you are warped into a new room with the words Thank You spelled out in the default brown blocks. Overall the game is bad and I would not recommend playing it.

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Rating: 2.3 23       Difficulty: 37 37
Aug 27, 2015
I was going to say a lot of stuff about this game, but seems like MannyG covered the majority of what I wanted to say, so I'll make it shorter. This game is terrible. Killer blocks that look exactly like normal blocks, invisible blocks, fake blocks, possibility of softlocking yourself at some points thanks to the lack of save blockers, boring bosses that mostly require mashing, mostly bad visuals, restarting musics, the list goes on. It's a complete disaster. Highly not recommended.

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 40 40
Mar 15, 2016