I wanna defeat Cirno

Creator: ネテロ

Average Rating
5.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
40.0 / 100
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Boss (4) Short (1)


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6 Reviews:

Single-boss-fight game. Literally, your only task is to defeat Cirno. But she's not willing to let you do it so easily.
Her first attack is probably the hardest, since you'll need to move very quickly while still avoiding some projectiles. Both, strategy and skill, are needed. Her two other attacks aren't as hard, but the second can still take you by surprise, and the last floods the screen with bullets, so if you don't plan ahead, you might be defeated by the RNG. Her attacks are HP-based, and she has plenty of HP (It's not a Big Kid, but it's not like a normal boss either).
I really don't recommend this game for beginners, since I played this as a beginner once and got destroyed by the first attack, giving up after a few tries. However, if you have a bit of experience with bosses and want to fight a challenging boss, here is your chance. I had a lot of fun playing this as of now, so maybe you'll have fun too.

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Tagged as: Boss
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 39 39
Mar 17, 2015
A single easy boss fight.

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Tagged as: Boss
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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 35 35
Feb 2, 2017
Uninteresting boss battle. Try going on top of her head after you win.

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Tagged as: Boss Short
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Rating: 4.9 49       Difficulty: 37 37
May 6, 2016
Tagged as: Boss
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 50 50
Mar 31, 2017
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 39 39
Jul 1, 2016