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Broken (1)


  • by Notrya

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This game makes no sense, the first room is presumably impossible, in order to move to the next room you simply press the n key, you can do this to skip every room until you get an error that you've run out of rooms. The k key somehow warps you into a kill block. It's decidedly unplayable

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Feb 2, 2017
Once you've beaten that first room's spike trap by jumping on & out of the ledge, you can't do anything but hug the wall that prevents you from going further.
Good thing you can press "k" to move the Kid to your cursor...
To go further, you have to go through a hidden path just below the starting grey platform (with the save on it), because the normal path is blocked by a spike. Then, on the next room, just run through the three spikes. You can then go up by jumping on invisible blocks.
Unfortunately, that won't be any useful since the warp is surrounded by killer blocks.
BUT !!
Do you see that rightwards spike ?
Teleport your kid under it and you'll be standing on a invisible platform. Try to fall UNDER that platform (not just by going left since there are killer blocks) and you'll fall through another room ! Yay !
Hit that save.
You can go right. A block will lift you up, but the warp is... yeah. Surrounded by killer blocks.
Instead, teleport below the warp in that room where you fell and saved (top left corner).
Hurray ! A room !
The floor after those spikes is killer-blocks-only. You can, though, teleport just below the last "floor" block. You'll be standing on... an invisible block ! Starting to see a pattern there.
Save on that WUSS save. Note that there isn't music in this room once you've saved and restarted once.
You can go up and to this "fall off a block then double jump back up without touching the ceiling" passage, then realise that the warp at the end is blocked by a killer block, and that there a room below this one that contains the real warp.
Or you can teleport-spam to go right and still find that warp room.
And then... you're in a new room !
Surprisingly enough, the warp in this room is a real one.

I'll stop investigating now, since as DarqSaintDiablo said, you can just press "n" to go to the next room from the beginning.

So, yeah.
Just don't play this game unless you want to be that detective like I tried to. ^^'

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Oct 14, 2018