I wanna escape the 4 Needle Room's

Creator: TuGamerFavorito

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Needle (1) Impossible (1)


  • by infern0man1

2 Reviews:

4 rooms of absolutely terrible needle with awful visuals. Nothing is really coherent: you go from a 1.5 invert and a diamond, to an almost-double invert, and then to just a diamond. There's a water double invert in the third room, a triple water invert nerfed vertically by 2 pixels, and then a sphincter that ended up being harder than the two inverts because you're given the worst align; in fact, you're given the worst align for almost every sphincter in the game from what I can tell.

The fourth screen has a Leehe triple diamond, showing just how much effort the maker put into this.

I put downloading I wanna Black Hexagon off for this game and I'm incredibly disappointed that I wasted 10 minutes on this filth that I could have used playing an actually good game.

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Jun 3, 2016
tas it pros

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Sep 23, 2017