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Rose_Gear_Guy (1)


  • by Voider88

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this whole review is a spoiler so if for some reason you want to find it out by yourself then ill use spoiler tags. unless im missing something, what the game wants you to do is honestly ridiculous. you have to go up a screen using insanely fast platforms while rng is coming at you from the sides and bottom to reach a warp. in a period of around 2 (?) hours, i managed to reach the top six times, now I just assumed you could hop into one of the warps that took you back to the bottom that come from the sides, but no, after hitting the fake warp, all warps will take you to the top left instead, even ones that spawned before you hit the warp, even ones that you touch the same frame as the warp, there is no way around it, you have to fall back down. the fake portal removes all platforms on the screen and starts spawning even faster ones from the bottom. how hard could this possibly be? very, the spiderbros coming from the bottom appear to be moving at about a speed of 20 because of your speed, and since the bottom is that close, they are very near impossible to read, and not only that, you still gotta dodge the stuff from the sides as well, about halfway down the fast platforms start coming up. the first thing these guys do is slow you down, they are also as fast as the spiderbros, making them pretty much unreactable as well, these platforms can be incredibly confusing while reading the other projectiles coming from the sides. when you reach the bottom you have to cross where the platforms and spiderbros spawn, so there is a chance that you just get instantly killed by a spiderbro, and theres literally nothing you can do about it. after that you enter the warps and then you win. if you feel like spending 20 hours (this is generous) listening to anti the holic and dying to nearly unreadable rng, go on ahead and play this game. either that or i just suck and this is free

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Aug 22, 2018
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Nov 21, 2019