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Adventure (1) Avoidance (2) Trap (1) Gimmick (1) Boss (1)


  • by NightShark115

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Adventure game with the hub style of IWBTG where you start in the same screen like you do in the original game and you can find the stages by exploring the map. There are three stages you have to beat, and beating the boss in that stage will bring you to a intermission screen that shows the bosses you have defeated along with a warp that's sealed off that you have to enter after killing all three bosses.

Taking the top route will lead you to a Castlevania themed stage, filled with traps in annoying locations and tricky platforming moments. While the stage itself is creative, most of the bad traps were at the end of the save. The boss in this stage was cool, but sometimes it can spawn at the wrong side and wall you with no way of getting out. After you kill the boss there is a second phase where the orb you normally collect safely turns evil and it chases you. You have to shoot it multiple times before it dies, and everytime you shoot it it spawns some random(360) fruits at you.

The left route is not very good. It's shorter compared to the other stages but the platforming is not very creative. The first screen is a weak trap screen. In the second screen you have to race against a vegetable which was a nice idea but it doesn't do anything creative other than that. The last screen is the worst of them all: Blocks fall down from the air at random spots and you are supposed to climb up the blocks to get to the top. You have to make it to the top in time before the lava that rises from the bottom kills you. The collision on the blocks is not very good, especially on the edges. Since the blocks spawns are completely random, there will be moments where you are waiting to climb up while nothing falls down near you so you'll die in the lava or the exit gets sealed off by blocks before you can even make it up there. It all comes down to pure luck, and there is nothing that you can do about it. The avoidance made up for it though, because it's the best part of the stage. This avoidance is also present in I wanna be the Music, and was the basis for the Dungeon 2 game Like a full blown flower. Learning this avoidance was pretty fun, and there was nothing that I found unfair about it. It's a bit bland compared to avoidances that you see now, but that is how it was for the time. The final burst at the end of the avoidance can be a bit dense, but there is a lot of space to dodge it.

The bottom path leads to a snow stage. It starts off being your average snow stage, featuring ice physics and simple traps. Then it starts to become interesting once you get to the second screen. It starts to introduce gimmicks from Jubeat and Beatmania into the mix. The screens themselves were cool, but they were a bit to precise for my liking. There is another avoidance at the end. The arena is smaller than normal and most of the attacks come from the top. Halfway through the avoidance it introduces a gimmick where fruits fall down from the sky and you have to click them with your mouse to shoot them back to the top. If you miss one it will stick to the floor. At the end of the avoidance all of the fruits that you clicked will explode, which also includes the fruits that you've missed. You can't control the explosions, so you'll have to dodge dense RNG which is not very easy to do. It might take a couple of tries if you are unlucky.

Beating all three stages will bring you to a screen where you have to break blocks by falling down and there will be fruits at random locations. You have to land in the middle or else you will die from spikes. At the end is another avoidance, which for me was harder than everything before it. The hardest attacks for me were the two attacks after the intro. Big fruits fall down from the middle and explode after a few seconds. The fruits that explode spawn smaller fruits that are targeted at the player. You have to plan your movements beforehand and standing at the corners of the screen is usually a bad idea. The second attack does the same thing where it shoots big fruits at you, but this time there are also red fruits that fall alongside the blue fruits. They don't target you, but rather they curve in random directions. The final part of the avoidance where the rings fall down and go left and right can be difficult as well, but you can do this first try if you are good enough. I'd say this is the part of the game I liked the most.

If you beat the avoidance it isn't done yet: You have to beat all bosses/avoidances all over again, but this time they are harder than before. Attacks become more dense and more fruits will spawn than before. I find these buffed bosses not very good, because I feel that the original bosses were not meant to be buffed like this. This was especially bad for the ending of the snow stage avoidance, because the explosions are way more dense and you'll have to beg to get lucky.

If the top avoidance in the boss rush did not exist, then I would have given this game a 60 difficulty rating. This avoidance is way harder than everything before it, which resulted in me giving this game the rating it has now. It's very luck based and the hardest attacks that I mentioned earlier are way worse. You have to both get lucky and be skilled enough to get through these attacks without doing dumb things that lead to your death. Because of this, I actually had fun grinding it which is not what I usually say when it comes to RNG bosses or avoidances. Getting past these two attacks doesn't mean a guaranteed win; the stuff after it is still really hard. The attack with the bouncing pink fruits and blue fruits that fall down is especially bad. The best way to dodge this attack is to do it on the right side, but since you have to move to the middle there is a good chance that a bunch of pink fruits will be in your way and you don't have enough space to get through it in time. The attacks after it requires more luck and skill once again. The rings that come from left and right are especially bad to dodge, because sometimes there happens to be a fruit that moves in the wrong direction the moment you want to jump through the rings. The timing is very rough and precise. This will be the part of the game you will take on the longest. I would only recommend if you go for this if you can endure these type of avoidances, but it is not as bad as say the Lucky series for example.

This game has aged not very well and there are a few moments where a lot of luck is required, but there were also some cool moments like the rhythm game references in the snow stage. Still, I wouldn't really recommend it unless you are in the mood to play an oldschool adventure game or want to go for the stupidly hard avoidance at the end.

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