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Bosses were DansGame

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Rating: 1.2 12       Difficulty: 35 35
Jan 17, 2017
Review includes extra, which involves collecting all 8 coins.

So I've decided this is probably the worst fangame I've ever cleared as such I beat it twice about 4 months apart from each other to confirm and while my second playthrough was better because I remembered some of the more annoying things it wasn't pleasant still.

Each one of the stages has a poorly executed theme attached to them. A stage is significantly easier then the rest, excluding the bland tutorial. Triggers necessary to progress may or may not trip depending on your orientation, Invisible blocks that exist just for you to do the save 1 more time, and shitty trampoline water, wrapped up tightly with a boss that involves you literally going in a circle around a room avoiding it for the entire duration are all attractions to stage 1.

Stage 2 is 2 screens long 1 being a needle room with long false paths both hidden and open and awful backtracking mechanics. The other being a much more open much less precise trigger room with hidden pathways. 1 of which leads to a coin with a really long save and a multitude of traps you only find through trial and error. The boss is no better then stage 1s but this time it bounces across the top of a platform filled screen and spams aimed, bouncing, tracking, and finally bursting apples at you as the screen slowly crowds more and more.

Stage 3 is a maze a shitty trial and error maze. The rooms huge, invisible tiles blocking paths and visible tiles that aren't really there being key features on top of all the great plethora of gimmicks from past stages. There's nothing much more to say we've all been in one of these before. The boss is probably the best of the 3 stand in left corner and it dies.

If you did grab all the coins which admittedly most aren't that hard to get but require trial and error like everything else. You get access to the last boss which is not horrid but not particularly interesting. The boss mostly bounces up and down on the left side of the screen. It fires aimed letter "A's" at you then adds rng "B's", then exploding "C's", then apples that both bounce and phase in and out, then huge black circles that basically block vision of the other attacks but cant kill you directly, before finally leaving its comfy corner and bouncing around the room.

So all in all a mix of bland, frustrating, lengthy, poorly designed, and poorly programmed earns this my review of worst fangame I've completed.

That being said stage 1 screen 2 was kinda decent and stage 3's maze had potential but fell flat overall.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 50 50
Jan 17, 2017
This game is absolutely terrible. It contains 4 stages and they're all horrible. the whole game is very trap heavy and none of them are original. Every stage in this game contains a coin that you can collect to get to some sort of extra stage, unfortunately I wasn't able to find out because I locked myself out of a coin by saving in a bad spot and I couldn't convince myself to replay it. Getting them is dumb for the most part, with things like invisible blocks and triggers at the end of the screen making you backtrack. The bosses in this game are not worth talking about, they're all horrible and uninspired. The final stage is one of the worst thing I've ever played. It's a giant cryptic maze with shitty traps all throughout. There's a lot of other small things I could nitpick about like the horrible water and the bad save balance but you get the picture. Don't play this game

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 60 60
Jul 24, 2016