I wanna Tear it

Creator: だぶりゅー

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8.3 / 10
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77.6 / 100
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Avoidance (22) RNG (1) Barrage (5) SourPls (1)


  • by ChillingSpark
  • by Zorgo
  • by NightShark115

61 Reviews:

Really hard avoidance. I almost like it. Cool visuals, the music fits well with the fight. Plenty of visual effects, but none of them is too distracting. There's a really nice balance between RNG and pattern, with few insta-kill pattern attacks that are super simple to learn and are there just to break the monotony. Some RNG attacks are quite creative, and while they look incredibly unfair at first glance, most of them are actually quite fair for the most part. Learning how to read each attack and slowly progressing through the fight is quite fun...
...Until the last attack sequence, anyway. The corridor phase is simply a huge middle finger to the player. There's simply no way to react to some of the attacks in that phase, and getting walled is incredibly easy. You also have to rush through the corridor because if you are too slow, the floor will disappear, and then it doesn't really matter if you managed to dodge every single projectile, you're dead anyway. Blech. After a couple deaths in the end, the fight stops being fun. With each wall in the first attacks that you didn't care for when you started playing because they were kinda rare, with each death to an unfair RNG attack that you also didn't care for when you started playing because MOST attacks were actually fair, even with each death that was actually your fault, and mainly, with each death in the corridor phase, the game looks more and more like a chore.
The corridor phase is the last attack sequence. For a game of this difficulty, having the hardest attacks at the end of the fight is even worse than it is normally, and it's already bad normally anyway. I simply can't wrap my head around it.
...I almost liked it. I can't really bring myself to personally recommend it, but most people who played it liked it, so maybe you should give it a go? I don't really know. It has only one main flaw, but it's such a critical flaw that I don't really think it can be overlooked.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 85 85
Sep 18, 2016
авоиденс на полчасика

если вы копили удачу полгода

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 20, 2020
A very fun and simple barrage game. Nearly every attack is fun and fair and they keep the player focused throughout. This was the first avoidance game I cleared and had a blast. It's only flaws are that the rng can be unfair very rarely, but when it happens late in the fight it's frustrating. However, even after these rare occasions I still kept hitting reset to try again. It's pretty addicting and enjoyable to grind. It might be kind of hard for newer players, but definitely give this game a try.

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 72 72
Jul 28, 2016
Oldschool avoidance that hasn't really aged well in my opinion. The beginning is pretty neat and fair but it starts to get worse and worse once you get to the attack right before the song goes "here we go again". I don't know how to read this thing and even if I do I still managed to get screwed over because I happend to stand above where the bullets go back into the screen. It feels like a 50/50. Now the next 2 attacks aren't too bad, but the way how the screen likes to move makes it so that the kunai like to wobble around which makes moving around a lot more misleading since it makes you think that you have to move along when in reality they don't move at all so chances are that you might die by doing so. Starting from here, it turns from fun into extremely obnoxious. It likes to repeat the third attack (the one where the bullets move around diagonally) from multiple sides and it's very common to die there because bullets close you in or you try to dodge a first bullet just to die from the second bullet when you landed, and this happens multiple times. When the floor goes up and the blue bullets start to move you have to pray that the bullets don't get in your way and you can move to the right safely, because if you're still standing on the left side of the screen chances are that you'll pretty much get instagibbed because you couldn't go to the right. If you managed to get through everything you still have one big fear coming up, mainly the final. A ton of bullets start to spawn from the ceiling along with aggressive bursts which can spawn at random positions on the screen while also trying to avoid getting hit by the big bullets that come from the left side of the screen. It's a very hectic ending to an already kinda difficulty avoidance especially after the bullshit before final. If you're too late, the floor starts to disappear and you die. When I got there, I got hit instantly by one of the ceiling bullets and shortly after this thats when I decided to write this. I haven't beaten this yet, but I'll give the final verdict once I do.

EDIT: I beat it, 2 finals. I still stand with what I said before. It's fun if you like to play it for about 5 or 10 minutes to see how far you might get but even when I got really lucky at final it just gets stupidly hard at the end for no reason.

Atleast the song is good SourPls

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Rating: 5.3 53       Difficulty: 75 75
Aug 22, 2019
first game from daburyu and then this avoidance pops out. this avoidance is pretty fast paced with reasonable rng for the most part. when you play the game it's just fun to avoid each attack because of how they are made. you can definitely see the influence/help of lily in this boss which is nice too.
nice challenge for people who already have experience in avoidance

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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 82 82
Feb 26, 2016