I wanna Interference

Creator: とも

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6.6 / 10
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65.0 / 100
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Adventure (3) Avoidance (3) Trap (1) Boss (1) Secrets (1) Required_secrets (2)


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4 Reviews:

Honestly I was surprised by this game. Even though the game has default assets with guy rock pretty much everywhere, if you can look past that you'll find almost like a hidden gem. The level design was surprisingly good without generic jumps such as nonstop gates or diagonals. The bosses were fun and unique in different ways. The game does have required secrets if you want to continue after the miku avoidance boss, as you are not given a "thank you for playing screen".

The main reason why I rated the difficulty so high was after getting the secrets you are put into a boss rush where you have to beat buffed versions of the previous bosses (not including the miku fight). The bosses were all balanced except for one of them, which took me significantly longer than any other boss or section in the game.

This game reminded me a lot of crimson / destination / lovetrap and I can highly recommend it, really fun to play through.

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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 17, 2017
An LoveTrap inspired adventure game that starts in a hub with multiple routes to take, each bringing you to a different stage. The style seems to alternate between copying Nekoron's LoveTrap style and Tomo's own style. The stage design bares a striking similarity to LoveTrap as well, like the water stage and the final stage before the avoidance. At the end of every stage is a boss, and in order to beat the real final boss of the game, you have to find the 5 secrets scattered in every stage (the first four stages at the start + the last stage that unlocks after beating the previous four stages).

The main reason why I rate it lower than I would normally do for these type of games: It lacks the originality and creativity that most LoveTrap clones have, and instead just focuses on imitating Nekoron's style. This isn't a bad thing in itself, because that is what these types of game tend to strive for. The issue for me is just that there is simply no wow factor present. I'd say the best moments for me were some of the secrets and the final stage before the avoidance, but the rest was pretty generic.

As for the bosses: With the exception of the Miku avoidance, they are all stationary fruit bosses, which is fine enough for me. The boss design is more about shooting the boss at all times while dodging everything that is coming your way rather than focusing on your surroundings and getting to safety. There is one boss that does the latter, but I only had to climb up the blocks for one attack. I liked the orange fruit boss the most, because the ending can become pretty tense. The blue fruit's first attack is insanely boring.

The Miku avoidance is not very interesting. The attacks are a bit more basic compared to other LoveTrap styled avoidances (Destination's Luka avoidance for example), but at the same time I feel like that is a good thing because these avoidances can get really hard near the end. There is the classic aimed big fruit explosion that shows up twice, but you have more than enough time to dodge it which is appreciated. The final attack of the avoidance has the platforms disappear, and a dagger styled pattern shows up in the middle. I found it easy to dodge if you pay attention to the gray fruits, but the ending can get you by surprise. There is no real indication when the song ends, and this avoidance lacks the Kid freezing in place thing once the avoidance ends.

If you beat the Miku avoidance and miss the secrets, a door will open in the hub where you can refight all the bosses. This acts as the game's first ending, and is the only ending where it actually feels like an ending instead of just a clear screen which is the case later on. If you did get all secrets, you get access to a boss rush with the first 4 bosses you've fought earlier which have now been buffed. The only boss that felt noticeably more difficult for me than the rest was the orange fruit, because near the end it spawns 4 gray fruits at your X and Y coordinates on the moment you shot the boss. It comes out of nowhere and there is a very big chance that you will die to it if you stopped moving or shot at the wrong time. This was the boss I took the longest on, which took me as long as the final boss.

After killing all 4 bosses another door opens and this time it brings you to the real final stage, with visuals very reminiscent from one of the stages in Crimson. I'd say this where it felt the least like LoveTrap platforming and more like a needle stage that Tomo just shoehorned in to make the game feel a bit more complete. It's pretty chill and there wasn't really any moment where I was struggling on something, but it still felt a bit out of place.

At the end of this stage is a Big Kid boss, which is the final boss of this game. It starts off as a clone of the Demon Kid boss from Destination boss, but halfway through it turns into the Big Kid style of boss we all know and love. Thankfully it doesn't have a lot of HP, so it is nowhere as hard as the Big Kid boss from the original LoveTrap. I'd say most of the attacks are fine and fair to dodge, even when it starts to use two attacks at once. The only attack where I would say this is not the case is the orange fruit attack. It shoots a wall of orange fruits towards you, and sometimes the RNG is so dense that you will get walled with nowhere to go. This is especially bad if the spikes have already showed up halfway through.
There is one bullshit moment near the end of the boss where it starts to combine the first half's attacks alongside dodging the bullets + fruits of the second half, and if you happen to be close to the boss (which is what I did to dodge the red fruits right before it) and do not know when the attack starts to happen there is a very high chance that you will die because of the boss shooting something in your direction. Unfortunately this is what happened to me the first time I got to that part of the boss. Killing the boss brings you to an anticlimactic clear screen.

There aren't a lot of LoveTrap clones around, so it is hard to give a good rating while not being too harsh about it. I just found most of this game to be a bit boring, and it isn't as innovative as some of the other games are in this genre. Despite this, there is still some fun to be had, and the traps here aren't as mean as how other LoveTrap games tend to be. If you want to spend a few hours of your time playing a hard but chill adventure game then this is worth giving a go.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 65 65
May 21, 2022
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 65 65
May 23, 2022
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 1, 2020