I wanna defeat the Pixel

Creator: Mr. Morsa

Average Rating
6.4 / 10
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57.0 / 100
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Adventure (2) Gimmick (1) Boss (1) Long (1) Story (1) Bosses (1) unfinished (1)


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2 Reviews:

Apparently this is in beta, and I'm not sure for how long the game keeps going.
I stopped at a boss, which was probably the end end of chapter 3.

So, it's an adventure game. There is a lot of variety and clever ideas with good production. But despite all that, the game suffers from too many bad design choices. Now, The first stage/chapter is pretty flawless except for a few rooms. One of them kept me stuck for like 15 minutes, only to figure out that I was dying to was a projectile made invisible by the terrain. Another segment kept using generic traps which dragged it out much longer than necessary.

It is possible to distinguish the windmills that push you up from the ones that lets you go down. However, the difference is way too subtle, and makes dealing with them confusing.

In the lava area, the bubble hitbox makes some jumps unnecessarily tedious.

Also, in general, I feel like some of the segment in the game are just too long. This makes them feel dragged out and dying at the end just gets more and more annoying. Of course, this heavily depends on who you ask.

I did actually enjoy the first boss, but sadly as the game progressed they only got worse. The second one's last attack is by far its hardest attack, and the first time you attempt it you'll possibly get sniped by a curving projectile from behind.

The exclamation mark boss is awful. It only has 2 attacks, the latter of which drags on forever and gets incredibly difficult to dodge, and at times it's seemingly impossible. This could easily have been fixed by removing the one "big" projectile from spawning.

The lava and the star boss needs indicators. You often get little to no reaction time for some of their attacks.

This game is pretty long for a beta, and I do recommend it, atleast up to the exclamation mark boss. The rest of the game is also worth playing, but this boss is really harsh.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 57 57
Nov 13, 2016
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: N/A
Feb 17, 2018