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Avoidance (3)


  • by Wolsk
  • by Wolsk

4 Reviews:

It's eyes depression. Especially dark blue apples on black background. To add more, RNG is badly balanced, and there are many attacks that repeat themselves. Besides, MannyG2011 said that it's hard to react to precise patterns but the main problem is that you can't dodge what you can't see.

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Rating: 3.3 33       Difficulty: 57 57
Jul 29, 2021
This has lots of spiral patterns that are all slightly different from each other and mostly reactable with a few RNG attacks mixed in to SPICE IT UP. It has a good song, okay attacks, and is pretty fun overall.

Would probably recommend.

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Rating: 4.9 49       Difficulty: 52 52
May 22, 2019
Let me just be frank, I have not cleared this game yet. Reason being is that it is an avoidance fight. A pattern avoidance fight which normally wouldn't be any problem.... If it wasn't for two things that really makes it hard for me to learn. First if you try and resize the windows, the second you press R it goes back to it default size. Not a problem for most players but I play on a 1080P screen so default size is small to me. Second if you move the window, the second you press R it moves back to the default area where the game open. Those two things makes it really hard for me to learn the pattern as it in an awkward spot and small.

As for the avoidance itself, it's fairly hard. It's an avoidance fight with the song "No Game No Pain." By Nano. The main problem I have with this game though is that the pattern will kill you if you don't know about it. So learning is a pain because the second you make it to a new attack, you are already dead. Only if you knew about the attacks before hand do you stand a chance. Next the RNG in this fight. I'm glad this fight has rng because all pattern is boring but the rng in this fight is butral because of the instant gib pattern behind most rng parts. Meaning if you don't decent rng you are dead because of the pattern. You have like 1 second to react half the time which makes this fight unfun. And there no videos on youtube either so you can't look at a video to see how the pattern done.

Overall, this game is for people who loves avoidance fight. If you are wanting to get better I wouldn't recommend this game. Even avoidance players will probably not enjoy it because of how strict the pattern can be in some places.

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Rating: 3.4 34       Difficulty: 50 50
Oct 20, 2015
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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 55 55
May 2, 2020