I wanna HunyuuPunpun

Creator: えるなちゃん

Average Rating
6.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
68.1 / 100
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Needle (7) Gimmick (1) Long (1) Visual_Challenge (1) Uhuhu_Needle (1) Sideways_Gravity (1)


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20 Reviews:

Extremely old and rather long needle game with flashy visuals and an anime theme song medley for BGM.

It has a lot of interesting design you won't find in many modern needle games, especially the tendency to mix in gravity flipping everywhere. At its best HunyuuPunpun offers some fairly unique jumps and screen design and is still pretty playable in today's climate... at its worst, however, HunyuuPunpun is an obnoxious mess of incredibly asinine, time-wasting design. One of the worst offenders is the save that has a bunch of ledge jumps into 16px gaps in a row; it's not really "hard," but it's just kinda... stupid and not really fun to do at all. There's a lot of stuff like this throughout the game, and I'm sure most people will be less lenient on how the gravity flipping is implemented than I am - there are many places where you basically need to die a few times to figure out the timing coming out of a flip, and generally the more flip arrows there are on a screen the less fun it is to play.

So yeah, very mixed bag here. And honestly, even the fun stuff kind of overstays its welcome, since the game is apparently a full 50 screens long (there's no indicator of how far you are into it). There are just a lot of repeated design elements in general, really: count the amount of times you have to walk off a ledge with one frame of leeway before hitting a spike, for instance. In general I think the game overextends itself and it would have been cool to see Eruna-chan make something similar, but more refined. Unfortunately, he ended up making things like Orion (which I find incredibly obnoxious for many reasons) instead, so oh well.

The game uses touch saves and has a visual effect where the screen fades in from black every time you reset, both of which can get kind of annoying in places. I wouldn't say it really *aggravated* me or anything, but it's worth noting. The game is on an old, custom engine, but from what I could tell the physics and hitboxes are consistent with Yuuutu and YoYo. Feels like there might be a bit of input lag, though? You can press H to bring up some information on screen and display your align, which I guess is kinda cool.

Finally, there are no extremely technical jumps except on the last screen (I found the last save to require a BHop, but I might just be bad). There is one place where you can skip a long loop-around by doing a ceiling double diamond, but it's not really worth it unless you're bored or something.

Overall it's worth playing if you want to see what needle games were like in 2012 but I wouldn't recommend it otherwise.

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Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 61 61
Mar 18, 2018
The needle in itself was alright but the visuals gave me nausea.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 67 67
Apr 15, 2018
Fun and quite lengthy needle game. Interesting jumps, not too repetitive, some screens make use of gimmicks to bring variety to the game. It does get repetitive after a while, but for the most part it's enjoyable. Would recommend.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 10, 2015
when i've been going through those screens i've been thinking when it will be finally over

its been about 20 screens now and its still not over

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 21, 2020
There are several events that would make most of people cry. It includes but not limited to :
1. Losing a person you're attached to
2. Touching uncooked onion then rubbing your eye
3. Taking serious exam and realizing you have airpods in your ears
and I would like to add one to this list :
4. Playing Hunyuupunpun
Production Value is high. yes. I admit it. but it's kinda overdone and it basically kills my eye.
Needle is decent despite having some kind of jumps I abominate. However you probably don't want to lose your vision to clear a fangame.

Edit : The kind of jumps I abominate = gravity flip drop with screen rotation

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Tagged as: Visual_Challenge
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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 4, 2020