I wanna be Fed up with path ;w;

Creator: じゃすこ

Average Rating
7.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
26.1 / 100
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Trap (6) Short (6) Trigger (2) NoBoss (1)


  • by reijerzzz
  • by ElCochran90
  • by geogeo222
  • by geogeo222

15 Reviews:

Interesting title. The game itself is very creative and, thankfully, very short. Make no mistake: it is a well-designed trap grame; I just hate trap games. Nevertheless, I give everything a chance instead of dismissing it immediately.

The design itself is plain: what makes it unique is how it plays with its design, changing your perspective and playing with your preconceptions the whole time. Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with this being a beginner game: height diagonals, block diamonds and gates await an unprepared player.

I recommend it for fans of the genre. I guess this will never be for me :(

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Rating: 4.6 46       Difficulty: 35 35
Oct 7, 2018
Adorable trap game

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 30 30
Jan 29, 2018
Pretty good game. Some things were worse then others but nothing was bad.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 26 26
Oct 25, 2017
Straightforward trap game with a really cool concept of the room constantly rearranging itself. Quick game but I can reccomend it.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 20 20
Jan 8, 2017
Short, but great game. Loaded with the weirdest kind of traps, it's quite pleasant to follow through. Nice visuals and nice music as well. Highly recommended to anyone fond of traps.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 30 30
Apr 11, 2015