I wanna defeat Remilia

Creator: ネテロ

Average Rating
6.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
55.7 / 100
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Boss (2)


  • by Xplayerlol
  • by Xplayerlol

3 Reviews:

Fun and very suffocating single-boss game. Just like you aim to defeat Cirno in “I wanna Defeat Cirno”, in this game you aim to, well, defeat Remilia. Remilia’s attacks are HP-based (which means you could also call them “phases”, if you want), and her HP is really high. It’s a very entertaining fight, with attacks that are interesting (not quite original), difficult and very well balanced - there’s hardly any walls, and not a single moment to rest. You can think of it as “I wanna Defeat Cirno - Hard Mode”. If you enjoyed one, you’ll probably enjoy the other (And if you didn’t enjoy Cirno because you found it to be easy, you could still end up enjoying this game). Again, much of the fight’s difficulty comes from understanding how to handle infinite jumping and shooting at the same time. It’s a somewhat different experience from normal fangame bullet hell, and I would recommend that experience to others.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 59 59
Mar 17, 2015
Difficult fight with infinite jump

1st phase is semi-precise patternto learn through and not too difficult.
2nd phase is full rng and can wall you from time to time, but there's always a bit of space to pass through.

Last Phase is a semi-pattern RNG, with a spawnthat can be angular RNG at first ? but has a fixed rotation.
But once you get to the gist, it becomes a precise dodging in between slow bullets and the initial pattern.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 53 53
Aug 8, 2021
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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 55 55
Feb 11, 2020